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by: Sidney Roob MD


Sidney Roob MD
GPA 3.74


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Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sidney Roob MD on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 210 at Southeastern Louisiana University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/225418/psyc-210-southeastern-louisiana-university in Psychlogy at Southeastern Louisiana University.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
Running Head SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 210 PAPER Social Psychology 210 The Vicious Kind and Aggression Alexis Mechelle Blackwell Southeastern Louisiana University SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 210 PAPER 2 Abstract This paper is an essay summarizing the links between the movie The Vicious Kind and the Psychological topic of aggression Through an analysis of the movie it is revealed that there is a link between the type of anger and aggression portrayed by the main character Caleb and the types of anger discussed in class relating to the topic of aggression There is signi cant evidence throughout the movie of aggressive tendencies as well as ways to release aggression in a productive way instead of violently Motives and potential causes of aggression are also key and portrayed in The Vicious Kind by the main character Caleb SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 210 PAPER 3 Social Psychology 210 The Vicious Kind and Aggression Aggression is described in many different ways and presented with many different determinants of cause In regards to the bold intense story told through the movie The Vicious Kind it is necessary to look at aggression through Sell Tooby and Cosmides 2009 de nition which states that it is from anger produced by a neurocognitive program engineered by natural selection to use bargaining tactics to resolve con icts of interest in favor of the angry individua Aggression can be used to describe the way the main character Caleb chooses to express his anger towards his brother s girlfriend Emma The feelings come from past experiences that have stuck in his mind from childhood as well as feelings of jealousy towards his brother s successful relationship Protection of his brother Peter is his first apparent motive for using aggressive tendencies but the critic soon learns there is more to his story than simply the big brother responsibility of protection According to research by Scheff 2006 in an attempt to disguise or hide their vulnerability which turns into anger and aggression men turn to hostility This describes the tendencies of Caleb and how he justifies his actions Aggressive actions always stem from some sort of stimulus For Caleb in The Vicious Kind there are a few reasons why he acts the way he does whether consciously or subconsciously Subconsciously his behavior can be described by the following study When Sell Tooby and Cosmides 2 009 mention that stronger individuals such as Caleb are more prone to anger it is obvious in his case that this is true He is the older brother symbolizing the stronger of the two This could prove to be a strong cause for his aggressive actions Other reasons are active more consciously From the beginning of the movie it is obvious he has a severe problem with women He SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 210 PAPER 4 tells his brother You know there are whores right All of 39em Krieger 2009 After not seeing his younger brother who is now a freshman in college for quite some time that was probably not the rst thing younger brother wanted to hear Peter was oblivious to the problems and ghosts that were haunting Caleb causing his to act aggressively even through words during their time together As another example Caleb sees Emma in the grocery store one day and awkwardly juggles words before asking her if they can talk about Peter Instead of talking he suddenly pins her against shelves and threatens to kill her if she hurts his brother or takes his virginity Krieger 2009 Along with the threats came very demeaning statements that she was not expecting This sudden outburst is due to the emotional baggage Caleb carries with him much like the de nition given by Taylor Novaco Gillmer Robertson and Throne 2005 stating People who are high in anger reactivity are affected by multilayered issues of emotional distress as well as disposed toward 39 39 39 39 This quot 39 distress he feels is due to a multiple reasons The rst reason is the fact that Caleb s ance leaves him right before the visit with Peter and he becomes very jealous of Peter and Emma s relationship The second reason is that he has kept a secret from his brother for eight years about their father and deceased mother Because he has been forced to keep this secret emotional resentment builds between he and his father and he chooses to avoid him for eight years The tension he feels inside of himself emotionally causes these outbreaks of aggression Scheff 2006 says boys learn in their families and later from their peers to suppress emotions they actually feel by acting out one emotion anger whether they feel it or not By suppressing his emotions for so long Caleb knows no other way to release his anger than through these actions as he has learned from his father to not focus on his emotions


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