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by: Mrs. Amira Halvorson


Mrs. Amira Halvorson
GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Amira Halvorson on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 102 at Southeastern Louisiana University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/225425/engl-102-southeastern-louisiana-university in Foreign Language at Southeastern Louisiana University.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
English 102 Critical Reading and Writing Dr Lisa Moody Section 43 MW 200 315 DVickers 319 DVickers 346 Section 44 TTH 930 1045 SAC 108 Of ce Hours Section 46 TTH 1100 1215 SAC 108 MW 100 200 pm Section 45 TTH 200 315 SAC 108 MW 315 415 pm LisaMood seluedu T 815 915 am online Sun 7 930pm Wed 7 930 pm COURSE DESCRIPTION English 102 advances students in their use of academic writing in order to help students succeed in their SELU courses and in their chosen professional elds beyond the university The University Writing Program emphasizes genre knowledge information processing and speci c strategies for mastering the styles and conventions of expository writing with a focus on analysis argument and academic research This course is designed to teach writing as a process with several stages in order to allow students to master the techniques needed to write clear effective prose and to be able to respond to a variety of writing situations including the essay examination Students will find they are wellsupported in the challenges of academic writing not only in the classroom but during instructor office hours and through the Writing Center as well Good writing is a necessary part of both academic and professional life and SELU is committed to offering students a program that teaches the building blocks of excellent writing COURSE GOALS 1 Develop and use a writing process that includes drafting and revising written work 2 Improve critical thinking skills in both reading and writing 3 Read and write in genres emphasizing advanced critical argumentative and complex academic and institutional forms 4 Understand the styles of different types of formal essays in order to make strategic stylistic choices in your own writing 5 Work in a variety of situations including collaborations peer review workshops independent analysis and large group discussions 6 Acquire and solidify knowledge of sentence and paragraph structures grammar and syntax 7 Above all develop confidence in your own ability as a writer and learn to incorporate your own voice into your writing to make it uniquely your own REQUIRED TEXTS Rental texts Fowler H Ramsey and Jane E Aaron The Little Brown Handbook 11Lh ed Southeastern custom edition New York Longman 2010 Wiemelt Jeff Natasha Whitton and J ayetta Slawson eds Word and Image Invitations to a Culture ofComposition Boston Pearson 2010 Franklin Tom Crooked Letter Crooked Letter New York HarperCollins 2011 ISBN 9780060594671 English 102 Critical Reading and Writing Word and Image and The Little Brown Hanc mok Note Monday May 14 is the last day to return rental textbooks without a fine Friday May 18 rental books must be purchased if not returned by 1230 pm SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL In addition to acquiring the textbooks you will be asked to print materials from Blackboard and bring these to class and you will also be required to bring additional copies of your own writing with Blackboard critique worksheets attached Only the cost of such printing or copying will be required ACADEMIC SUCCESS The best way to succeed in my class is to let your actions support your words Ifyou drop by my office hours and tell me that your grade is important to you follow through on this claim by making a sincere effort to attend class participate turn your work in on time and make the revisions suggested by your fellow students during the peer review process I believe such effort should be encouraged and I will tend to view your work in the most favorable light if I know what your goals are and I see you striving to meet those goals Your success is important to me LATE ASSIGNMENTS All written work is due at the beginning of class on the date assigned Do not submit any work directly to my office or mailbox instead submit late work to me directly or via electronic delivery Late assignments are not appreciated late work will be penalized up to one letter grade per week unless arrangements have been made with me ahead of time or in the case of an excused absence Note Late work must be submitted within two weeks of the assigned deadline in order to receive a grade in other words late work will not be graded if it is more than two weeks overdue and allwork is due by the last day of classes In general you should make arrangements to complete assignments ahead of time if you know you will be unable to attend class Obviously if you believe you have extenuating circumstances please contact me as quickly as possible by email ACADEMIC INTEGRITY AND CONDUCT Students are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity Behavior that violates these standards is not acceptable Examples are the use of unauthorized material communication with fellow students during an examination attempting to benefit from the work of another student and similar behavior that defeats the intent of an examination or other class work Cheating on examinations plagiarism improper acknowledgement of sources in essays and the use of a single essay or paper in more than one course without permission are considered very serious offences and shall be grounds for disciplinary action as outlined in the current General Catalogue Note Do not share your essays electronically with other students Bring paper copies only for in class peer review workshops Protect your intellectual property All major writing assignments final drafts and the annotated bibliography must be submitted via SafeAssign All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the date listed on the syllabus Essays not submitted to SafeAssign will not be graded Paper copies may also be submitted but these will not be graded until the SafeAssign submission is received English 102 Critical Reading and Writing Ward and Image and The Little Brown Hanc mak 2 STUDENT BEHAVIORCLASSROOM DECORUMTECHNOLOGY POLICY Free discussion inquiry and expression are encouraged in this class Classroom behavior that interferes with either a the instructor s ability to conduct the class or b the ability of students to bene t from the instruction is not acceptable Examples may include routinely entering class late or departing early use of beepers cellular telephones or other electronic devices repeatedly talking in class without being recognized talking while others are speaking or arguing in a way that is perceived as crossing the civility line In the event of a situation where a student legitimately needs to carry a beeper cellular telephone to class prior notice and approval of the instructor is required Classroom behavior which is deemed inappropriate and cannot be resolved by the student and the faculty member may be referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs for administrative or disciplinary review as per the Code of Student Conduct which may be found at httpwww sell 39 aff 39 ATTENDANCE Class attendance is the responsibility of the student The student is expected to attend all classes A student who finds it necessary to miss class assumes responsibility for making up examinations obtaining lecture notes and otherwise compensating for what may have been missed The course instructor will determine the validity of a student s reasons for absences and will assist those students who have valid reasons Valid reasons for absences include illness family emergency military obligations serious weather conditions religious observances varsity athletic competitions or university musical events etc The student is responsible for providing reasonable advance notification and appropriate documentation of the reason for the absence Note To be marked present on the roster you must be present in both body and mind meaning you are expected to be an active participant in class Speci cally texting web sur ng or dozing during class will result in being marked absen for the day and the student will be expected to leave the classroom for the day PREPARATION Read ahead at least one week on the syllabus to allow ample time to locate download andor print materials that should be brought to class If a reading assignment is due bring your text to class ALWAYS check Blackboard for supplementary instructions and worksheets to print ahead of time SOUTHEASTERN WRITING CENTER Students are invited to make use of services provided by The Southeastern Writing Center at 383 D Vickers where trained student writing consultants offer individual help and tutoring on a full range of writing topics and issues DISABILITY CODE Ifyou are a qualified student with a disability seeking accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act you are required to selfidentify with the Office of Disability Services Room 203 Student Union No accommodations will be granted without documentation from the Office of Disability Services CHILDREN IN THE CLASSROOM The classroom is not a place for children and students are not to bring their family members for day care or baby sitting E MAIL Only Southeastem s email addresses will be used per University policy English 102 Critical Reading and Writing Ward and Image and The Little Brown Hanc mak 3 WITHDRAWAL POLICY The last day to withdraw from a class without grade penalty is Friday March 9 by 1230 pm Ifyou intend to withdraw from this class YOU must initiate the paperwork The instructor will not withdraw you automatically WRITING ASSIGNMENT S Students will write four formal essays These must be typed or wordprocessed and should be 37 pages in length depending on the assignment and doublespaced See the calendar below for due dates and approximate word counts Follow MLA format guidelines and be sure to include a Works Cited page A complete essay includes a rough draft peer review worksheets and a final draft staple all of these materials together with the final draft on top clearly labeled N Homework on the assigned reading will be given throughout the semester Always arrive at class with the necessary material read ahead of time In addition sometimes specific tasks will be assigned as building blocks to the essays Homework is factored into the participation grade E Bibliography The Research Essay Essay 3 requires some academic research with an MLAstyle Works Cited list and a brief annotation of the articles sources Because this is a rigorous process requiring a significant amount of time the Bibliography Project will be graded separately 4 There will be a few pop or takehome quizzes on the assigned reading and these generally will be of an analytical nature requiring a thoughtful response and explanation The quizzes will help to reinforce the speci c writing requirements for each essay type and they will serve to prepare students for the final exam V39 This class also requires a midterm and a final exam which will be inclass written essay response questions More information will be provided prior to each scheduled exam date 0 To pass English 102 students are required to complete all course requirements and have a passing grade and to submit for independent assessment a passing English pro ciency portfolio containing three samples of writing two revised from course essays and one independent writing example an essay exam completed during the final exam period and an initialed checklist of instructions for submitting the portfolio according to specifications In summary two passing grades are required a passing course grade and a passing portfolio grade which includes the final exam grade Try to work on your portfolio throughout the semester by using inclass peer review workshops to help you revise your essays and by scheduling regular appointments at the Writing Center Insert your revised essays into your portfolio as you complete each writing assignment Keeping up with your portfolio should allow you ample time to complete your independent writing sample during the last week of classes English 102 Critical Reading and Writing Ward and Image and The Little Brown Hanc mak 4 GRADING REQUIREMENTS Four Essays 60 points 15 per essay Research Bibliography 10 points Participation 10 points Quizzes 10 points Midterm Exam 10 points Pro ciency Portfolio passfail credit Final Exam passfail credit Total 100 points SUMMARY OF WORK DUE Note MW Due Dates apply to sections 43 while TTH Due Dates apply to sections 44 45 and 46 Draft Final Papers Due Due Essay 1 Analysis ofa Visual Text 3 pp 267 21314 750900 words Essay 2 Interpreting Fiction 34 pp 356 31213 9001200 words Essay 3 Research Essay 57 pp 423 456 15002100 words Essay 4 Commentary 34 pp 42324 42526 900 1200 words Quizzes Date Due TBA Some will be takehome lVIidterm Exam March 78 Bibliography Project First annotation 3 2 l 22 Complete Project 6 sources 32627 Final Exam Monday May 7 at 800 am location TBA GRADING SCALE 90 100 A 80 899 B 7 0 7 99 C 60 699 D 599 and lower F English 102 Critical Reading and Writing Ward and Image and The Little Brown Hanc mak SYLLABUS Class Date Assignments January 17 Introduction January 1819 Introduction Getting Started January 2324 Observation and Analysis of a Visual Text The Writing Task Little Brown Handbook LBH Ch 11 21620 22427 January 2526 Descriptive Writing Visual Text Due Bring a color print to class Select one from httpwwwca1toonbankcom Or Google New Yorker Cover XXXX Year and select one LBH Ch 7 15461 Ch 42 576 January 3031 Contextual Analysis One research source due Use Library page for Finding Articles and use LexisNexis Academic Search Complete or CQ Researcher February 12 Secondary Research Citing your sources and incorporating research LBH Ch 46 65863 February 67 Peer Review Workshop Essay 1 Analysis of a Visual Text Rough Draft Due Bring a printed copy to class along with two peer review worksheets from Blackboard February 89 Introduction to Interpreting Fiction and the mystery genre Read Interpreting Fiction Blackboard LBH Ch 46 65863 Word and Image W1 Ch 11 31020 February 1314 February 1516 Introduction to Crooked Letter Crooked Letter Read pp 150 Overview of Library Resources Essay 1 Analysis of a Visual Text Final Draft Due Crooked Letter Crooked Letter pp 5 l 100 English 102 Critical Reading and Writing Word and Image and The Little Brown Hanc mok February 2021 February 2223 Mardi Gras Holiday Wednesday HolidayThursday Class Meets Grammar Review February 2728 Feb 29March 1 Crooked Letter Crooked Letter 100200 Crooked Letter Crooked Letter nish March 56 March 78 Peer Review Workshop Essay 2 Literary Analysis Rough Draft Due Midterm Exam in class essay LBH Ch 53 82226 March 1213 March 1 41 5 Review Specs for Bibliography Project and Research Essay Thesis Statements and Forecasting Statements Essay 2 Literary Analysis Final Draft Due Research Essay Select Topics LBH Ch 10 19698 WICh 7 15055 March 1920 March 2122 Meet at Sims Memorial Library Room 474 for Research Class LBH Ch 46 Annotated Bibliography Peer Review Thesis Statements and Forecasting Statements Bring one article and one annotation typed to class Tennessee Williams Festival LBH Ch 2 2731 March 2627 March 2829 Outlining and Organizing the Research Essay Annotated Bibliography Due 6 sources with annotations Logical Fallacies and Counterarguments Bring 1 2 research articles to class LBH Ch 9 19096 Ch 10 2078 English 102 Critical Reading and Writing Word and Image and The Little Brown Hanc mok April 23 Peer Review Workshop for Research Essays Essay 3 Research Essay Rough Draft Due April 45 Pro ciency Portfolios Reviewing the Specs Essay 3 Research Essay Final Draft Due April 910 Spring Break April 1112 Spring Break April 1617 Living in a Virtual World Topic Cluster Writing Commentaries taking a position WI Ch 6 11932 WI Topic Cluster 6 Virtual Worlds 639 54 Note You need to read the selected articles and essays April 1819 De ning your terms inclass writing April 2324 Peer Review Workshop Essay 4 Commentary Essay Rough Draft Due April 2526 Portfolio Letters and Checklist Review Essay 4 Commentary Essay Final Draft Due April 30May 1 May 23 Pro ciency Portfolios Peer review Pro ciency Portfolios Due May 7 Final Exam 8 10 am LBH Ch 53 2226 English 102 Critical Reading and Writing Ward and Image and The Little Brown Hanc mak


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