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User Centered Design

by: Dr. Quinton Hilpert

User Centered Design SWE 4324

Dr. Quinton Hilpert

GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Quinton Hilpert on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SWE 4324 at Southern Polytechnic State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see /class/225444/swe-4324-southern-polytechnic-state-university in Information technology at Southern Polytechnic State University.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
1 9 4324 Usabi Test prototype 7 lity Analysis Goals and Tasks anl Tevlne wnanne usevlhmks aeennne Wallace Seenane Vuuavehelpingknuwrarcllldevelup a palm pllul Vuu ave askedluv yuuvexpemse ane yuuvuplmun veallymallevs Vuu lllexamlnelhe nmal lnle acewllhuul typing ln anylhlng as 1 see kmguulluud pleaseexplalnwhal 2 s n ye cumpleled lhelask please ealline helpdesk anl Tu see nine usevcan nay innenen ine palm pllul cumluvlal Tneywm dEEldE ane eyeenie a pamculav aeeen TaskZ Speaking uul luud yen We vine ennne names ane addiesses W en yen naye eennpleieeine lask please call ine 25k Goals and Task el lgalE ly nne I xnmee Iavlgallnnl Goals and Tasks Gnal Tu see lune see eeeswnai l l snppesee ie ane n n maienes ine usev s menial mudel Theywllldeclde ane execute a panlculav acllun seamen Duelulhelamlhalyuuv mene l5 eemne mavvled lheve ave manypeuple cumng ie lawn inls Weekend Vuu ave halpmg yuuvlvlend nd neiels lnlhe eewniewn Allania avea ennlsnenenesis 3 teem Speakinguulluud please nd Mu hulels lhelv names ane addiesses Wnen yen naye cumpleled lhelask please ealline helpdesk Eurens Iavlgannnl anl Wewenle like ie see nine nsen can navigalelhmugh enveneni emes cumlunably Wewanllu see wine we nei maienes vealwuvld eenyeneens Scene A evalllhehavdwuvklhal yen ee ennneine Week yen neee a bveak ane Wanllu leaye Allanlaluv a W kend Vuu Wenle like ie knuw nnene abuul veslauvams ane neiels lquot a enveneni ei Taska Speakinguulluud selema eesenaeen ane lvylu navigale innenen a emeveni Elli nding ve auvams m neiels Wnen yen naye cumpleled ine e lask please ealline helpdesk Goals and Tail I xnmee Iavlgallnnl Baseline Criteria eny SleevgtDavslmv avShevalanavSwsshakDSuvch use 4Egtltvez1ed Navlvalmn cwgtE 1 gt Malian n my avAmeHcan gt Suvch mhe aheue are me men me mmmyne Is accemm mheaheue Is nm manhm me rrmmyne Is Mental 1 J z b v villaMetrics Time spent per screen Screen by screen navigation Number ofclic s Facial expressions Comp ain s Tasks 1 completed Tasks 2 completed Task 3 com eted Task 4 partially completed at least 50 nalmlllsls Failed baseline criteria 100 ofthe tasks were not completed Task 3 proved that the prototype did not do what it was intended to do The user found that hotels were limited tojust Days lnn Also no phone numbers or addresses were provided at all T H ventionsthe expecte 39 39 tnunAtlanta Unhappy user at tim es throughout test Prototype Rejected


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