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by: Camron Brakus

EnvTechISysSelection&Finishes ARCH 3311

Camron Brakus

GPA 3.56


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Camron Brakus on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 3311 at Southern Polytechnic State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/225453/arch-3311-southern-polytechnic-state-university in Architecture at Southern Polytechnic State University.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
Southern Polytechnic State University Architecture Program School of Architecture CET amp Construction ARCH 3221 Environmental Technology 132 Fall 2005 Thursday 100 150 amp 300 550 Room N003 amp N176 Professors Section 01 Chris Welty cweltyspsuedu Office N151 6789153967 Section 02 John Busby jbusbyjovacom Office N157 6789153969 Lecture Two Contour Visualization Topographic Map Reading Contour Lines amp Intervals Contour Intervals The vertical distance between contour lines Six Points of Land Contours scanned examples Contours always come in pairs Contours never cross Contours have equal vertical separation All contour lines close on themselves Contours do not merge nor split The steepest slope is perpendicular to the contour Slopes Steepness The spacing of contour lines Uniform the further apart the contour lien the more Flat the surface Concave Convex Topographic Map Interpretation Land Form Character 0 Summit A land form containing a high point of land 0 Depression Aland form containing a low point of land 0 Ridge A linear Iandform that projects above the average lay of the land 0 Valley A linear void that projects below the average lay of the land Watershed land area that contributes its stormwater runoff to one specific point in a valley North GA Watershed PDF Basic Site Grading Cut amp Fi Lab Contour Visualization Next Week Field Survey 0 Split into teams of 5 students each for next weeks eld exercise Submit names and captain today 0 Field Survey Items that each team will need Tape Measurer String String Level two Yard Sticks or Dowels black sharpie Lab exercises Topographic map reading exercise Level building pad with ll Lecture 3 Surveying Division of Land Township Division of land in 6 mile x 6 mile units Section Division of land into one mile by one mile units Plat A document showing property lines easements and rightofways Map Scale A conversion from one unit of measure on a map to another unit of measure on the ground Surveying Field Methods Grid amp Arbitrary Benchmark Beginning point of a site survey Backsight Reading used to determine height of instrument Forsight Spot Elevations Contour lines from spot elevations Handout notable slopes for test questions 30 Maximum mowable slope 501 Minimum slope for grass areas 07 Maximum slope for roads Lab exercise Groups of Five Field Survey draw and document the new sidewalk behind architecture building with contour map including spot elevations forthe sidewalk Lab Contour Visualization Split into teams of 5 students each for next weeks eld exercise Field Survey ltems Each team will need 0 Tape Measurer String String Level Two Yard Sticks or Dowels Black Sharpie Lecture 4 Contouring Typical Site Elements Swales Spot Elevations for contour manipulation Slope ratio Expresses stepness by comparing the horizontal distance of a slope with a constant vertical change in elevation Gradient Slope of land or paving expresses as a decimal Representative Fraction Ratio between one unit of measure on a map to a variable number of the same units on the ground Percent of Slope Elevation Change per 100 of horizontal distance Gradient of Slope Vertical drop divided by horizontal distance Slope equations diagram Lab exercise Drainage around a typical building pad Lecture 5 Contouring Simple Comprehensive Sites Spot Elevations for contour manipulation Lab exercise Typical Driveway Layout TEST 1 September 29 Items covered


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