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Abnormal Psychology

by: Adrienne Lueilwitz

Abnormal Psychology PSY 4310

Adrienne Lueilwitz
GPA 3.8

Steve Barney

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About this Document

Steve Barney
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adrienne Lueilwitz on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 4310 at Southern Utah University taught by Steve Barney in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/225495/psy-4310-southern-utah-university in Psychlogy at Southern Utah University.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
Psychology 4310 Schizophrenia Lecture Dementia Praecoxearly dementia Emil Kreapelin observed several patients with quotmental deteriorationquot early in life But other things were unique about these people Eugen Bleulerthrough more observation referred to these people as Schizophrenicsplit mind because the condition was characterized by a severe disorganization of thought from normal thinking A split between the intellect and emotion and between the intellect and external reality The Genain Quadruplets Process SchizophreniaSlow onset develops gradually over time evidences of oddity from early in childhood poor prognostic outlook Reactive Schizophrenia Sudden and dramatic onset marked by intense emotional and intellectual upheaval Negative SymptomsAbsence or deficit in behaviors that normally occur in a person s repertoire Blunted affect social isolation lack of relationships communicative speech reactivity to the environment Positive SymptomsAddition of atypical or unusual behavior patterns Hallucinations delusions motor agitation emotional turmoil etc Formal Thought Disorder Bleuler argued that disorganized thinking is the main diagnostic feature Loose Associations the person slips off the track or jumps from topic to topic Tangential thinkingthe train of thought wanders far from the original topic Word Saladincomprehensible speech DSM IV Schizophrenia A disturbance that lasts for at least 6 months and includes at least one month of activephase symptoms at least two of the following delusions hallucinations disorganized speech disorganized or catatonic behavior and negative symptoms Median age of onset is early 20 s for men late 20 s for women Also some cognitive decline especially with more complex problems Lack of control of emotions Misconceptions lThey are Violent 2 They have Multiple Personalities 3 Homelessness Subtypes of schizophrenia Catatoniccharacterized by periods of extreme withdrawal and extreme excitement to the point of being dangerous Paranoidsymptoms picture dominated by absurd illogical and changeable delusions that are usually very well formed and complicated in nature Hallucinations often accompany these delusions Paranoids display less disorganization and social isolation Undifferentiatedcharacterized by a mixture of all symptoms pictures of the different subtypes DisorganizedOccurs at an earlier age late teensearly 20 s sometimes in childhood A more severe disorganization of thought personality social skills and emotional control Residual TypeIndividuals who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and who are in a remission of symptoms Schizophrenic Spectrum disorders Schizoaffective Disorderdisorder which is characterized by both schizophrenic and mood dysfunction neither of which are predominant Schizophreniform Disorder Schizophreniclike processes that have endured for less than siX months Delusional Disorder A disturbance characterized by at least one month of non bizarre delusions Brief Psychotic Disorder A psychotic disturbance lasting more than one day but remitting in less than 1 month Causal Factors Biological NeuroanatomicalEnlarged ventricles enlarged sulci hypofrontality dystrophied temporal lobes Neuroimaging studies suggest impairment in temporolimbic system frontal lobes basal ganglia integrative nerve centers Biochemical Dopamine hypersensitivity most medications are dopamine agonists except Clozaril and result in extrapyramadal side effects Pathophysiological Most schizophrenics were born in the spring Some sort of infectious process Genetic evidence through twin and adoption studies all of the schizophrenic spectrum disorders Psychosocial Subtle neurological impairment from an early age These problems cause the person significant social difficulties which adds to their stress and maladaption Pathogenic parenting schizophrenogenic parenting cold and Unfeeling overprotective mothers Family Dynamicsmarital schism or skew Dysfunctional family communicationdouble bind communication But is it a cause of schizophrenia or caused by schizophrenia Life stressexpressed emotion emotional over involvement and excessive criticalness from families leads to higher rates of relapse Treatmentantipsychotic drugs plus psychosocial treatment has been found to be the best combination Social skills training family education etc Medications are the most common form of treatment right now Most medication treatment is offered in combination with psychosocial skills training milieu etc Benefits of treatment


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