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Intermediate American Sign Language with Lab

by: Kale Douglas Sr.

Intermediate American Sign Language with Lab ASL 1150C

Marketplace > St. Petersburg College > American Sign Language > ASL 1150C > Intermediate American Sign Language with Lab
Kale Douglas Sr.
St. Petersburg College
GPA 3.63

Michael Henry

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About this Document

Michael Henry
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kale Douglas Sr. on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASL 1150C at St. Petersburg College taught by Michael Henry in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/225519/asl-1150c-st--petersburg-college in American Sign Language at St. Petersburg College.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
after afternoon ago all day all night already always annual before calendar clock continue daily during early end everyday evening final forever frequently future Time Related Vocabulary Fingerspelling last late lately later long ago midnight minute Monday month morning next next month next week next year noon now occasionally often overnight present previous recently soon s H Sunday sunrke sunset then Thursday thne today tomorrow Tuesday un l usedto vvatch VVednesday week weeHy when whHe va year yesterday Unit 7 My Daily Routine Practice Sentences H What do you do everyday UJN Where are you two going P Every afternoon work out go to school at 715 everyday What time do you wake up everyday Every weekend we go camping 9 9 Uquot Every morning she puts on makeup k0 My alarm rings at around 645 10 When do you eat lunch 11 get up between 7 and 8 12 Around 6 I tend to cook dinner 13 Every Monday at noon I call mom 14 always sleep in on Saturday 15 I will do some errands today 16 ldon t like raking the leaves in the fall 17 I feed my dog every morning 18 What will you wear next Friday 19 On Thursday I m going to wear sandals 20 She is wearing boots with jeans 21 She is wearing a red patterned shirt After school on Mon and Wed work Everyday you dodo what you School finish M W me go work Twoofyou to where Every afternoon me work out me Everyday 715 me go school me Everyday time you wake up you Every weekend we go camping we Every morning she putonmakeup she Around 645 my alarm rings You eat lunch when you Me get up 7 between 8 me Around 6 tend cook dinner me Every Monday noon me call mom me Saturday me sleep in always Today me errands me During fall me don t like rake leaves Every morning me feed dog me Nextweek Friday you wear what you Thursday me use sandals me She use boots with jeans She wear shirt red patterned 1 face 2 fast 3 spell 4 learn 5 name 6 shape 7 English 8 space 9 focus 10 think 11 clarity 12 quiz 13 pattern 14 bounce 15 lesson 16 speed 17 year 18 read 19 values 20 chin 21 caption 22 school 23 paper 24 culture 25 iconic American Sign Language Related Fingerspelling List 26 concept tutor slow teach eyes hour rights feel sign number tenses elbow hear smooth verbs contact ears gloss events implant know library gesture topic artist 51 signal wave test gender oral palm present hands course write express touch work labels class text shift body proud agent books grammar actors manual past 76 Deaf 77 coda 78 video 79 words 80 deixis 81 which 82 listing 83 chest 84 time 85 context 86 days 87 flow 88 skill 89 speech 90 France 91 nouns 92 exam 93 theatre 94 voice 95 student 96 stories 97 poetry 98 future 99 gaze 100 sports


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