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Week 1 Notes

by: Meghan Rixey

Week 1 Notes Ger1502

Meghan Rixey
GPA 2.75
Indo-European Folktales
Dr. E.Wylie-Ernst

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About this Document

Lecture notes for the first week of class
Indo-European Folktales
Dr. E.Wylie-Ernst
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Meghan Rixey on Monday January 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Ger1502 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Dr. E.Wylie-Ernst in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 321 views.


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Date Created: 01/12/15
WEEK 1 Folkore a body of knowledge passed on by endusers through informal means 0 EndUsers people who have interest not authority gures interested in hearing tales o lnformal Means word of mouth social media email non supervised electronic exchanges 0 Ex Nondenominational prayer quotnow I lay me down to sleepquot is often passed down from mother to child 0 Functions of Folklore o Entertain 0 Maintain order Literal gurative Keep a beat to keep people on track literal 0 Educate Explain lnculcate values 0 Address Fears 0 Address Taboos 0 Provide Fantasy Escape 0 Es Chundlifresser the childeater o Statue in Switzerland graphic portrayal o Serves as an quotenforcer figure used to scare children Folktale Genres 0 Fable Gives explicit moral message at the end of the story Short story under 1 page usually Characters tend to be animals inanimate objects 0 Jest quotJokequot Two Parts at least l setup and punch line 0 Myth Story to explain some sort of phenomenon often involve supernatural figures events 0 Magic Tale Asks listener to enter into an alternate reality Phrases like quotthey lived happily ever afterquot l listener is then free to enter back in to reality Lack physically descriptive detail we don t know exactly what Sleeping Beauty actually looks like Vary in length Legend Types Migratory Urban 0 Migratory legends of similar content are found in different places Add some sort of realistic detail to make the story more believable dates familiar location Urban legend that is still believed 0 Urban Legends Features of Folklore Transmission Veracity Purpose Fears and Preconceptions Relationship to prejudice and cultural tension 0 lndoEuropean Grouped in broad geographic terms based on a linguistic background quotlndoEuropeanquot refers to a related group of languages Ex quotMotherquot in lndoEuropean languages is strikingly similar suggesting a common root pp week 1slide 17 If our languages have a common origin that suggests that our stories do as well quot uid linguistic borders allow for mutual comprehension across borders which makes distribution easierquot 0 Age of lndoEuropean Folktales We have what is reordered Origins are much earlier Passed down orally way before they were written and recorded Polygenesis tale may have origins in different places at the same time Folk any group of people that share at least one commonality 0 Language religion online group What is folklore What are its functions What are the major folktale genres What is lndoEuropean folklore Origins Tales for Today Voices from the Past 125 0 The oldest tales quotCreation Mythsquot 0 Northern European tradition survives in fragmentary documents 6 Common Features of Origin Stories 0 Supernatural beings involved in creation Belief systems may overlap Explanation of landscape features Explanation of forces of natures Relation to the timereality of reader 0 Adapt to different belief systems Miracle Tales 0 Based on religious systems 0 Function to promote faith in the system 0 Teach a moral principle important to that culture Hard work Frau Holle Piety devotion Flourishing Staff Acceptance of fate Woman No Shadow Respect for the dead Miracle Figure St George 0 Martyr in Palestine 300 AD ldeals of chivalry Most famous version Golden Legend Emblem red cross symbol of England used in Union Jack Important gure in Easter Orthodoxy El Kudr legends 0000 0000 lndoEuropean Folkore o Tale song dance music Tale 0 Magic tale myth legend fable jest


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