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Humanities (East

by: Hans Mertz

Humanities (East HUM 2270

Hans Mertz
St. Petersburg College
GPA 3.85

Bryan Shuler

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About this Document

Bryan Shuler
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hans Mertz on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HUM 2270 at St. Petersburg College taught by Bryan Shuler in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see /class/225522/hum-2270-st--petersburg-college in Humanities at St. Petersburg College.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
HUM 2270 STUDY GUIDE EXAM 1 Human Diversity Humanities of India amp Siddhartha This exam will consist of 80 Multiple Choice Questions 30 of these questions will be based on quotSiddharthaquot by Hermann Hesse The art of India will be tested via questions based on a slide show A SCANTRON AND NUMBER 2 PENCIL IS REQUIRED Recommended ways to study Review everything on study guide Use powerpoints class notes and handouts Practice with online review activities available on Angel I Human Diversity 3 Define the Humanities approach to human diversity b Ethnocentrism Eurocentrism Xenophobia Racism Ethnic Cleansing Genocide Cultural Relativism c Human Commonalities The quotGolden Rulequot of the Major Religions d What are the Universal questions asked e Cosmogenies Genesis Stories Eschatologies f Vocabulary Misconceptions PrimitivePrimal Barbarian FarmerPeasant SuperstitiousBelief in Magic or Chance WrongDifferent g Western vs NonWestern views as applied to the arts Time Creativity Originality Oral vs Written Tradition MusicDance II Humanities of India Prehistory Archaeological Finds at Mohenjo Daro amp Harappa Robed Male statue at Mohenjo Daro The Great Bath at Mohenjo Daro Seals found at Mohenjo Daro III Humanities of India Hinduism a What does it mean when we say that Hinduism is an evolved religion b Differentiate between the quotHigher Knowledgequot and the quotLower Knowledgequot c Traditional DARSARNAS varna system ashramas 4 stages of life traditional law primary goal unification of Atman with Brahman d Hindu Pantheism e Brahma Vishnu and avatars Shiva f Hinduism amp Reincarnation Samsara Moksha Karma Yogas g Traditional Hindu Texts Vedas Upanishads Mahabharata h Bhagavad Gita Plot characters overall themebe able to identify a passage and understand what the most important message conveyed is i Hinduism in Art conography of Vishnu Preserver of the Universe Boar Avatar of Vishnu as Political Propaganda conography of Shiva Linga Multiple limbsheads matted hair on head crescent moon three eyes eyes half open kundalas serpent rudraksha trident tiger skin damaru Varda Mudra Nandi Shiva at Mahadeva Shiva at Nataraja conography of GaneshGanesha The Hindu Temple Overall symbolism Rockcut Temples at Mamallapuram Vishnu Temple at Deogarh Hindu Temple of Florida Angkor Wat Bayon IV Humanities of India Buddhism a Who is Buddha Define quotBuddhaquot b Know the timeline of Siddhartha Gautama s life and how it is believed he attained enlightenment c Theravada Buddhism The Four Noble Truths The Eightfold Path The Three Jewels of Buddhism The Four Sublime Moods d Mahayana Buddhism Levels of quot 39 quot 39 39quot 39 quot 39 39 quot quot 39 Arhant The Deification of the Buddha Trikaya Created BodyBody of Magical Transformation Body of the Essence Body of Bliss e Buddhism in Art Who is Ashoka during which dynasty did he rule and why do we associate him with Buddhism in India Identify and understand the iconography of Ashoka s Lion column at Sarnath Sanchi the Great Stupa at Sanchi architecture importance iconography symbolism to the worshippers Yakshi like the one at the Great Stupa The chaitya hall at Karle The life and death of the Buddha frieze from Gandhara Pakistan Depictions of the Buddha in Art Iakshanas urna urnisha wheel of life elongated ears solar Disk mudras Gandhara Buddha vs Mathura Buddha Painted Caves of Ajanta Sri Lanka Gal Vihara Java Borobudur Thailand Walking Buddha Emerald Buddha Myanmar Schwedagon Pagoda Contemporary Art Meera Mukherjee V Humanities of India Jainism a Who is the founder of Jainism b What is the sacred text c How does it differ from Hinduism Similarities d What are the basic questions posed by Jainists What are the possible solutions e What are the FIVE VIRTUES of Jainism What is Gandhi s definition of and the thoughts on the concept of Ahimsa f conography of the Jain Symbol g Branches of Jainism rituals and festivals VI Humanities of India Islam a How did the Muslims come to power in India b Sultanate of Delhi Qutb Minar c Vijayanagar Empire Lotus Mahal d Mughal Empire Akbar the GreatAkbarnama Indian Miniature Painting Jahangir Shah JahanTaj Mahal Red Forte e Hindu Rajput Kingdoms we talk about these here as it contrasted the Mughal Rule Krishna amp Radha Nyak Dynasty Great Temple Madurai VII The British in India a Victoria Terminus b Jaswant Singh VIII Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse a Who is the author of Siddhartha Where was he born How did his life parallel his fictional quotSiddhartha squot life b Importance of each of the following characters o Siddhartha o Govinda o Gotama o Kamala o Kamaswami o Vasudeva o Siddhartha s father 0 Siddhartha s son c Important questions to consider we are discussing these in class 0 In quotSiddharthaquot the river is a vital symbol Explain the function of the river and how it is associated with timelessness Why does Vasudeva encourage Siddhartha to listen to the river 0 Discuss the significance of quotOMquot What does this mean quotOM is the bow the arrow is the soul Brahman is the arrows goal at which one aims unflinchinglyquot o Why does Siddhartha question Gotama Why doesn t Siddhartha become one ofGotama s followers Discuss the significance of the following quote and I think so 0 Illustrious One that nobody finds salvation through teaching what happened to you in the hour of your Enlightenment That is why I am going on my way not to seek another and better doctrine for I know there is none but to leave all doctrines and all teachers and to reach my goal alone or diequot 0 Siddhartha believed that wisdom could only be attained through experience How did Siddhartha s experiences lead him to Nirvana 0 Describe the 4 stages of Siddhartha s life and discuss how each of these stages were important in his attainment of Nirvana 0 Compare and contrast Siddhartha s and Govinda s paths to Enlightenment o The term quotKamaquot signifies the Hindu god of love and desires Discuss what Siddhartha learns about love and desire from the two individuals whose name starts with quotKamaquot KAMALA amp KAMASWAMI 0 Discuss the importance of the fatherson relationship in quotSiddharthaquot Discuss the relationship between Siddhartha and his father as well as the relationship between Siddhartha and his son How are they similar How are they different Why is this relationship so important to Siddhartha on hos journey toward Enlightenment d Some practice questions about the plot this are just possible questions but they will help you review 1 Siddhartha s father is a Brahmin which means he is a what E A Policeman C B Religious leader E C Soldier E D Politician 1 B 2 What is the name of Siddhartha s best friend A Gotama B Govinda C Kamala D Kamaswami lz a 3 When Siddhartha joins the Samanas what pleasant surprise does he find E A That he has a brother E B That his own father was once a Samana C C That Govinda has also joined the Samanas D That the Samanas have chosen to make Siddhartha their leader C E 3 4 In the course of his confrontational departure from the Samanas how does Siddhartha silence their leader I A By gazing at him hypnotically E B By wrestling with him and winning E C By criticizing the dress of the Samanas E D By threatening to tell Gotama about them J A 5 What does Govinda do when Siddhartha leaves the Samanas A Remains with the Samanas B Returns to their home village C Wanders to a river D Accompanies Siddhartha D 01 6 After learning the main tenets of Gotama s Eightfold Path what does Siddhartha do A Questions Gotama privately about the specifics of his spiritual recommendations B Acknowledges Gotama s beliefs as making up the one true faith C Insists to Govinda that they leave immediately HEEL D Attempts to return to the Samanas but fails to locate their whereabouts A m 7 Why does Gotama seem to believe he is qualified to be a spiritual leader L A He has read every spiritual text in existence E B He was once the leader of the Samanas E C He has many followers E D He has attained Nirvana D l 8 When Siddhartha decides to leave Gotama s camp what does Govinda do A Accompanies Siddhartha B Stays with Gotama E E E C Appears unexpectedly but doesn t recognize Siddhartha E D Returns to the Samanas s A 9 How does the ferryman first seem to Siddhartha E A Bitter and lost C B Cringing and selfserving I C Contented and smiling E D Dazed and confused 9 i c 10 On his approach to the city Siddhartha is almost overcome by desire for what I A Awoman B Kamaswami C A homecooked meal D Alcoholic beverages 0 A 11 Soon after Kamala meets Siddhartha what does she agree to trade a kiss for j A A wellrecited poem E B Awellsung song E C An amusing acrobatic trick E D A beautifulpainting 11 A 12 Why does Kamala introduce Siddhartha to Kamaswami A So Siddhartha will have a friend in the city B So Siddhartha can learn the ways ofa merchant C Kamaswami is the city s greatest spiritual leader nnnn D So Siddhartha may fight a duel with him for the hand of Kamala 2 B 13 Siddhartha has a dream about Kamala s pet bird n Siddhartha s dream what is different about Kamala s bird E A It has the head ofa fish E B It is a different color E C It speaks in the voice of Govinda E D It is dead 13 D 14 Soon after his dream about Kamala s bird Siddhartha retires to a pleasure garden What does he do here E A Encounters Govinda who fails to recognize him E B Encounters Kamala and follows her into the woods E C Engages in sexual intercourse with Kamala E D Resolves to leave the city 14 D 15 During Siddhartha s second encounter with the river what does he do when he sees his own reflection in the water E A Asks it to teach him the nature of Nirvana E B Spits at it E C Flashes a big smile E D Fails to recognize himself 15 A 16 After Siddhartha falls asleep on the riverbank during his second encounter with the river who does he awake to find E A Govinda who fails to recognize him E B Gotama who fails to recognize him E C Kamala who Siddhartha fails to recognize E DMwami A m 17 When Siddhartha convinces the ferryman Vasudeva to teach him how to listen to the river how does Vasudeva propose to train him E C E C Siddhartha will replace Vasudeva as the ferryman for one year and Vasudeva will return periodically to check his progress E D Siddhartha will live and work alongside Vasudeva 17 D A Siddhartha will meet with Vasudeva once a day B Siddhartha will learn to swim in the river 18 Early in his time spent learning from Vasudeva what news does Siddhartha hear from a group of Buddhists E A The Samanas have declared war on Gotama s followers E B The Samanas have disbanded E C Gotama is dying E D Gotama has attained a new and deeper level of Nirvana 18 C 9 What causes Kamala s death A A disease B An accident C A snakebite mmal disaster c 20 When Siddhartha learns he has a son what does he propose E C E E D The son should live in the city with Kamaswami 0 C A The son should follow Gotama B The son should live with Govinda C The son should live with Siddhartha at the river N 21 When Siddhartha s son steals Siddhartha s money what does Siddhartha do A Follows him to the outskirts of the city where the trail ends B Spreads the word from town to town that his son is a shameful thief C Declares to Vasudeva that his son is no longer a relation D Takes him to the Samanas camp where he is forced to become an ascetic 21 A 22 Through what activity does Siddhartha achieve true Nirvana E A Following the precepts of Gotama B Listening to the teachings of the river l3 E C Successfully recognizing Govinda E D ReluctarLtly welcoming his estranged son back into his life 22 B 23 After Siddhartha shows the signs of having attained Nirvana what does Vasudeva do A Urges Siddhartha to teach his own son B Sings and dances in celebration C Leaves for the city presumably to start a new life D Leaves to die in the forest 23 D 24 When Siddhartha meets Govinda for the final time what initially happens 3 A Siddhartha fails to recognize Govinda B B Govinda fails to recognize Siddhartha E q 139 C Govinda reveals that he has recently attained Nirvana D Govinda reveals that he has abandoned his quest for enlightenment 24 B 25 At the end of the novel how does Siddhartha share his experience of Nirvana with his old friend Govinda E A He has Govinda kiss his forehead E B He makes Govinda wash his feet L E D He goes into the woods and leaves Govinda to be the next ferryman 25 A C He coaches Govinda to listen to the teachings of the river


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