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by: Dana Ferry


Dana Ferry

GPA 3.72

Stephen Frempong

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About this Document

Stephen Frempong
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dana Ferry on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ELEC 101 at SUNY College of Technology at Canton taught by Stephen Frempong in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/225539/elec-101-suny-college-of-technology-at-canton in Electrical Engineering at SUNY College of Technology at Canton.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY CANTON NEW YORK COURSE OUTLINE ELEC 102 ELECTRIC CIRCUITS 2 Prepared By Stephen E Frempong SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT FALL 2006 pow F ELEC 102 ELECTRIC CIRCUITS 2 TITLE ELECTRIC CIRCUITS 2 COURSE NUMBER ELEC 102 CREDIT HOURS 3 WRITING INTENSIVE COURSE This is NOT a writing intensive course COURSE LENGTH 15 SEMESTER S OFFERED SPRING HOURS OF LECTURE LABORATORY RECITATION TUTORIAL ACTIVITY 3 Hours Lecture CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION A continuation of Electric Circuits 1 stressing the understanding of concepts that involve impedance resonance transformers and three phase systems Students will analyze circuits of various con gurations and enhance computational skills Three hours lecture per week PRE REQUISITESCO COURSES Electric Circuits 1 ELEC 101 or permission of instructor GOALS STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of this course the student will be able to Understand more complex ac electrical circuits Use toolstest equipment to analyze more complex electrical circuits Understand the advantages of alternating current over dc To understand electrical components resistors capacitors and inductors in ac circuits Understand resonance circuits Understand decibels and lters Analyze complex electric circuits Understand basic transformers Calculations Understand power in ac Apply critical thinking in solving complex circuit problems Perform more complex electrical calculations Use software to design electrical circuits I IZ Equot 5quot TEXTS Introductory Circuit Analysis 11e By Boylestad ISBN 0131730444 Publisher Prentice Hall REFERENCES Electric Circuits Fundamentals By Floyd ISBN 0130163945 Publisher Prentice Hall E UIPMENT No equipment needed for lecture part of the course with the exception of scienti c calculator If computer is needed student computer lab is available GRADING METHOD Grade based on average of the following Quizzes Tests Midterm Exam and Final Exam MEASUREMENT CRITERIAMETHODS Tests Homework and Quizzes DETAILED TOPICAL OUTLINE The Basic Elements and Phasors Derivative Response of R L and C Elements to a Sinusoidal Voltage or Current Frequency Response of the Basic Elements Average Power and Power Factor Complex Numbers Rectangular Form Polar Form Conversion between Forms Series and Parallel in ac Circuits Impedance and Phasor Diagram Series Con guration Voltage Divider Rule Frequency Response for Series ac Circuits Admittance and Susceptance Parallel ac Networks Current Divider RuleFrequency Response Series Parallel ac Networks Resonance 0 Series Resonant Circuit 0 The Quality Factor Q o Zt versus Frequency 0 Selectivity o VL VL and VC 0 Parallel Resonant Circuit 0 Selectivity Curve for Parallel Resonant Circuits Decibels Filters 0 Properties of Logarithms o Decibel o Filters 0 R C Low Pass Filter 0 R C High Pass Filter 0 Pass Band Filters 0 Stop Band Filters 0 Double Tuned Filter 0 Low Pass Filter 0 High Pass Filter 0 Crossover Networks Transformers Mutual Inductance The Iron Core Transformer Re ected Impedance and Power Impedance Matching Isolation and Displacement Equivalent Circuit Iron Core Transformer Frequency Considerations Series Connection of Mutually Coupled Coils Air Core Transformer Types of Transformers Tapped and Multiple Load Transformers Network with Magnetically Coupled Coils


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