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by: Dana Ferry
Dana Ferry

GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dana Ferry on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ELEC 261 at SUNY College of Technology at Canton taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/225540/elec-261-suny-college-of-technology-at-canton in Electrical Engineering at SUNY College of Technology at Canton.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY CANTON NEW YORK COURSE OUTLINE AREA 303 WIND TURBINES Prepared By Michael J Newtown PE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY OCTOBER 2006 AREA 303 WIND TURBINES TITLE Wind Turbines COURSE NUMBER AREA 303 SHORT TITLE Wind Turbines CREDIT HOURS 3 WRITING INTENSIVE COURSE OPTIONAL LENGTH OF COURSE 15 weeks SEMESTERgS OFFERED Fall or Spring HOURS OF LECTURE 3 hours of lectures per week CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION This course is an introduction to issues related to the production of electricity from wind power The study of the atmospheric science necessary to locate wind turbines for the production of electricity will teach students how to interpret data In addition the study of design and control will allow for a J 39 39 k 39 Ag of all ub ofa wind turbine A complete analysis of all the technology utilized in the production of electricity will assist students in knowing the details involved in sizing and siting of wind turbines PREREg ZUISITES ELEC 261 Electricity and ELEC 221 Electrical Energy Conversion and Power Systems 1 COCOURSES STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of this course the student will Debate both sides pro and con for the production of electricity using wind energy Describe appropriate locations for wind turbines and power transmission lines Describe the most popular designs of wind turbines and the bene ts and drawbacks of each Write a short history of the production of electricity from wind turbines Describe the successes and failures of wind turbines in Europe Determine optional air foil shape to reduce wash effect on other turbines Assess the standard life cycles of wind turbines using accepted engineering methods Explain electrical control systems necessary to operate and generate power Assess environmental issues associated with wind turbines pW QMrbE Nf TEXTBOOK Wind Energy Explained by J F Manwell J G McGowan and A L Rogers c 2002 John Wiley and Sons L M REFERENCES 1 Gipe P 1995 Wind Energy Comes of Age Wiley New York 2 Beranieta LL Vera IL 1992 Noise and Vibration Control Engineering Principles and Application Wiley New York Ayallone EA Ed 3 Baumeister T Ed 1996 Mark s Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineering 10 Edition McGraw Hill New York 4 Gasch R Ed 1996 Wind Kraftanlagen Windpower Plants BG Teubner Stuttgant 5 Eggleston D M Stoddard ES 1987 Wind Turbine Engineering Design Van Nostrand Reinhold New York 6 Shirley RG Mischter CR 1989 Mechanical Engineering Design 5Lh Edition McGraw Hill New York 7 Spotts MF 1985 Design of Machine Elements Prentice Hall Englewood Cliffs N 8 Novak P Ekelund T Jovik I Schmidtbauer B 1995 Modeling and control of variable speed wind turbine drive system dynamics IEEE Control Systems 9 Fink DG ed 1978 Standard Handbook for Electrical E Edition McGrawHill New York 10 Garratt JR 1994 The Atmosphere Bounding Layer Cambridge University Press Cambridge 11 NWCC 1998 Permitting of wind energy facilities A handbook Prepared by the NWCC siting subcommittee National wind coordinator committee Washington DC Mach 1998 Eleventh EQUIPMENT Lecture based Lab equipment is a separate course GRADING METHOD39 PF AF etc AF MEASUREMENT CRITERINMETHODS Exam Research Paper In Class Debates Homework DETAILED TOPICAL OUTLINE LABORATORY OUTLINE N A l 2 4 V39 0 DETAILED COURSE OUTLINE Overview of electricity production from wind turbines A History B Current locations C Proposed locations Social and political issues Turbine site location considerations and zoning Transmission line considerations and zoning Property values Alternate land use Visual considerations Impact on wildlife Location near houses Noise Safety gt Hwamwpow Wind as uid energy A Meteorology how wind is formed B Atmosphere Layers C Wind measurement D Wind assessment data Technical aspects of site location A Geographic location B Map reading C Weather patterns Physics of uid owAerodynamics A Bemoulli s law B Air drag C Vector forces D Lift E Stall Turbine Design A Material B Machine Design C Loads amp Forces D Components amp Design E Power Curves 7 Electrical Systems A Basic Electricity B DC to AC Convertors C Control Systems Design 8 Technical aspects of turbine design A Tower height B Blade shape C Blade material D Turbine size 9 Weather considerations A Air ow B Icing ofblades 10 Field trips A Flat Rock Wind Farm on Tug Hill Plateau B SUNY Canton wind turbine C Area landowners 11 Future of wind turbines and electricity production


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