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by: Ceasar Baumbach


Ceasar Baumbach

GPA 3.53

Cheryl Francis

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About this Document

Cheryl Francis
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ceasar Baumbach on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 218 at SUNY College of Technology at Canton taught by Cheryl Francis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/225542/biol-218-suny-college-of-technology-at-canton in Biology at SUNY College of Technology at Canton.




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Date Created: 10/20/15
1 STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY CANTON NEW YORK COURSE OUTLINE BIOL 218 HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY II Prepared By CHERYL E FRANCIS SCHOOL OF SCIENCE HEALTH AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES SCIENCE DEPARTMENT SEPTEMBER 2005 HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY II TITLE Human Anatomy and Physiology II COURSE NUMBER BIOL 218 SHORT TITLE Anat amp Phys II C CREDIT HOURS 4 D WRITING INTENSIVE COURSE NA E COURSE LENGTH 15 weeks F SEMESTER S OFFERED Spring G HOURS OF LECTURE LABORATORY RECITATION TUTORIAL ACTIVITY 3 hours lecture and 3 hours lab per week H CATALOG DESCRIPTION This is the second in a sequence of two courses that study the detailed anatomy and physiology of the human body Topics include the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular lymphatic respiratory digestive and reproductive systems Also the subjects of the immune system metabolism uid electrolyteacidbase balance and pregnancy and development will be covered The laboratory will include a dissection of the cat I PREREg ZUISITESCOCOURSES Anatomy and Physiology I or permission of the instructor J GOALS STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of this course the student will 1 Identify and name the major organs and other signi cant structures of the respiratory digestive urinary respiratory cardiovascular and lymphatic systems Describe the composition and functions of blood 3 Explain the process of hemostasis 4 Explain how blood typing is done and analyze proposed blood transfusions for compatibility 5 Describe the mechanical and electrical events of the heart and explain the regulation of these events Explain the regulation of blood ow patterns 7 Describe the origination and ow of lymph through the lymphatic system 8 List and describe the functions of the lymphatic organs and tissues 9 List the components of the immune system and describe the K events of the di erent immune responses 10 List the stages of respiration 11 Explain the mechanics of breathing transport of respiratory gases gas exchange and the regulation of these events 12 List the stages of the digestive process 13 Explain the digestive processes of the digestive organs of the digestive system and explain the regulation of these processes 14 Describe the process of urine formation and explain the regulation of this process Describe the processes involved in metabolism 16 Explain how uid electrolyte and acidbase balance are maintained 17 Describe the events of the male and female reproductive cycles and explain the regulation of these cycles 18 Construct hypotheses collect data analyze data using simple statistical methods and draw conclusions about physiological properties investigated in the laboratory TEXTS TEXT Marieb Elaine N Anatomy and Physiology 1st ed 2002 BenjaminCummings Inc LABORATORY MANUAL Marieb Elaine N Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual 2003 BenjaminCummings Inc L REFERENCES N A EQUIPMENT Large lecture hall with computer LCD projector and document camera and challdwhiteboard Laboratory with fume hood sinks appropriate glassware etc and PHYSIOGRAPH recorder N GRADING METHOD 90 or above B 8589 B 8084 C 7579 C 7074 D 6569 D 6064 F Below 60 VI VII VIII MEASUREMENT CRITERIAMETHODS 50 Lecture exams online quizzes 5 minutepapers lecture homework 30 Laboratory homework reports quizzes laboratory examspracticums 20 Comprehensive nal exam GENERAL TOPIC OUTLINE Anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system Anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system Immune system components and physiology Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system Anatomy and physiology of the digestive system Metabolism Anatomy and physiology of the urinary system Fluidelectrolyte and acidbase balance Anatomy and physiology of the reproductive systems Pregnancy and development DETAILED TOPIC OUTLINE Circulatory System Anatomy and Physiology A Blood Components characteristics and functions of blood 2 Hemostasis 3 Blood typing factors antigens antibodies B Heart anatomy H lt Lymphatic system Immune system Respiratory System Digestive System Metabolism PQWFUUO WHH 003 mwuowgt w FUDGE Structure of blood vessels Major arteries and veins of the cardiovascular system Cardiac cycle Intrinsic conduction system Cardiac output Blood pressure determination and regulation Regulation of cardiac function Abnormalities of heart function Regulation of blood ow A Histology of lymphoid tissues Location of major lymphatic vessels and organs Mechanics of lymph ow Nonspecific innate immune responses Specific adaptive immune responses 1 Antibodymediated immunity 2 Cellmediated immunity Anatomy of the upper and lower respiratory system Breathing and ventilation Gas exchange Transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide Factors in uencing respiration Respiratory control mechanisms Anatomy of the alimentary canals and accessory organs Function of digestive organs Chemical digestionenzyme action products Absorption of products water minerals vitamins Transport of nutrients in the blood A Carbohydrates lipids proteins vitamin biochemistry B Energy metabolism VII VIII D Metabolic rate E Temperature regulation Urinary System A Gross anatomy of the urinary system organs B Kidney Nephron Physiology General functions of nephrons 2 Physiology of the nephron 3 Regulation of nephron physiology Fluid Electrolyte and AcidBase Balance A Factors affecting uid volume B Function of electrolytes C Acidbase relationships D Role of chemical and physiological bulTers E Regulatory mechanisms Reproductive System A Spermatogenesis and androgen function B Ovarian cycle and regulation C Uterine cycle and its regulation Fertilization pregnancy embryology LABORATORY OUTLINE I Data collection and scienti c method II Blood III Heart anatomy IV Arteries veins and lymphatic system anatomy V Cardiac physiology VI Respiratory system anatomy VII Pulmonary ventilation Respiratory volumes VIII Urinary system anatomy IX Urinalysis X Electrolytes and buffers XI Digestive system anatomy XII Chemical digestion XIII Reproductive systems anatomy XIV Pregnancy and development


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