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Distributed Objects

by: Amelie Murphy

Distributed Objects CSE 775

Amelie Murphy
GPA 3.98

James Fawcett

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About this Document

James Fawcett
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amelie Murphy on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSE 775 at Syracuse University taught by James Fawcett in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/225561/cse-775-syracuse-university in Computer Engineering at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
We Edu yew En FAME eYP An kmv J 39F awfnde assHandmA Mam g a mp stmbuxed Objects Mesage hum Emma HdVBSW Q E Rem Hm 5m me JAdduss a u Azse7S DUcadeATLFanegtltPane my Jun 3 A w Elly Bonnnew 4 9ch ma mama A Pane Eudgzxv m 33927EIEII137AM A E esaumah ma 327EIEISwAM A Em rx ma mannamw A g rm ma alzsnnmzPM A EIWAnemw 1K3 327nnsuAM A Emma 7K3 aizsnnEpAM A 1 Wm H EKB maUUEKIAM A xpanexwm ma SINunamAM A A amnm ma manuamw A Am 1 mm mm as daspve Wm mom Advm Suck cm gum gwm QWA 39Mmm 39aAT Q Um l IMAM ATLdem07 Example This example builds an inproc dll singlethreaded server that implements the IDemo39Z interface Its purpose is to show how to build components with the Active Temple Library ATL The files generated are H 6 7 ATLdemo39Zidl IDL file created by the ATL Object wizard from developer inputs The IDL describes the IDemo39Z interface and class object 0 manual page tells you how to create this example using ATL and its wizards ATLclientcpp created entirely by the developer It imports the type library generated by midl from its IDL file The type library import brings in header files which 0 declare the component and interface IDs o declare smart pointers and wrapper functions for the inteface The wrapper functions simply call your interface methods and throw exceptions if any errors occur 0 declare an error class comerror The exceptions throw objects of this class and you can extract strings describing the error from them see client code Demo39Zh created by ATL Object wizard provides a class declaration for the component actually the real component is derived from this class to add implementations for the class factory and component IUnknown interface Demo39Zcpp created by ATL and modified by the developer to provide semantics for the interface implementation ATLDemo39Zcpp generated by the ATL Application Wizard Provides the server dll export functions stdafxh and stdafxcpp declarations and includes for ATL imple mentation code resourceh defines some internally used identifiers When the midl compiler is run it will generate the additional files 1 ATLDemo39Ztlb type library file ATLDemo39Zic define GUIDS ATLDemo39Zpc proxystub code boom ATLDemo39Zh interface declarations for component proxy and stub Note that no proxy is needed for this demo so they are not included in the projects xptagma Once Xendlf JschR gt mun wanp Classes mummy ccmm i In Windows mgssagg and m Handlevs lm cla EtnaMew ml wmeLELMuDE WM mPruREEHANaED EL axe r n erruts n Humans qu return TRUE Vuld CChlldVIEw OnFalnlo cyalnmnc a th devxce context for alncln Ethe 1 S p g EInPa chm i c We tum Cr LEFDInLFDnLZUU T Tahuma REE a Seleccobjemwmnc h d1 SELTEXLCDDI RGEUyny255y o w 3 w an 8 valeWmdanEREUE ea FW w El lm as CRect rent eeccnenmeccm c a Drawrexc7 csE791 7 Dnstnbuted Objects 71 Smack BLSINGLELINE DTicENTER DTJICENTER lumjnangxex gt n CPen pen pen meaceyenws mm2Rcan2ssn a Sexeccomemwpen Have a Tr 91 x Tnanglev a IneTDm TrlangleXSEL mjnanglev a LlneTDULTIHangleX mjmanglewsm a LlneTDULTrlangleX mjnanglev CMalnFramex 13143 CManFramexAfxGeLMaand fPHalnrgtGetTDQQJE ustr ngstream temp temp ltlt ltlt SEL39MA ltlt mucusex ltlt ltlt sewm ltlt mucusev ltlt a Senexccmurmcmzss2s2577 a Texwucmnxsplayxmmsplayvcamp Sm gyro n m an mew mu Pm ecl ma rm Wmdaw He p 5 A 7 Calling Cnlnitialie x a lt ua131 mung encrmunmmo mama s v lAHg aha mem x Calling Querylnterfac Calling nelgasltgt fur p uxuu144ss4 ltgt for Sun nn x l4 E74 Funknnun j quotmay cw ddReflt ef 3 ylnteface for nknnun or ClassFactnry EXEECFIHEE rlt cng 4 ef 3 ntance uxuucpjnnu ylnterface for l nknnun returning uxuucpjnnu ddRefltgt quot9n95 2 elease m CH 1 nerylnterface ddRefltgt quot9n95 m x ml E asst quot Resam Cllent axe 7 n eerrS n warnn9s Cnmgggggg strike any key to ex


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