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Architectural Design V

by: Allie Kris

Architectural Design V ARC 307

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Allie Kris
GPA 3.56


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie Kris on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARC 307 at Syracuse University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/225578/arc-307-syracuse-university in Architecture at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
Syracuse University School of Architecture ARC 307 Design Studio Fall 1999 MWF 26pm 6 cr Professors Bruce Coleman Richard Jensen Elizabeth Kamell Robert Levy Anne Munly coordinator Arc 307 Design Studio Statement of Pedagogical Intentions 1 Within the School of Architecture s design curriculum the pedagogy of the first three years forms a coordinated core The first year of studio emphasizes strategic knowledge through the introduction of a syntax of form and composition and the second year emphasizes conceptual knowledge through the selfcritical development of a set of intentions which directs deployment of formal strategies Arc 307 the fifth semester in the undergraduate design studio sequence will address issues of materiality and urban strategy as related to building design During the fall Arc 307 studio an advanced level of design development is undertaken by pursuing longer projects with clearly defined constraints of site and program The physical site may be in an urban egtlturbia or small town context where the building must participate in a wide matrix of formal and cultural references Research as a mode of inquiry is stressed in the third year and this implies not only the gathering of factual information but also study of the implicit or explicit values conventions and assumptions that make up the built environment Research through analysis of precedent site investigation critical readings and exploration of technique is considered a creative activity driven by hypothesis and providing the base for much of the production in the studio In Arc 307 research is incorporated in order to help formulate positions regarding the material and urban response of a building emphasizing the synthetic and comprehensive nature of building design The research component of the studio work in third year is thus seen as a reciprocating agent in the design process and will vary in type from studio to studio 11 The materiality of architecture is not limited to its visual character but engages all the senses Materials weather showing the marks of the passage of time As a creative and constructional activity the production of architecture addresses issues of materiality not as expedient performancebased solutions but in a broader and contingent sense Material development of Arc 307 studio projects generally includes the schematic resolution of structural and mechanical systems and the identification of primary construction materials As stressed above these decisions are the expression of a set of selfcritically derived values and intentions In this respect these studios introduce at a schematic level the synthesis of strategy and concept in material development which is a primary emphasis of Arc 308 The site of a building may be understood both as a precisely bounded area with quantifiable physical attributes and as a construct which may extend well beyond its immediate physical surroundings or legallydefined property boundaries and which may also encompass much larger spatial systems as well as extraspatial phenomena such as sociocultural historical and ecological attributes Accordingly site response is itself understood as a construct which must be carefully and selfcritically assembled rather than as a valuefree predetermined or single universally applicable procedure Studying the intersection of architecture and physical place with issues of public realm forms part of the critique of urban practices engaged in Arc 3078 studios studios in Florence and Visiting Critic studios in Syracuse The production of architecture involves constructing the crl39z l39ca context in which a problem is theorized by the architect the program and its resolution are also introduced as opportunities for conceptual learning The programs of Arc 307 studios are generally more complex than those assigned in previous studios and present problems of distribution circulation and other strategic challenges For example a building s program may also be reconceived as an institution which possesses particular sociocultural meanings to those who encounter it and may be represented by typological form or some other mode of architectural signification This egtlttended understanding of the program raises the issue of 39 quot 39 quot 39 39 a d of the architect s need to either embrace reject or transform such meanings and their representation in expression of a clearly articulated set of values and intentions The Studios Students who have reached the arc 3078 sequence are capable of operating with more independence than in the preceding two years The ability to fully engage in the exploration both intellectual and crafted of your design work is of paramount importance This includes active participation in discussion of readings and design projects addressing the issues raised in each project ability to explore design methodologies and to initiate research pertinent to the work at hand Individual initiative throughout a project evidenced in clear egtltplorations at the desk represents your effort to assume critical responsibility for your work and learning You are expected to integrate the lessons from previous semesters from all components of the professional curriculum The general studio content the reading list and the lecture topics have been discussed and agreed upon by the faculty While you will be assigned to one studio this is an opportunity to explore multiple processes and outlooks by becoming aware of the course instruction in the other thirdyear studios through allclass lectures discussions with classmates and perhaps sitting in on reviews In addition you will be encouraged to attend some thesis and thesis prep reviews as in the nottoo distant future you too will be engaged in a thesis egtltploration GroupLectures There will be two lecturediscussions Each will involve 2 of the thirdyear design instructors commenting on a single theme The themes are coordinated with studio issues the first will present commentary on the theme Reading the City the second on Issues of Tectonics and Materiality Prior to each lecture a related reading will be distributed in the studio to provoke some preparatory discussion Following the lecture there will be a period of discussion in which it is hoped all of you will take an active part The dates for the lecturediscussions are tentatively set for Fri Sep24 and Wed Oct 6 200 pm Rm 108 In addition a roundtable discussion will take place after Fall break date TBA involving architects and planners from the city and student representatives from your class if you are willing in a discussion on issues facing the city of Syracuse Attendance in all these of these events is mandatory Sketchbook Arc 307 students are strongly encouraged to maintain a sketchbook for sole use in this class for recording field research exploration of precedents lecture and book notes etc Sketchbook policy is up to the individual studio teacher Readings and Reading List A suggested reading list related to issues of the Arc 307 design studios is attached The list is organized thematically to enable you to pursue further reading within the themes studied in each studio It is recommended to place reading notes related sketches quotations and Xerogtltes in a studio sketchbook Each faculty member will provide readings that will address issues raised in that design section Studio Policy supplemented Within each studa Students are required to attend all studio sessions including group lectures films and studiorelated field trips Missed classes without a verified medical or religiousobservance egtltcuse cannot be allowed and may result in a lowered grade In order to bene t from discussions with classmates students should work in the designated studio in Slocum Hall The Arc 307 studio is a place of research and for the sake of your own work and that of surrounding colleagues you are asked not to have visitors or to conduct work for other classes during studio hours Rowdy or otherwise obnogtltious behavior should be reported to the studio instructor and the thirdyear coordinator Schoolwide policy against drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking and the use of adhesives figtltatives and paints in the building will be enforced please report any transgressions


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