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Selected Topics

by: Aiden Legros PhD

Selected Topics GEO 600

Aiden Legros PhD
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 25 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aiden Legros PhD on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO 600 at Syracuse University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/225580/geo-600-syracuse-university in Geography at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
Brief Introduction to GEO6OO Gravity Waves Disturbances in atmosphere caused by air parcels raised by some force eg buoyancy storm updraft mountain and restored by gravity air llow l OlOI39 Gravitational Waves Disturbances in spacetime that travel at speed of light Waves created by nearby astrophysical sources cause relative length changes between free objects on earth strain hltlO3921 Phase degs 600 LI GO Livingston G EDIE HI NA UT IL TES V IRE O ALLEGRG h lini rail EXPLURER AURl A FT39 TA MA GEO Facts Joint BritishGerman proposal in 1989 for a 3km interferometer Site proposals included areas close to St Andrews Bavaria and the Harz mountains Technology discussed twostage pendulums multiply folded arms squeezed light Project not funded for nancial reasons 0 GEO6OO proposed in 1994 construction began in 1995 participation in SS today 600m arms folded once Triple pendulums Dual rec cling z H 39i 3 1Hvulilmquot 39 y mum mammal mm j mmm umuuluu39Whlllululll h 1 394 39 WI zrz 39 I 75 41r E GEO 600 simpli ed optical layout 9 e 0 near mirror MC n 600m mirror MPR power recycling 5 far mirror MFG bomnsplittor near mirror RICO Slgualrocycllng mirror MSR output plmtudiode PDQ Optics suspended as double or triple pendulums Prototype for future detectors suspensions Triple pendulum suspensions 39 provide f6 ltering of seismic noise above resonances Quasimonolithic fused silica Removed interfaces where possible Expect very low thermal noise due to high quality factor materials Slhcate 3 quot Bonding 1 L Dual Recycling in GEO6OO 1V1 C 11 4 i 1393 Aquot 1a11nl 511391 1L3391 J 1211l IV IFE Dd C e Power recycling MPR H Mil Signal recycling B l l signal f carrier Jrfsigrml i Theoretical sensitivity limit e O 0 ASD hN Hz Seismic Suspension Substrate Thermal Coating Thermal Thermorefractive Shot SSOHZ Tota1550Hz Frequency Hz Frequency Hz ASD llV Hz ath Total 2 Total 3 39 Shot 5 5 I 4 h 39I Shot 350Hz Total SSOHZ Shot 1000Hz 0H2 SOHZ Total 100le I Shot 250Hz 50Hz l Sensitivity VS SR mirror pos G Frequency Hz is S 2 W4 2 i l LIGO Ha GEO600 0606 S nford 2 5 km 0606 S LIGO Hanford 4km 0306 S S 5 1 Du S 9 I 1 TD 0 u m 0 J H S 9 u S mm m M G e O Technical noise in GEOoOO Q Why is the instrument not at its theoretical sensitivity limit A Technical noise coupling to the detector output causes a larger apparent strain signal Myriad of noise sources and paths for them to couple Hundreds of analog and digital control loops Y l External n01ses eg Wlnd humans u l A method to systematically measure the in uence of these noise sources on the detector output is needed Detector output I 7 detector outut detector output if gw Detector output 11 transfer function m 1 detector out ut I 121 I I c1 gt69 H 1 I norse source I detector output H ng 1H1 Detector output 111 transfer function 391 I 161 HOISC SOUI39CC detector out ut i 012 13123 detector output if gw Z om noise channel transfer function i 391 I 161 HOISC SOUI39CC detector out ut i lg39gilg TgHg detector output if gw 2 0am noise channels Nj j 7 j C m noise channel transfer function i 391 I 161 HOISC SOUI39CC detector out ut i lg39gilg 1quot3 H3 detector output if gw 2 0am noise channels Nj j 7 j C m noise projections M ozij noise budget M Z 0szij j JJ39 39 iLILquotquot 39 LlLlll IIJ ILILILLI 3 DEE i L iL llmp 5 III 5 lllllll I llll I TIE jig 39r rII39III I I 39r 7 I I ITIrI39rT I JJ 4 JL O LlLl Ll Wquot F iquot LLJLL Haggis E III quot 1 IIIIIII I I I I IIIIIII I Mg LIL 4quot LIIJLILIJ I LJJLL 7 II 739 III 0 Ill I llll I lIIII I Hi l39l G quotquot3939393939U39 39139i39quot393939 e395 I III quot 3 IIIIIII I IIII I I IIIIIII I 32 III 0 lllllll I llll r I lll I L39gliquot Ei3939 H quotquot3939393939U39 3939n 39L39quot393939 IIE39H I III I l II II II I II I III Q IIIIIII I IIII III II lllllll I 1 II I III Illllll I lll 55 III I Ill I E II I III 0 lllllll I III 39IIII II llll I I 1 TT m I39II39IFIII I IIIIIII I TlTFI39F39If ITI39I39I39 39 l lllll I III H IIIIIII I IIIIIII lllll I III I lllll I III ll I IIIIIIII lllll llll I a Illl I I III 0 Illlll I 7 quot 3lll I I lllll I III s IIIIIII lll I 19 H lll I III lllll I I lll I E lllll I III Illllll I I llll I N IIlIII I IlI l7fi r lllllll I 5 IIII I I l H l I HHI l If A lH I rI lHl1 l 3 D JII IIL I L LLI I l I L lII 4L7 I I ILIII I I IIILI I I I L39L3939393939L39i3939393939J39JquotFi39UL393939J 39L39lL39Ll3939L39JLLL39 II I I II I IIIFJ39T 39 lll I Illl III Ill I IIIIII I I IIII I I I I m IrI I I IIII l lIlII I h IllIl I l II I iIIII I Ill I IIIIIII I Ill I HlHllI IIII I I I I39llIIJ39I I llIIlI l llll I lll I IIII LRI I lIll I IIJJLIIILIl IJIIJ ILIELLIILJLLI I lll I lllll I IIIIIII I lllll I ll I I IIII I lllll I IIIIIJI I II IIIII I III I 39 IIIIIlIl IIIIIII I jrliill I IllllII IIIIIll I h aquot 3quot a l Hquot 0 III L 1 L L I 391 v II 1 z 2 CG Him I usv 39 39 Ian 5 0 o 33 I o 15 C6 399355 quot 9 2323 O 13 Eat cu I Ill I O 0 O IiI 39 i w E CL 7 a a Equot E 1 g 0H 4 N0 transfer function 10quot III 39s ap 3591le ItII brim Noise budget for SS ASI lhWHZH IID AA FB Rot IID AA FE Tilt ID Slow FB S FB P 0 Output Port LIN 00L Pruj MID L0 OPN IL Proj IlD EOM OAN 39 IL Pl39oj PR Error Uncorrelated Sum of Projs H I Theoretiml Limit tle T x Frequency Hz The End


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