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Molecular Biology Laboratory

by: Taryn Windler

Molecular Biology Laboratory BIO 465

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Biology > BIO 465 > Molecular Biology Laboratory
Taryn Windler
GPA 3.51


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taryn Windler on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 465 at Syracuse University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see /class/225589/bio-465-syracuse-university in Biology at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Course Description Section 1 Lecture Monday 1245140pm 421 HL Lab Wednesdays 1245445 pm 2060 Lyman Instructor Dr Ramesh Raina 4434546 rarainasyredu Office 601A BRL Office Hours By appointment only email is the best way to contact me TA Nikhilesh Dhar 608 BRL 4434750 ndharsyredu Bioengineered DNA was weight for weight the most valuable material in the world A single microscopic bacterium too small to see with the human eye but containing the gene for a heart attack enzyme streptokinase or for ice minus which prevented frost damage to crops might be worth 5 billion dollars to the right buyer Michael Crichton Jurassic Park Course Description This course will give you handson experience of working in a molecular biology laboratory While learning basic techniques in recombinant DNA technology you will apply scienti c method to address questions in molecular biology By the end of this course you will gain insight into the techniques and the reasons why they are used by molecular biologists Lab Groups All lab exercises will be carried out by groups of three students The same lab group should stay together over the whole semester except in unusual circumstances The grades will be based not only on the final result of the group but also on individual efforts Attendance Policy Excused absences from lab will only be given to students with medical excuses or family or personal emergencies which will require of cial notes Thirty five points will be deducted from your nal point total for each unexcused absence Chronic tardiness will result in points being deducted Required Text This Lab Manual is the only required text for this course Assignments There will be only one quiz in this course In addition the following is required of you for this course 1 Lab assignments each week 2 Lab reports due as shown below 3 Oral presentation week 13 Lab assignments Each week in the lab you will be given a series of questionsproblems based on the experiments done in the previous lab The answerssolutions will be due at the same day at the end of the lab Lab Reports The lab reports must be written in the following format Introduction 45 sentences stating the purpose of the experiment eg why generate a restriction map Methods Please do no repeat everything in the lab protocol What is important to include is the general ow of experiments showing that you understand what the process is This should be written in paragraph form Please stay away from outlining or listing a series of steps Include the details of your experiment like salt concentration or gel running conditions or anything that differed from the provided procedure Results Summarize your experimental results using the texts figures and tables Again please write this in a paragraph format Label all photographs and graphs with Fig1 Fig2 etc and refer to them by figure number in the text All figures and tables must be referred to in the text and each figure must be accompanied by a figure legend that states what is shown in the figure and details as to what is in each lane etc Discussion Interpret your results This is the place to put observations and possible explanations of observations How could you test if any of your explanations are correct You should discuss any problems or difficulties that you encountered in the project State what you think went wrong and suggest how you could avoid such problems in the future The text of your report should be no longer that 3 singlespaced typed pages Try to state your points simply and clearly Conciseness is a virtue in scienti c writingll For sample Lab Reports see Appendix 1 and 2 Note You will not be graded on how close your data matches the expected results Your grade will be based on the claritv and u 39 quot of the report and the quot of vour analvsis of the data Lab reports are an important component of this class Remember For many of you this course fulfills Communication Requirementl Semester schedule We will complete six projects during this course Project 1 Plasmid DNA isolation and restriction mapping Project 2 Bioinformaticsgene analysis using webbased resources Project 3 Gene cloning Project 4 Plant transformation 7 construction of stable transgenic plants Project 5 Transient assay using gene gun Project 6 Protein overexpression and purification Grading Lab assignments will be given during the lab and are due same day at the end of the class 12 homework assignments 10 points each drop the lowest score Project lab report due dates each report is worth 50 points This includes points for class participation For due date see Page 5 Oral Presentation April 25 worth 60 points Each presentation will be 1520 minutes long on a topic of your choice Groups of three students will give a presentation on a topic which will give you an 1 J 39 quot of the f 39 of 39 39 biology techniques in our present day research and industry In addition these reports will allow you to experience public speaking in a nonconfrontational setting ie in the company of your labmates and in front of friendly encouraging faces Point breakdown Quiz 30 points Lab assignments 110 points Lab Reports 300 points Oral Presentation 60 points Total 500 points Final grades The final grade will be based on the total number of points earned during the semester As a result students are not in competition with one another for a grade Final grades will be assigned according to the following scale based on 500 points A 93100 A 9092 B 8789 B 8386 B 8082 C 7779 C 7376 C 7072 D 6669 FE65 Bio 465665 Section 1 Semester Schedule Project 4 Construction of transgenic plants I Isolation of plasmid DNA and transformation of Lab Report Due Dates gene gun


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