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General Physics I

by: Clement Bernier

General Physics I PHY 211

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Physics 2 > PHY 211 > General Physics I
Clement Bernier
GPA 3.64


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clement Bernier on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 211 at Syracuse University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/225630/phy-211-syracuse-university in Physics 2 at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Review before final exam Guide how to identify type of the problem Guide how to identify type of the problem The question is about acceleration force condltlons linearor for system at rest Only if the problem explicitly angu39ar aXO says average acceleration ay0 or if the acceleration is constant aAvAt may be used 06 0 The problem is for application of Newton s 2ncl Law Doescan centerof mass Doescan any of any object move object rotate Circular motion Ioc2 r aXZVZR m ax 21 F1 X Also often needed for the Xaxis Om ay zi Fi y ocaR pointing towards Usually 3y 15 zero I i 1 F sine the circle center for propethmce 01 1 F of coordmates Rolling combines both for the same object Only if the problem explicitly The question IS about veIOCIty says average velocity or if the velocity is constant vAXAt may be used Wave velocity V Dk If angu Some free fall problems are eaSIer to solve using energy conservation Use conservation of A free fall problem Collision the only force is weight two objects there is V Z V y before and after a 1X the tilnteractlon mechanical energy ny Viy gAt 1 E E AX ViXAt An rotation involved wt 1 tOtf Ayvatl2gltmgt2 y 39 Kiwi 19W yes no Extended object K 11032 Use conservation of Use conservation of Pointlike object K 12mV2 angular momentum linear momentum Gravitational Ungh Ltotithotf Pmt iZPtotf Elastic spring U 121X2 Extended object L210 13sz Does the text say Pointlike object 1 pen ectly inelastic L i r mV sine Does the text or the objects stick or i r mV sav quoteaSl iC 7 E to each other 7 39 In addition yes lyes use KKf 7lesz The question is about position Some free fall problems are easier to solve using energy conservation A free fall problem x the onlyforce is weight AX ViXAt Ay ViyAt l2 g At2 y VfX VlX Is velocity constant Use conservation of mechanical energy Etot iEtot f K Ui KfUf Extended object K 121032 Pointlike object K 12111V2 AX V At Gravitational Umgh Is acceleration constant Elastic spring U 12kx2 AX Vi At 12 21 A02 Vt Vi a At linear l gt angular X e V H D 31 0t Modification of the slide on velocity and position problems ls mechanical energy conserved ls work by external or nonconservative forces zero 4k Use conservation of Use energywork mechanical energy theorem Etot iZEtot f AEtot Wext or noncons Etot f Etot i W ext or noncons 1 ljpis total A diver runs off the diving board located at 11 lm above the water wiili 39 39 39 3 ms directed horizontally miual velocity v 1a lope How far does she y in horizontal direction Ax before entering the water 1b 5 ts VVliatis her 5 eed Le ma nitude oftcizil Veloci V when she enters the P P 5 W Water oniv iiihemubiem xpiiciiiv The question is about position The quesmn 5 390 i aim Y velocity p savs avevageveiucnv Wave velocim uviiineveiucnv is cunsiani A free fall problemf me onlyfurce is weigmr i Same iee ini prunenszve 3235 in salve iiang enegv mnseminn i same tree mil pmniemsaie em stE new enemy ionservnli Use conservation of mechanical energy E A free fall problem me onlyfurce lsWElgi lt Lquot Use conservation of mechanical energy Vi n VD Vr a At Ax x 7 AV WAHngz Anyrotationinvoved Ki Uf ExVPnileiliMeci K vziwz S m Em quotm K quot21 Is velocity constant my WWW K Vsz Use conservation of Use conservation of Pitlniriilliiiiiivm K vzmvZ AXvAt g m f m quot U2quot angular momentum linear momentum Umvlh ul mgh quot4 quot 2 PMFPM Eljmi 59min U lkaz ls acceleration constant Eiagt uzgpmigi U Vka 39 39 2 2m Does hete AK A 2 A quot erfecty inelastic Hm iineavpanguiav thetext mm becfs i X e v quotelastit 7 7 ea i v Hm V was a Imam 1 WM 2 m use K may swaying n L 1 121 center atthe height h 12 m above the bottom ofthe track 7b bup rleSz 2a W 7 7 anv New New The auea omsabout ve ucm Sifmmv iveve vcw M Guide how to Identify type of the problem Wave ve ucm luivmiy f f 39 Fmk 39l The ques onrsabow ame eratmn fume Afree faH prub em7 hnuv the mm s vvexgm mm eunmtmns r fursystematrest m e onw mhe Pvah em mum afn W W avenge ame evmmn m Mhe ame evmmn e cansam emmey be used Use eunse nun uf vim memenma Energy ny mfg Ax BFEI Av A w Anwofamnmvomw Kuxqq The prumem sfurapphcatmn uf Newmn s 2nd Law V25 quot 7 bendan cbv d K VZINZ SE Cunsewatmn Elf USE Bunsen31mm Elf Dnur39 11w v2 Duescan came mass Duescan aw angmar mumentum hnear mumentum wwwqu U 7 mm mm mm umemmatev u PM W man my ercufvgr gutmn m E F X mea i m emmeewm Lrlm prmv 009mg say a H m 3 F 3 pm eabye amp quotpeneaymeasm N was Usu y mm x U 7 oes the ISM orMe objects stick mmquot W fax a 1 chm me sav easnc 7 In each omer7 391 quotquotm39quot rpz gamma if F m tr m rm a m s Rnl u cumbmesbmh v quot m addmun A Ms M my me same amen WM 9 Mm use Krkf VF 3 10pm bullet is shot througha Wooden block The bullet has a mass of0003kg and itsmiiar439t e1 H blockhasa k e speed ofS ms light after the bullet Went through Calculate the speed of the bullet after it went through the block 0an Wine mememexpttenv The question Is about velocny Ev s rvgv a w mmw en Eveucl lsnun an Wagerleggy amuy m H th be used A free fall problem7xquot Co i 7 me quotme 5 Wm Eggfgb a ggf Use conservation of fo vtx IV the immawmu mechanical energy V VI gAt AFquot X Any rotation tntolved7 K a KTU AyvyAteiZgm2 t a r r V55 quotD ietluhlscl K VZIwZ Use conservation of Use conservation of Fm Tum11 K lvaz angular momentum linear momentum 39 m Umgh Imam PtatxPtntf quot Film U quotzkxz annedttblml IFIOD 7 Doesthe lexlsay mm hkr MPG quotperTeLM Vie851m 1 es the text orthe etaeats Stick savquotel 651m 7 7D to each other In addition Q was mum 59 KFKr air 1m use rm ms Guide howlo identify type oflhe problem The wasnomsabou acce evahunv Yuma mgggwgfm w u h m em enzth 3399 23 Izlllmaybe used aquot ascancenkvatmxs Daescanim anda huh x as wmmvk m m mm mm cambmes ham WNW am lOpts Phobes is a small moon of Mars It has a mass t 103 m For the purpose ofthe following problem 8 1015 kg and a radius of assume that Phobes has the shapes 3 39 J39 4 103moffcente139 A J 39 39 391 12mm closetoits sweets a m31 3 A e 39u w atis gum u it w 1 39 39 onlv nthehmmemexpllutlv The quesm 5 aha velocity p savs avevaueveluclquot uvl neveluc v Wave velocity my PM W m USE we mk e A an 39 Snmehee ll mhlemssveeasev a A free fall problem Colllslon sleu gznemwewm39 the amtfume weight WEI mutants there is Use conservation of arm an ether mEtt mEmnm mechanical energy it Any rotation lnvolted7 K eUl quotD maedubwtt Use conservation of se conservation of Fuml hkenblcd angular momentum linear momentum t39v xamtaum l 511 me Bast F e W Does the text say Pmmrhkv nhlert quotperfecty lrleastlc I 7 Y m sine Does the text or the objects stick if r mv sav quotelasticquot 7 a 7 F to each other 7 In addition s yes mm use KFKr VF ZY s mu m 5 lm 4 quothis a beam my The quesnon rs about Me mm exvth y avevaveacce evamn mm mum n s cm mm may beused m u m cue cemex Brim Elma cwmms Rnlllnncumbmesbmh mum same man rsm wigF


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