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Economics Principles I

by: Janet Hegmann

Economics Principles I ECON 2010

Marketplace > Tennessee State University > Economcs > ECON 2010 > Economics Principles I
Janet Hegmann
GPA 3.75


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Janet Hegmann on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 2010 at Tennessee State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/225679/econ-2010-tennessee-state-university in Economcs at Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
39 39 nt role in society and affects everyday life It offers outstanding career opportunities in such areas as professional selling marketing 39 39 uying pr ct management and development and wholesalinglogistics ariety ofnonbusiness organizations u v including hospitals m seums universities government and social service agencies What is Marketing nuw uul g 1 Our diverse faculty has unique industry experience W our experience 39om the telecommunications manufacturing marketing consulting soltware engineering advertising international marketing and marketing research industries We also invite guest speakers 39om various r in educational eld trips for our students to such facilities as the De manufacturing plant and the Bridgestone tire factory and other facilities in the greater Nashville area Why study Marketing quot quot of goods with desires of individual and organizational buyers It is a prime organizational function and a set of processes for creatin communicating and delivering value to customers aiiu lUl 39 39 39 that bene t the organization and its stakeholders To learn more about marketing go to the American Marketing Association website which is wvwvmarkefin wer com ECON 2020 Microeconomics ECON 2050 Statistical MeLhodsH ACCT 2010 Accountingl c T 2020 Accounting 11 U erDiVision BISE 3150 Business Communications BLAW 3000 Legal Environmml ofBusmess FJNA 3300 Business Finance MT 3010 Management and Org Behavior MGMT 3020 Operations Managanml BISI 3230 Management Infomauon System MKTG 301 Basic Marketing GMT A 00 ii economy and standard of living An most businesses because it is the functional area covering everything from Career opportunities in marketing are diverse pro table and expected to increase signi cantly during the coming decade Job Duties and Availability The U 3 Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment in marketing eld will grow between 21 and 35 ercent be in the areas ofsales public relations retailing advertising accoun management media sales direct marketIng Internet marketing sports marketing sales pr 39on event planning marketing research and product management 0 3 g logistics and distribution a healthcare hospitality and professional services Marketing careers are also available in nkin mmeting majors are among the highest 39holders 3 Typically salaries range from the mid30ks to the lower 40ks V th a few years experience and an MBA graduates can earn 39om 60k up Starting in a marketingjob is also one ofthe best routes to the top of any organization More CEOs come from sales and marketing backgrounds than from any other eld


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