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The Family System

by: Barton Boyle

The Family System HEC 2060

Barton Boyle
GPA 3.77

Melinda Swafford

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About this Document

Melinda Swafford
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Barton Boyle on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HEC 2060 at Tennessee Tech University taught by Melinda Swafford in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/225700/hec-2060-tennessee-tech-university in Evolution And Ecology at Tennessee Tech University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Socialization Acquiring values skills and knowledge of the society Function is to teach cultural norms associated with being male or female Life long process Different stages have different agents Agents ofsociaization groups responsible for teaching to children 0 Families children language chores religion 0 Society schools organized sports Peers Older children and adolescents Media Examples 000 Socialization Approach 0 Gender identification and behaviors are based on children learning what is considered appropriate to their gender and not appropriate to the other gender 0 Does society expect different attitudes and behaviors from males and females How 0 Families function to contribute to the development of each members personal identity 0 How we are supposed to act as female or male 0 Our strengths and weaknesses o What is right and wrong Theories of Socialization 0 Social Learning Behavior is learned by observation and experience of their own and others in the environment 0 Gender roles and gender identity is learned by positive and negative reinforcement 0 Key components 0 Modeling imitation and reinforcement 0 Examples Cognitive Development Theory 0 Child s mind matures through interaction with the surrounding environment 0 Children take an active role in organizing their world 0 Kohlberg age 2 children are aware of gender Based on clothing etc 0 Age 6 or 7 children grasp gender identity 0 Once identity is developed children organize their behavior around it Strive to be consistent with their identity Enculturated Len theory 0 Hidden cultural assumption determine how societal members should look behave and feel 0 These are embedded in ways of thinking 0 Often called Hidden curriculum 0 Example 0 School Which gender do we often assume is better in math Readingwriting 0 Home Who stays at home Who goes to work 0 Society Sports construction workers associated with men The Family and Social Policy 0 Family Policy political beliefs about how the gov t should assist family in caring for dependents The Welfare System 0 Not cash assistance to the poor 0 Economic system is capitalism o Goods and services are privately produced and sold for a profit 0 Welfare state is programs created to protect workers and families wages safe working conditions breaks etc Entitlement Programs 0 Government is obligated to provide benefits to anyone who qualifies regardless of the total cost of the program 0 Social Security 0 Minimum Wage o Unemployment 0 Public education 0 School lunch program not free and reduced Political Points of View 0 Conservative less gov t intervention in the family 0 Liberal gov t desire to assist family and help all families equally o Compromise in late 1990 s and early 2000 s 0 18 pieces of legislation on child care children s health insurance CHIP FMLA and child and spousal abuse Welfare Reform 1996 0 Why was it reformed o Attitudes toward women s roles 0 Characteristics of recipients o Concern about dependency Resiliency 0 Families face staggering adversities today 0 Ability to survive and overcome hardships 0 Can be developed at any age 0 However younger is better 0 Kauai Longitudinal Study those resilient at 18 have fewer problems at 40 and had successful lives Big factor the children knew how to ask for help Family Resiliency o The major focus is not only on the problems but on why the families survive 0 Characteristics of resilient families 0 Warmth and communication I Parental conflict is minimized in front of children 0 Cohesion and Commitment 0 Participating in family traditions


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