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Aspects of Dress

by: Barton Boyle

Aspects of Dress HEC 2031

Barton Boyle
GPA 3.77


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About this Document

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Barton Boyle on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HEC 2031 at Tennessee Tech University taught by Self-Mullens in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/225703/hec-2031-tennessee-tech-university in Evolution And Ecology at Tennessee Tech University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
CHAPTER 1 Terms Classification system for dress organizes our efforts to study dress around the world in a manner that discourages us from viewing the dress of others merely through our own culture system of terminology and values Body modification something that changes the perception of the body by oneself or by others 0 Temporary hair color skin color tanning and skin darkening lotions colored contacts push up bras piercings perfume taste modification gum lip gloss and brushing teeth 0 Permanent tattoo plastic surgery scars Body supplement anything you are wearing that is not your body 0 make up jewelry 0 Enclosures any supplement that surrounds a portion of the body whether or not it actually covers the body 39 Wrapped enclosures scarf tied belts bandanas hair ribbons capes shawls furs with no sleeves toga 39 Suspended enclosures suspenders jumper overalls necklace 39 Preshaped body enclosures tshirts jeans hats shoes 39 Combination type body enclosure preshaped and suspended preshaped and wrapped o Attachments to Body or to Body Enclosures I Inserted attachment to body or body enclosure pin clothes piercing I Pressure fastening clipped to body or body enclosure bracelets clips clip on earrings I Adhered or glued attachmentto body or body enclosure band aids stick on bras stickers 0 Handheld objects 39 By self and others cell phone purse umbrella fan cane Senses of perception sight smell sound taste and touch Sight one of the five senses of perception Smell and odor one of the five senses of perception Sou nd one of the five senses of perception Taste one of the five senses of perception Touch tactile feeling one of the five senses of perception Types of dress body modifications and supplements Color changed by use of different products or methods hair dye tanning Volume and proportionschanged through various means spanks body building Shape and structure modified in many ways hair corsets Surface design applied to the body in the process of dressing and can be temporary or permanent henna daily shaving Texture several parts of the body undergo texture change hair straightened curled lotions Odor ancl scent odor is unpleasant shoes body odor scent is pleasant lotions perfume Lay terminology common vocabulary words we normally use to communicate Scientific terminology words and phrases that more accurately name dress items and practices indigenous terminologywords and phrases in the language of the native wearers of the body modifications and supplements CHAPTER 2 Terms Culture concept added to the vocabulary of social science by anthropologists relates to the way human beings are taught to behave feel and think from the time they are born Material culture physical phenomena of dress as a prime example manmade Nonmaterial culture beliefs values and patterns of social interactions Enculturation learning culture taught to members of a group Acculturation learning a new culture Microculturesubcultures smaller groups in a society Society group that shares beliefs and behaviors Socialization learning about one s society Border identitynew cultural identity from overlapping societies Globalization integrates societies and cultural groups Diaspora cultural groups reside in many places outside of origin Cultural flow connection with origins and current home Ethnic groupmicroculture within the country where they reside Scale of world cultures relates to the development of societies and cultures in the world Domesticscale culturesmall groups 50 people familybased


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