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by: Miss Dewayne Satterfield
Miss Dewayne Satterfield
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Dewayne Satterfield on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UNIV 1020 at Tennessee Tech University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/225709/univ-1020-tennessee-tech-university in University at Tennessee Tech University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
Faculty Senate Meeting March 24 2008 The Faculty Senate met Monday March 24 h at 330 PM in a meeting with the University President in Derryberry Hall room 210 Senate President Hoy presided Members present SK Ballal Susan Clark Cathy Cunningham Corinne Darvennes John Harris Joshua Hauser Craig Henderson Paula Hinton Darrell Hoy Steve Isbell Ray Jordan Homer Kemp Dave Larimore Regina Lee Jeffery Marquis Jack Matson Nancy Mielke Christine Miller Linda Null Brian O Connor PK Rajan Leigh Southward for Melinda Anderson Gretta Stanger Tom Timmerman and Lisa Zagumny Guests present President Robert Bell Senate President Hoy opened the meeting by announcing the importance of having 23 of the Senate members at next week39s business meeting for voting on Senate procedural changes and elections The last meeting of the spring semester will be cancelled due to President Bell being out of the country It will be rescheduled only if there is some urgent or important matter to discuss with the President Comments from President Bell President Bell said he was sorry to be away for the scheduled April 14 h meeting but he will be on a SACS visit in Monterrey Mexico Questions From the Senate to President Bell President Bell began with a brief review of the master plan for TTU The graphic map he displayed was about 4 years old but another revision is currently being prepared New buildings green space and parking areas were pointed out as well as revisions to the outdated master plan shown on this map The following questions were compiled by the Senate at previous business meetings 1 With the loss of parking to due the scheduled dorm demolitions next year as well as the potential increase in student enrollment will there be enough parking spaces for faculty and staff this next academic year President Bell39s response Yes there should be He indicated on the map where additional parking is planned to be 2 You mentioned last time that most of the campus enrollment growth has occupied at offcampus sites and therefore has minimal effect on parking However isn39t it also true that many oncampus students who used to previously live in the dorms now live in apartments in Cookeville and drive to campus daily President Bell39s response Yes there39s a shift in dorm residents vs commuters We are currently looking to greatly expand the parking areas Hopefully by this summer we will know for sure A few new small areas for parking should be ready by July 2008 The planner was told TTU needed a net increase of about 300 spaces One possibility to relieve the lack of parking for faculty may be a gated lot This may be tried as an experiment by Henderson Hall We are currently looking into incorporating a sensor on the hangtag Also faculty and administrators would be limited to one hangtag As an informational point President Bell mentioned that TTU owns the lot east of the Marathon station near W 12 h St and N Willow Ave TTU also owns the lot on the northwest corner of W 12 h St and N Dixie Ave This is mainly for the purpose of controlling what is to be done with the property Senator O39Connor inquired about promoting people to ride bikes especially to cross 12 h St Some campuses have free bikes to use c Can something be done to raise the penalty for illegal parking raise the cost of a ticket for example President Bell39s response Fines can39t be increased by TTU The Tennessee Uniform Practices Act TUPA requires State legislative action to do this Currently some are asking for a waiver so the Tennessee Board of Regents could control fines It would be at least 2009 before any parking penalties are increased d Can something be done regarding what appears to be a very high rate of student parking ticket dismissal Does the governance procedures or composition of the traffic ticket appeals committee need to be changed President Bell39s response Gay Shepherd and Jim Cobb supplied some recent figures on the ticket revenue From July 2007 to January 2008 182000 was assessed Of that 13000 was dismissed which is about 7 These figures include staff and faculty No towing is allowed either underthe TUPA law At TTU fines escalate for repeat offenders Senator Hinton volunteered to ticket around her building even in the rain Senator Lee volunteered to do the same around the Library President Bell said we have not seen the bump in community college enrollments as expected but TTU has seen a dramatic increase The lottery scholarship pays about 90 tuition at community colleges but less here at TTU This may be because parents are making up the difference with the money already set aside plus the lottery scholarship in order to send their child to a 4year university There has been no significant decline in retention since the lottery scholarship TTU has not seen a big increase in retention after implementing the UNIV 1020 class two years ago either Senator Larimore suggested that faculty and staff not be given tickets unless they park in a fire lane handicap space the President39s space or any reserved spaces Senator Ballal asked about adding another ticket writer especially in August and September President Bell thought this was a good idea As Senator Miller pointed out an additional ticket writer could pay for itself with the additional revenue generated from ticket fines President Bell pointed out that TTU officers can write two kinds of tickets city and TTU One Senator asked who imposed Banner on us President Bell answered by saying TBB did This is a systemwide process and implementation that was sent out on bid Senator O39Connor expressed his disappointment that students won39t receive their actual diploma at graduation because of this system Every modification costs more money and some are about 100000 each Data Security Policy Update President Bell said there is a revised Data Security Policy that is greatly improved and will withstand an audit It is going soon to Academic and Administrative Councils then University Assembly this spring Budget Update


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