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Teaching of Mathematics

by: Seth Thiel

Teaching of Mathematics ELED 3150

Marketplace > Tennessee Tech University > Education > ELED 3150 > Teaching of Mathematics
Seth Thiel
GPA 3.59

Susan Gore

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About this Document

Susan Gore
Class Notes
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This 33 page Class Notes was uploaded by Seth Thiel on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ELED 3150 at Tennessee Tech University taught by Susan Gore in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/225739/eled-3150-tennessee-tech-university in Education at Tennessee Tech University.


Reviews for Teaching of Mathematics


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Date Created: 10/21/15
Life is a Series of TestsSome Just Count More Than Others What can I do to make sure my students are prepared for THE TEST Can we identify what those highly effective teachers do YUP 7 The book Classroom Instructon That Works presents and exemplifies the instructional strategies that have been extracted from the research base on effective instruction from the past 30 years Marzano amp Pickering A3SCD Categories of Instructional Strategies that Affect Student Achievement 1 Identify Similarities and Differences 2 Summarizing and Note Taking 3 Reinforcing E ortProviding Recngnitinn 4i Homewnrk and Practice 5 Nonlinguistic Representations 6 Using Cnoperative Learning 7 Setting ObjectivesProviding Feedback 8 Generating and Testing Hypotheses 9 Questions Cues and Advanced Organizem Categarles of Instructional Strategies that Affect Student Achievement Note Taking Strategies 1 Note taking and summarizing are closely related 2 No one correct way to take netes Teach students a variety caf formats 3 Informal Outlines 4 Webbing 5 Provide students with teacherprepared nctee before exposing them to new content Categories of lnstructianal Strategies That Affect Student Achievement Homework and Practice Need a clearly arliculated homework policy Homework should not be busy work Provide timely and speci c feedback Determine which skills are worm practicing Since practice takes a great deal of time and effort students cannot afford to practice every skill enwuntered nau v 1 ampg Mamalurk rum yuL uMkudeert mm a pa Jr rr mrDuwmnwiwuw m mp 4mm k 5 mm m gnmv N 5 qu mmuuwr FM u p m HPJMMVHW M h mark mug A km g ma a hwmw M 4 WWW mm m m m mm mm M y m m m V er vrv m m K mm m W M n Mm mm M m amp mammhr Forremrk manquot mm Wu m x Wum um r m Lt m awn14 bm ww lt mm re 3 mm m m w m h p m mung m wl 1K Mam gw mwwctgwgm W Vquot N4 M my 9 5mm 5p umu vmm 39 Homework Cards ewrsr J c ed self4 urerle4L nadeLn lurv swork erpe ences a p marv cmldlen m imam mt w m sc39wuhv xmrvszcmgtuq39wa w39mngrul many 7 dmwlvml 2mmquot xcs ave m 0 m arm a mum m 9 mm lmuncln 3 mm m m 54 Dr 9g wame m m r mama hm mmquot mm quotmm My hwmmmw a am Ma 5 chwrsxcczy n mam gmquot we c was mg m mm m we 1wa 1 turn can mme n my H41 W1 WMW uwmnwm quotBMW m 39ny Divan n w k w r gm mm nu rm Fayre mum rummmmmm mg my n my 7mm 3mm Gran m m M a n guer m qrane mime a Cnn anl ma h w xmpmw C MAL w gm K WU M mg Mr 4 ad wwdyk M M managomam u yea my w w a ulnar m 1 m are a m any 5 ng mum aYara ms Categories of Instructional Strategies That Affect Student Achievement NonLinguistic Representations Psycholagists believe that we store knowladga in two ways WWW and nanMggim Ig mages The more we use nonlinguistic representations while learning the better we can recall knowledge Five strategies to help students represent the knowledge they am learning 1 Graphic organizers 2 Plctographic representations 3 Mental images 4 Physical models 5 Kinesthetic representatians Graphic Organizers That Often Appear on TCAP Assessments I TCAP Graphic Organizers Jez39li ca Line Graph Feb 39L J k7 quot v 7 r 6 C C Cycle Hivng cu changes Horizontal lame Graph JHAa LL Categories of Instructional Strategies That Affect Student Achievement Using Cooperative Learning 1 Gmup work duesn t have to be chaotic 2 Do nut assume that students know how tn work in groups Teaming must be taught 3 Avoid ability grouping Reaist the temptation to separate the more capable studeints Highly skilled students ara nut necessarily the most creative 4 Mix boys and girls 5 Spread out the class leaders both negative amp poaitive 6 There is na magic number for group size In the beginning start with small groups or pairs Usually 4 is a good size after students have some group experience WWW 1 1 Cuoperative Learning Group Skills and Respnnsibilities of Group Members 1 Share irzleas and opinions 2 Ask and answer questions 3 Keep the gmup on task 4 Encourage participation Teachers must make it very clear that any member of the group may be called on to share what the group did Any member af the gmup should always be prepared to share their idaas arally cr written GROUP PROCESSING How cm we do We took turns 3 P Wu mom whh each other a We Lam each other We may materials 5 Wemng each when O 1 he back at us page list AH group members n quotBraggmg rights ames s comd have done baker 5 an Huhquot Categmies of Instructicnal Strategies That Affect Student Achievement Reinforcing EffortProviding Recognition Research has shewn that reinforcing effort is effective HOWEVER e Charting effort and achievement should be dune on an individual basis gt Students should compete with themselves fie Have students keep individual graphs of achievement vs effort Research has also shown that praise is highly effective when used PROPERLY gt Use the Pause Prompt and Praise Technique fie Praise should be speci c in particular accomplishments not general 3 Beware of symbolic tokens such as stickers or certi cates Categories of Instructional Strategies That Affect Student Achievement Setting ObjsctivesProviding Feedback gt Communicating objectives is as important as designing them 31gt Learning guais should also be communicated to parents in Give timely feedback To Explain what was correct and what was incorrect A positive in uence on students learning is more likely to occur when they understand what they did incorrectly 2 IFKEpfhux 11 FRY af ui ukpm5 4w aim I J 1 r I an In v flue unfilnuuu n u FE hn n In i u rulnrhlluln uprmnlr uniwan squot it H M III N L1 F4 E FVE PETEBIL F i Pr 1 a manna ifquot Ina hurl nh IAwhd 1L trunk 5 a all r u 1ulrl E 5 qrrnf2 r1 u lil l burr 33H H lr F1L ill 1 L Fir a quotHEMs 5251 L Er 1x u11 uhul u n quot an n Elan mi I nil in A y mtg h i a w Ii 1 EL dabEHquot 5 min awnll E 115 tier a rming Er Luau1 11 1133 Categories of Instructional Strategies That Affect Student Achievement I Questions Cues and Advanced Organizers Cuee and questions are explicit reminders or hints about what students are about to experience gt Cues and questions trigger students memories Dir One of the best approaches to eliciting prior knowledge is KWL gt Advanced organizers are organizational frameworks teachers can present to students prior to teaching new oontent to prepare them for what they are about t learn Br Skimming information before reading can be a powerful form of advance organizer i7 POINT t0 REMEMBER No instructional strategy works equally well in all situations instructional strategies are tools Instructional strategies are a means to an end Everyday Classroom Strategies to Help Raise TCAP Scores Teaching for Best Test Results 1 Thinking Skills 70 of the Achievement Test is written on the 3 highest levels of Bluom39s39 Taxonomy 00 Synonyms Charts maps diagramsr tablea evary teacher in every subject area must focus on these a Webbing to Mummeaning words and vacabulary 339 Mirror the Achievement Test Throughout the School Year 40 Align Curriculum with State Standards a Make Sure Everyone Understands How to Read Interpret and Track Test Summaries a Formulate a Plan ofAc on hat a blame by grade levells39chnul level 19 Teaching for Best Test Results continued I Mirror the Achievement Test Throughout the Sahara Y aar I D Teach Tima Limit El Can BraCan t Do Lists D Practice NDT Helping El Standing Wurk Stations 1 Make sure same of your tests lock like TCAP El Teach students what they need tn knew then haw they will be tested 20 ir f a ns Aatudent wants afparagraph about whit he lm39s ED do Ln a park There a r39z39 came miStnkeftlmt mead cur rucrhgr gad fhi i gamg aph Then dn wrimnbers l lbrpugh 17 champmnship Chouse39 the besz wa39y m mite Smitence 2 A Ely ignds Alex and Shawn and m 31239 nrl the same mam E v I and my iends A3211 nd 39Shlnf39on amen the5 m team C 1 m on the samcrtuam as my 39iends Alex and Sharon D Batu as i1 is China s the best way In combine Sentences 1 5J391d 5 F I pray shortstop t uhort stap 35 my fawn rib pusi tian G 139 play shortstcxpr whigh lsmy avarice pusiticm H l playshDrTSEDp i s39 my fa ia39orite pLquotssjrinru quotMy my 23121ch gigsvitipn 5314 rts tags 17 1 n V 7 In the gummar play ba abafl in E55 break 3394 1 MG and my friends la and Elmarm are am the 55mg 3 4 EEEJ TJ 39EirLarc n anal 2M5 play the out eld I F3153 Shorcssop 5 395 SH OF39TEE Ec p I my ravarlts p hil Lam Egaasn m9 wan 2113 1117111056 the Egg51 Way to quotWhite Se ntcnccquot 6 A Last srasu39u wen n t e ji am i r hig B Lasgseason W 1131 won the rhamp u sh p Lash 39HESI JFJ we had won lh championship D East as It is amm D ch Lung m am my my w mumma up 02m 11 an 1 Wm mu rpm pmqmq may luau paw 255mg E 20ml my mm mm 05112 am ELILU39EH EZ39 mnqq mum m IzodIsl V 01m 5542 am Emuq an mm mt comi afacu muq MHHEM COLLECHL39 cyan2 n19 EGD EFMES nm 3 K I yaq CHAR 51 gums in 51 39El f Q 1 25M 5 pa m We perm Half mammal 53 392 ms moat 9mm 5 will U gate Pin5 p11 cm l mmu am am muma ms 52229 6 p E39tri no aluab mm Fame V1 map 129 31 SLEFAMQ gm 3923qu magma 739 V 135 pm tya E lggh m Emaa per mumblr 1 mucus mm at when 1pm ps 39 mm 31 pair why asunch 1m Fluid in mud that tsin both of the SMIEEJCCE1 I Iih Much is quit um and war A Texan Mu de an black higher the and 12 339 when Pm de mlmlvmd blank that is u List of words with theme number Chad39s thus ward 1mm and I39m that hE i tumpb u manning 114171114 plmsr nh At the 1N1 wauhed 5 Wth mc T a scarf ll wuu amuzing to sea Mun111 I Emamu ismm ifu wen at clam 5i 3913 an n 393 01111 D fad1 3 1 team5 V O wumr Q patnzrns Vucahl ary I mtmt ue Item Levels 1 11 21122 This Hem munamma abme m mcugujzu muktlpla meanings nfwurd The armiesM mum S39h39TLl39IiEEE ha upprnp mmzs cur wards when tl39uzdl mmuhgarsi The admuELu m ecm me winnin 331313335 amphasls m atuden Entanact ni mm next The Lhemn th zmd m m IEqu an amdzut tn mane maim lnx M a writer ut pg z would T11 111154 um It amdam mum lu l LI WGIL I longisme with aha cunt91 Ed the uke passaga I imlm bb l 1W mats 11 14 lExaTauur leads nirec1393ns aloud in stucants Find um pinre nIumanpt wlm ia halping 1n IlaIF an mmunity alen Thu samplaimm places emphas ls m1 encumging gund citizeruahip 13931 thn cal1y gunman students fene tauhing aha1n me 39 rules and laws in rhuqu nelghhnthuoda and mmmuni m 39rhe ubjnadive lntiudza I inn 3355 lnviaarjgutlan skills and l hese 39 a 39 I ll Amerlcan ideals and cltlzansth nd an wmm gamers I Thich oftheu words Ins mmpluca Ibis welt 39 39 39 39 39 39 o r I u Matt Asia J nuus Ltem award ureh plusbalms IL commcs y a 5 ennnaxt as me summing353m nu manner11 39 AL quot quot quot I 39 ff N car 0 characnezis ca The 1151ch w answer choices are rdm communa geogl phlc terms mm Mungnanny mmuw mm I m 122112 synmoan mu quotmam in m 2 risen 1 mam L an mx mm mm mlmrA QUESTIONS FOR QUALITY THINKI Kuuwladge wnu Whm When Hm Dmnbe 7 Conlpruhellsiun 39uur n n wuuls Wm u m mam 10ou 7 E Application 11m 1 anmmmcor 7 HUN 1 7mm m m n islgumcnmquot Aquot lysi 5 Max 3r H mm 01 minus a i rimry zmmmg m Oullme dmmlm web 7 Ilnw mu m immpanuuuuasl 1 mm EV um can W Km mi i Syullmsis Wmmumynumumw Wu easmnyunm llow woukl you Emma qu m mm M m kappa I39ynu mmmnm h Ullmum wuuM you My w mm mm a Evaluuliuu 1mm ugrtc my th do you mm alum WM is m mos mgorum l n llmv wmml yon dam purer mm 1 21mm V uu use m Nu Whu Why Jlnurwm WWW m The Critical Rule of Vocabulary in NormReferenced Testing According research by Marzano Kendall amp Gaddy Essential Knomdga Teaching and understanding of vocabulary has been shown to increase student achievement by as much as 33 percentile points They suggest the following 5 step approach Step 1 At the beginning of the school year present students with all the words they will be expected to learn Step 2 Provide students with an initial descriptian of each new term Step 3 Ask students to elaborate en the teacher39s initial descriptienl Step 4 Have students keep a recerd of the words they are learning Step 5 Encourage students to review and use the words and phrases Critical Role of Vocabulary summed FiveStep Pram for Taaching Vocabulary Classmam Instruction that Works Step 1 Present students with a brief explanatian er descripticn of the new term or phrase Step 2 Presant students with a nonlinguistic rapresentaticn cf the new tarm or phrase Step 3 Ask students to generate their own explanations or descriptions Step 4 Ask students to create their awn nonlinguistic representation of the term or phrase Step 5 Pariadically ask students to review the accuracy cf their explanans If test scores are low and student learning is not satisfactory fix the problem Don t play the Blame Game Who s to Blame The college pmfassor said Such rawness in a studant is a shame Lack of preparation in high school is to blame Said the high schoolteacher Good heavens That boy is a tool The fault of course is with the middle schaol The middle schaol teacher said From Stupidity may I be spared They sent him in so unprepared Whe s to Blame mahued The primary teacher huffed Kindergartan blackheads all They call that preparatIGn why its worse than none at all The kindergarten teacher said Such lack of training naver did I see What kind of woman must that mother be The mather said Poor helpless child He39s not to blame His father s people are all the same Wha39s to Blame 0mm Said the father at the end of the line I doubt the rascal is even mine Suggested Reading Books by Robert J Mamano available fram ASCD Classmm Instruction that W0116 2001 What Works 1 Schws DEW30 Research into Action 2003 Book by Marzano available from MGREL Institute Essential KnoMedga 7719 Debate Over What American Students Shayd Know1999 Book by James Strange frcm ASCD Qualities afE ective Teachers 2092


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