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by: Celestino Bergnaum


Marketplace > Texas A&M University > Statistics > STAT 211 > PRIN OF STATISTICS I
Celestino Bergnaum
Texas A&M
GPA 3.5

Ronald West

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About this Document

Ronald West
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Celestino Bergnaum on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 211 at Texas A&M University taught by Ronald West in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/225747/stat-211-texas-a-m-university in Statistics at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
mums 95 and 99 cun dence mien2 s Zte Du yuu trust the mien2 man Ttest DF ufSamp esi 1 Ten nonoldn as V f f7 D 5 y X 9 2 m 1 Z i 0 u12uus a mamWIDTH 7gt some FOR u L f 2211 0 039 n 2202 7 71 L 039 Luuktu ngher ads un mien2 n use cewhn vzme Di u mmw diamanth Mmxul WWW m mm AM m7 m T 9961 N WNW I Am M w MM mwwmuxu WNW 7 Jw v H mm u WWW vv LINNawn mm Ivwan W wwwmnm u vmrumun mu MWLJV39W V cn cal Values 7 Shaded rejectinn am Men TrTesl PValues Ztest EHmn5m oxux Under an uquot standardized es iip zzl uNl J since 77er m SWHr simlz df lquot 4 l mu maymillusaMVnrl DJXOS 500 0005 00134 Fail to reject the claim that the mean amount per bin is 50 pounds because the Pvalue is larger than 005 Rejed the claim that the mean time is 5 minutes because the Pltvaue is smaller than D Reject the claim that t 05 e mean time is 10 minutes because the test statistic is smaller than the critical point I En A wflwere R lhevr users wNJ use lv39ux Is illnl cantly Mere the shlpmenus larger than 01 In a mple of m o iwm 9A In isampledlo theirl EIS 3 user Re mm the shipment Company m5 Hm 54 95 A CI Mwmk 3 Men Swan quot10quot x532 m We A x Sample xopomonpx n A The appropmlcnu mdnltemzhv hypotheses 20quot 0 i v i quot7752 N TM h 39wol aamnsaupn1ox u immune muuwwu mm mm AgainstHptu1 5 up m Undf vvl39quot S M a m l m 5mm mwwnum 2 baths m w L P39P mates magnesia z Na1 SIIIcthl25ampnq25Ilszz Iesl m m it ileum um l min M W n 7 Elwyn new aims 01 A 104 01 iv 5 03536 U Prvdlle mm test 7142 2M 5 r wn aniieuam Wm M H n 21 Plzahll v m it mmiqmmm M m hm sxz A 7 417236 w mmquot mm m mmmmm 2 mm prmm mle l iiiw mi MW iv llw an M p in 7 ml 1 man 01 MU 1 Ann at mm mmnm mulmanux lt4 Zunsznwt a p37 cannrleuc mm in r mm mm at 4 m 5 mm u u mm mama m m mmmm 2mmallt 194L1 var zw w r l39r mum m Eath pm a m m m m We nry m Comm aw nuhdm 2 mm namph m mm b v ma 7 m 2h wmm m m aw cmndurrr quotyawn m m Tm mm H the a con xkrncc renal mm 2 Tim m many z Wm W u IHL L w mm 23M m h A mud 39xid u um um Mum mm Laugh m L2 2 Tue Ham Emmy been cause In rluamarmnng pmctss mm m augm m mestlnx mummruannulexectsymrsncrnmm39uunmmcmmv man man Conant 11 human m chz ms vm mm 1 u n my niugmhtnnce H v quotup 1555 a 27quotnluePZL5 l m 1 VJ w mm A m n m mm Hm mr Mr mum a rm m mm m m r Cunsde39 um mm mm Lur max LumLmr aw rammte Lulum amazm m mundme murmls Flglu camw my Smn md ummm wnlt 3 pounds Condw l u 0911mmer upnnm m mm a ALMS mm x xglmhcux m u an N H n 1an v 7 mu W2 33 v a mu m mien H n u m raudu z a mum m hm x m Mm turn an Km 1 mule 1 39 39 N we m m mjed H mu M m cauLludP LN hr mean mmum m hue Hm mHLgt students Wm m the ham 395 nm 5 cmnh39 dl u ut mm 5 mm m w m mm W m mm m u mmm w WWW m 1 m y mm m mm m LI mu mm a mu um mum Wm m rm amquot my day 39nu39ruu 9W mm mum 1x J J whnmw a x m1 ll n m mv m 2 mm m u u nutauvu ulr mmme mm m mum m mm no 5 hmvnms mm m d m upphem the mp1 mm m m umpl mg4 Llnnumxak 51pm Am an n and m uprva a w 7n 7 aw rnwmr39 m m mpum mm um m m thNNerrrVwrwNn H39ul2 m gt mm u nu 4m 3m pm WMADFJ 3 a u hmwceu nus m u in mm h mam um the mu mama 1a um um um urwhnnh Tar may mm gm a m mm mLLyvghr m unv mm m H mm A v m wanna my my Wm M my Mum mupd m mm m WWWM and m stun ml do mu u g mun M 2m and 1mm and um Ampc mm and m unwind mm 1 a u L n dug n man Mama mum A WWW rpmth mg m m n n ma af mums Am mm mm man m m u Hl u gtsz um herwm um and a an Wm DF12 Shop Value Prrgtznsm mijm m Timmfure dcvinuau m 51 A Imidnmsunpk a m sqzhnu39mei mam n gimp unau nunuul s 39 39murmcx 39 39 39 dn mm dan w nmnnr the pnpmmm have 1quot sum mam 0571 1291 7 2 3 7 U U L mm 4129 24 msu 12m 4W 4 m 5mg Each mi them Yzhran mm m mm mm m a Tntgm a Lssarimcd Target a m we wuiun a m mdr xm vls m the annual uqu mp xmma Tm sample mean t VVnJman x 53105 and mm mTrngH are sns p standard Amman m am m 1 m m 0 ix the mam numbex n cnmE mum m mum cut 5 4 v mg L ggimcnmh 1 gel than me mm number n Emmi 39mndcuzs m mgEr are TIL1m m sigmhrauct a mm H muzvs m u gt11 93 75mmquot 7 Smut Pm m1 gt 2 nan 4 my whide hmurcn um m n 2 wcmyrm nu e m lt0 th ms 222 M Mm m rum 0 na as wide 1 um um nmtsw de m m2 rwpmpriate hypnrhr 5 95 using 141 x h vs of Signikrmme 14 tr EUIKEQ gr 7 gt25 mm m quot11 In Thu m m mdmk 1m I m plcpmrjnn cc yum 3 ax um mm H ssmnmmv Mum ham 2 A Cumvmw mm n We shimmy m Cmmam39E Cumnam39 a w mm m slummm Erhn can r K un item hum m mpmm Cmupnuy E D sgn mm HUF m F39pgtr1 Sims 11431 P12 gt mm H n wlnpmm


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