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by: Brendan Kling


Marketplace > Texas A&M University > Geography > GEOG 361 > REMOTE SENSING GEOS
Brendan Kling
Texas A&M
GPA 3.78


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brendan Kling on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 361 at Texas A&M University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 65 views. For similar materials see /class/225771/geog-361-texas-a-m-university in Geography at Texas A&M University.




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Date Created: 10/21/15
Introduction to the Geography Computer Network Dr Andrew Klein Introduction In the beginning of the lab the Teaching Assismnts will guide you through learning how to login to the Geography Departmenfs computer network navigate our directory structure and make sure that you have the appropriate printers installed on your account After this week your TAs have been instructed to assume that you understand the basics of the Geography Computer Network and they will be moving on with instruction in GISsci THERE IS SIMPLY NO WAY YOU CAN LEARN GIS WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS OF THE COMPUTER SYSTEM YOU ARE WORKING ON The Geography Computer System The computers that you will be using in this lab run the Microsoft Windows XP operating system There are two things of special note The first is that all computers are networked together Second the lab is setup with a server Our server is known as GEOGSTUDENT and it is where in your home directory which we often call your H drive you are to save all your work DO NOT SAVE YOUR WORK ON OTHER MACHINES OR IN OTHER DIRECTORIES AS YOUR WORK MAY DISAPPEAR All the computers have ENVI insmlled so it does not matter which machine you use Login to the Geography Computer Network In order to use the GIS computers you must provide a valid LoginID and Password The same login will work on all the machines Your LoginID and password have already been created for everyone in the class and will be provided to you Everyone should try to login and if you encounter any problems let your TA know Your Home Directory Every student has a home directory also known as a folder The home directory is physically located on GEOGSTUDENT computer However to make things easy it will appear on every computer you login to as H The H drive points to your home directory so everyone39s H will be different This is done to assure user privacy You should navigate to the correct location and determine if your folder exists If your folder does not exist then please inform your TA The Windows XP Desktop After you have logged in you should familiarize yourselfwith the Windows XP desktop There is gray bar with a START button on the bottom Placing the cursor over the button using the mouse and clicking the left mouse button should bring up a set of options In the Geography computer network most of the commonly used programs can be accessed under the Apps Menu An example showing how to start ENVI is shown below R1ght7cl1cl 1ng wh1le the cursor 1s over My Computer w11l br1ng up a set of opt1ons Selecttng Explore w111 start Windows Explorer Th1s program w1ll allow you to eas1ly see how the network 1s set up and allow you to move between mach1nes and folders on rnachmes You can also nav1gate around the systems by usmg the 1cons 1n the upper left corner By the t1rne you leave you should be very comfortable with the computer system so in the future you can locate the les and folders you need Connecting to the Class Share containing Lab Exercise Maten39als The laboratory exerc1ses 1n th1s class w1ll make use ofrernote sens1ng 1mages and other Lnforrnatton that have coranled for your use In order to gam access to the class shares along w1th the remote sens1ng exerc1ses you need to map two network dr1Ves As 1s 1llustrated below th1s 1s actually qu1te SY F1rst open up My Computer by double cl1ck1ng on its icon then under Tools select Map Network Drive H as 1s shown 1n the gure below iMyinmpuBIe am View Favantes W 5mm Netwmk Dvwe Svnrhmmze names 1 Mytamputev Faldev Opium gym tasks 2 View systerr nfavmatmn g m WK mrve quvams a hanqeasettm Dames Wm Removable swag mum Flares 9 ovaDraw Dvwe o 1 g MyNetwmkPlsreS u antval Panel Network Drlvzs Jr smnm an Samha man i geaqmw H E qeaq lhuan qeaqsew M My murmur 2mm mam geaq l hpw an Geagsevv a mum nmpute nsvurlmn There are several ways to connect to a specific network drive but since we already know which drive the geog361 or geog651 folder on the computer called geogserv we want to connect to the easiestway is to simply select a drive letter designation U and specify the folder we want to connect to You must also make sure this drive is reconnected each time you log into the network by checking the appropriate box To map the network drive simply fill in the required elds as shown below Map Nelwnrk Drive E Wndaws an nab yau tanner la a shaved netwmkfa dev and man a dee ettev la the annettmn 5a that yau can mess the may usmq Mv amputev Svenfv the dee ettev rm the annettmn and the may that yau want In tanner ta Examp e Sevvev5have t tanner usmg a dxffevent usev name 5 ng ug rm anhne stavage m tanner la a netwmksevveh Fini h computer is u N m7 Axgeogsemgeogcsl Printers If you do not already have printers set up you now need to add the appropriate printers To do this Go under the Start Menu Open Setting and Select Printers as is illustrated below Mm amt Wm Q aquot a W MazHlu Yhundevhwd is My mum mane Amber 6 u W My nawnrk Flares swanal 1 me25 Set Pv qvam harass and EM 0 Defau ts Puntevs nd mas pawn E m Wm p ahaa Seav EA amazing This will open the printer folder which will show you all printers that are available the checkrnark beside one printer indicates which printeris current selected as the default printer The example below shows the printers that are available for your use lfyou need to add a printer simply double click on the Add Printer icon This will start a Wizard which will guide you through adding a printer as shown below The easxest way 1s Add Primer Wizard u u p A quotglwmk puma m a puma apaad m analhev mupda 1p set up a nelwmk puma ma 8 mm auacued m a pum sewev use the La25 Fume apupu J to select the radio button as shown below and press the next button Add Pm na Wizard g4 wua puma da ypd mm m Dunne2A d7 GEM a puma m the duecmvy CVEannecl w W puma m m hmwse ya a puma se ecl W apupu and chck Nan Name Exampue sewevvumev Exampue uup UsewevDumevsWDHM21 puma Press the Flnd Now button to show the hst of ayallable punters and select the nppropnnte one You wlll have to spent the process to add addltlonal punters yam TA my man my ththpnrztm 1 u Elle dt Mew help u mean M Pllnlels Tues ll unwed Name Lacatlan Madel giuqyedpuntey eeaq uqvad lab om Raam eus HP Lasevlet 42m pc teaquezm league 2m up tsseuel mun P5 qlspuntey Gene 615 Lab om Raam euv HP Lasevlet 42m PCL 5 gees e u glad mane let up tsseuel mu P5 geeseeamuy qvadlah up calm tsseuel 45m ueeamu up calm tsseuel 455m PCL s qeaq wlde plattey HP Deslqnlet 755M31985hv HP l J m H7 tems faund r uae tame you nish 1 How to lo 3 m and out of the Ymdows XP network remember your Logm ID and Password 2 The relnuonshlp between les and foldas How to sun apphoatlons uslng the Start button a you should be able to locnteyouxfoldexwhexe all yom work should be saved you should be able to locate the foldexswhexe thelabs axe stored 5 How to pnnt adooument File Naming Conventions A few notes concerning le naming conventions In the old days of Microsoft DOS there was what was known as the 83 naming convention The rst 8 characters were the lename and the last 3 characters were the extension often a smndard abbreviation describing the le type While recent versions of the Windows operating system and Unix Linux and the Macintosh operating systems allow many more characters than original 83 some ArcGIS functionality requires the 83 convention so whenever possible you should stick to the 83 naming convention to minimize problems It is a good skill to learn to recognize what le types usually distinguished by the XXX extension are associated with what programs Note that some common le extensions such as z39mg may be used by more than one program File Type Extensions Some Common Files Types Text Files txt Comma Delimited les csv Microsoft Word Files doc Microsoft Excel Files Xls Microsoft Powerpoint ppt Hypertext Markup Language htm or html Adobe Portable Document Format pdf Some Common Image and GIS Formats TIFFGeoTIFF Image Files tif JPEG Image Files jpg Bitmap bmp GIF gif ENVI image le img ENVI header le hdr ENVI vector le evf Band Interleaved by Line Also used for Arcview image les I39bll Band Interleaved by Pixel bip Band Sequential bsq DBASE Database Files dbf ARCVIEW Shape Files shp ARCVIEW Project Files apr And the 23951 goes on and on and on By default Wlndows typlcally hldes the extenslons of known les and 1nstead Ielles on changing 1cons to let you know what progIaIns these le types are af hated wnh It 1s posslble to change the v1ew proper es to make the extenslon shown as part of the lenaIne Thls 1s done by golng under view 9 folder options as shown below va11 mum the le Extensxons mu become vmble I nd ths very helpful raider Dplinns Eeneva VeW Fa dev mews m can am we mew such as Dela m Mes that WM 12 why rm W Va dev m au Mdevs AWN 7 AH Fa devs Basel AH Fa devs Advanced seumgs eM paAhmAhe ehav M D nalcachelhumhnads a weequot Me and Mdevs 0 Da nm Shaw madequot Mes and whey Shaw hxdden Me and Mdevs Hen 3 vm ewpi sled Dvevahng system Mes Recammended Mdev wmdaws m a sepavale waeess 2 a 3 0 Shaw ham pans hm manage as a swab Me


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