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by: Ms. Margot Eichmann


Ms. Margot Eichmann
Texas A&M
GPA 3.87

R. Duble

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About this Document

R. Duble
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Margot Eichmann on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AGRO 302 at Texas A&M University taught by R. Duble in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/225777/agro-302-texas-a-m-university in Agricultural & Resource Econ at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
CHAPTER 1 The Contributiom of T urfgramex Turfglass srtes rnclude home lawns commaclal landscapes school grounds parks golf courses sports relds arrports roadsrdes and rndrstnal ey do no stan ct atrect e p ysrcal and men well bang of a some munrty They are best adapted to spenflc srtes based on tmpelatule lamfall sorls etc Common Types orTurrgrass Bumalngrass rs a natnye grass that requrres lrttle femllzatlon and water It rs well adapted to Blackland sorls rn fall sunlrght rn areas wuh ss than 40 rnches of annual ranrall Buffaloglass gows best rn the Texas Hlll Country and has outstandlng drought tolerance Kentucky Bluegrass rs a coolrseason turfgrass It loyes low nrgnt temperatures and needs 70 rnches of lamfall per year It grows well rn the Texas panhandle wrth supplemental watenng Centipedgmss was rntroohced from chrna rn 1904 It rs well adapted to s E T nrted states and sandy orls rn ast exas and the Southem U Cenupedgrass reourres lrttle ar rn eas wr r s m re of u ra anchers rn the Southeast dlsllke rt because rt sr ngns negrass rs nahye to the Texas Gulf Coast and rs yery shade tolaant It grows well rn South Texas but requrres 3o rnches or m annual mmfall st Augushnegrass needs lrttle mowmg er yass rs a warm season perennral glass nauye to N Afnca It rs the best glass for sports elds In fact all Texas morts eld are bamudaglass It rs not an rdeal lawn gass an rs yery rnyasrye Bermudagass rs more cold tolerant than st Augushneglass THE ENVIRONMENT The Physical condition that affzclmd infhtzncz the gmwlh and developmnl 0f mgahr39mc Most people are concerned wrth the enyrronment but few people demons strata that Duncan when rt comes to lawn care Ova watenng excessrye femllzatlon mlsmanagement of lawn waste 20 of waste rn the land lls are gmss cllppmgs and mcessrye use ofpestlcldes are common rn urban areas THE ENVIRONNEENT tnnh39nued Aestheues play a large role m our quallty of hfe whether we are thtnldng bulldlng arehlteeture urban planmng or landseapes Turfgrasses enhanee the beauty of struetures roadways and parkln ots Grasses also ehmmate erosron m urban areas and moderate urban ehmates In adduon turfgrasses provlde safe and attraeuye playmg surfaees for playgounds sports elds and golf eourses Seenusts have found that people feel better and llye healtluer when surrounded by green grass and trees Doetors have also found that people rom surgery and lllness when they have vlsual aeeess to reen landseapes Turfgrasses and other landseape plants help people eonserye energy by e t re moderaung effeets apotauon d an pl ar non eyapotransplrauon s water yaporates and r fro s d grasses rt abs s heat from the atrnos here d ed s arr tem exam e Kyle football eld at Texa AampM mverslty wa degrees m Angus wrth flelal rfys 85 degrees when pl wrth turfgas e f l wns of e t ayer e horn s m aresldenual are ye the eoolmg effee 0 a h ns of ar condmomng Greenbelt areas e 15 degr es eooler dunng summer than commerclal and lndusmal areas of a clty rf area just SUrfeet by SUrfeet absorbs earbon doxrde ozone hydrogen fluonde and perosyaeetyle and releases enougn oxygen to meet the needs of a famlly of four The grass and trees along the US mterstate hlgnway systens release enough oxygen to support 22 mllhon people Grasses remoye about 6 tons of co2 per aere from the atrnomhere thus redueng the greenhouse effeet of bummg fossll fuels Water use ls a problem faeng many urban eommunlues and turfgasses are often seen as pat of the problen But grasses dont waste water people do In natural setungs grasses eonserye water by mereasmg the mflltxar non rate and storage capaclty of sotls Dunng dry penods grasses go dormant and water use deereases However dry dormant gass sull holds the sell m plaee and prevents eroslon and when ramfall oeeurs grasses reeoyer and resume growth B aeeepung less than lush green lawns dtnng summer drouths pe le ean reduee water use and eonmbute to water conservar non Conversely matntatnmg green lush lawns dunng prolonged droughts requlres frequent watermg when demands are greatest on munlclpal water supphes Some also fear that turfgrasses desuoy habltat for wlldllfe But habttat ean be matntaned wrth propEr deslgn of golf eourses and other large turfgrass sltes ECONOMIC HVEPACT Conunued gowlh of urban areas m Texas has resulted m the EXpanslon of turfgrass usage on parks reereauonal areas home lawns sports elds golf eourses and msutuuonal groun s The lmportanee of the tuer s l dlsr try ls rndeated by eurrent esumates that 5 5 bllllon per year ls expended on the matntenanee of 31 mllhon aeres of turfgrass whteh serye an lmportant funeuonal role m the reereauonal aeumtles aestheues and environr mental qualle of Texans vquot 0m 1993 whenths sumy was cnnducled teuhnnlngy as gay cnurse mamlenance In 1900 mm were nn gulf cwurses mTexas 1n2000 we hadnearly 1000 gulf cnuxses mTexas 39E39urI r JL13925 by Sector dusuy mTexas aremhnme lawns l llrt Care haw Al 39n Tum 112071011va tuxfgass mam39znance 5an tests v 3L sml tests pmde the must accurate esumate nf mum squirm ml


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