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by: Ms. Margot Eichmann


Ms. Margot Eichmann
Texas A&M
GPA 3.87

R. Duble

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About this Document

R. Duble
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Margot Eichmann on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AGRO 302 at Texas A&M University taught by R. Duble in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/225777/agro-302-texas-a-m-university in Agricultural & Resource Econ at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
CHAPTER 8 Weed Control Weeds are tlne nurnber one pest problern in lawns golf eourses and sports s tnents e ds Aggressive eornpeutors for sunlrglnt moi ture and nu and Be careful when using proli c rnul pll eye der a ers eondtrons weeds present a chair er id es e r e rn xpenmced turfgrass rnan ers The of aned as at o t grasses Most e introdueed speeres tlnat 0 0 quot01mws39 were lnadv en y brougnt to tlus eountry f orn Asia an urope Many were unntenuonal stowaways in anim o er or slup ballasts or simply Herbicides can move from eontarnrnants in seed or feed supplies brouglnt to tlns eountry me target am through Emmyng runoff wrnd dn and leaching cultural praetrees should always be viewed as tlne rst step to areeuye weed eontrol An eeuye weed eontrol prograrn requires rdenufyrng tlne undesirable spenes39 elassrfreauon as a sedge a grassy weed or a broadleayed weed Weeds ean be further grouped according to tlnerr life eyele r annual or perennal summerwaxm season winterrcool season Annual weeds gerrnrnate from seed eaen year rnature in one growing season and de in less tlnan 12 rnontlns Perennial weeds lwe rnore tlnan one year and reeoyer or regow frorn dormant stolons rhizomes or tubers as well as from seed Most turf weeds are ethEr a grassy weed or a broadeayed weed Grasses usually have parallel veins noncolol39ful owers and brous roots Broadleaf weeds naye rnterseeung networks of yens snowy owers and single tap root systerns Examp s Dandelnin ro adl eaf Winter Perennial White Clover Cnmmnn Chickweed Broadleaf Winter Annual Eegnsgrowrngrntlnerrll Susan Annual bluegrass and chickweed can be effectively controlled in a berrnudagrass turf by applying Roundu in winter when bermudagrass is dormant Just Think About It In February at a Dallas elementary school th e playground is covered with a dark green weed with featherlike leaves plants appear as clumps or each with a tap root and the children conplain about the stickers or sharp spines on the plant Conclusion 1 Cool season broadleaf annual classi cation most accurately describes the weeds in question 2 Burweed most nearly ts the description of this weed 3 A preemerge herbicide would be the best type of herbicide to use to control this weed in August In July a Houston area athletic complex is infested with a bunchtype grassy weed with wide leaves that grows several inches taller than bermudagrass between mowings Players complain about the bad bounces the ball takes when it hits these clumps T he fields were treated with a preemerge herbicide in early March 1 Dallisgrass is the grassy weed that best ts this description 2 MSMA or another organic arsenical would be recommended for controlling Dallisgrass 3 The preemerge herbicide applied in early March didn t control the Dallisgrass because preemerge herbicides do not control perennials A local soccer complex is known to be infested with crabgrass goosegrass and dallisgrass 1 All these weeds are grassy weeds 2 Apply repeated applications of MSMA in May and June for control You are spraying a soccer complex for broadleaf weeds with Dacamine which con tains 4 pounds 24D per gallon using a 50 gallon boom sprayer You want to apply 24D at a rate of 1 pound per acre 1 Calibrate the sprayer rst 2 If the sprayer applies 25 gallons of water per acre add a half gallon Dacamine to the sprayer


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