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by: Fleta Collins DDS


Marketplace > Texas A&M University > Music > MUSC 200 > TOPICS HIST OF ROCK
Fleta Collins DDS
Texas A&M
GPA 3.98

Craig Hauschildt

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About this Document

Craig Hauschildt
Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Fleta Collins DDS on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUSC 200 at Texas A&M University taught by Craig Hauschildt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/225798/musc-200-texas-a-m-university in Music at Texas A&M University.




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Date Created: 10/21/15
Evolution of Samba Batucada 1242011 51900 PM History o Carnival Celebrations date back to medieval Europe 0 13th century Italy and France o Came to brazil in the mid 17th century 0 Primary celebrated by European aristocrats o African Elements in Brazilian Carnival 0 Escolas de samba began to form in the 1920 s 0 Clear delineation of white and black celebrations The Old Guard schools that have been around for a long time o Velha Guarda de Mangueira 0 Based in Rio de Janeiro Dates back to the 1930 s Colors pink and green Mangueira Chegou by Velha Guarda de Mangueira Listening guide a 000recitation a 007 sol surdo with recitation a 021 solo singer a 141 choro w bateria a 259 solo singer amp cuica duo o Filhos de Ganghy children of Gandhi Based in Salvador 0 O O O 0 Colors blue and white 0 Named in honor of Gandhi Indian civil leader 0 Helped to bring samba Batucada into the mainstream in the 1950 s 0 Afoxe Specific type of batucada Associated with candomble n Syncretic religion that blends Yoruba and Catholic practiced Also a name for an instrument a Instrument used in candoble ceremonies a From gourd wrapped in beads 0 Group is associated with spirituality and peace o Primarily utilize afoxe and agogo bells to emphasize their connevtion to candomble o Gilberto Gil Pop musician Patuscada de Gandhi The New Guard o Ile Aiye 0 Based in Salvador 0 Founded in 1970 s 0 Colors are red black amp yellow 0 African Heritage Pride of African Heritage Modern mission is to raise awareness of African heritage and improve the 0 Que Bloco E Esse by Ile Aiye There samba enrado Based on African pride 0 Compared to Hilhos de Gandhy s approach Much more about sticking together and pride Where Gandhys is about peacfulness o Allows only afrobrazilians to march o Caused confrontation in early years c Olodum 0 Based in Salvador 0 Came to prominence in the 1980 s Colors are red yellow and green Peace symbol Associated with new directions in music Invented new styles Changed scope from brazil to the world Farao Divindade do Egito New style of samba batucada Musical fusion samba reggae n Percussion battery of samba batucada a Slow undulating groove of reggae O O O O o Requebra O O O O From the 1990 s Musical fusion Samba reggae Electric guitars and keyboards from popular music in the US Musical concept Syncopation requebra Began to tour throughout North America and Europe Performed with Michael Jackson and Paul Simon Obvious Child with paul simon Performed live in central park NYC they don t really care about us with Michael Jackson o Timbalada O O O O O 0 Based in Salvador Huge bandmusical Group Founded by Carlinhos Brown in the 1990 s Quote about race relations in the 19th century Talks about the universal language being music Association with white body paint sometimes colorful Gets name from its use of the timbal instrument Like a band produces albums Latinha Typical of the electropopsamba fusion that olodum popularized with Requebra 1242011 51900 PM 1242011 51900 PM Brazilian Music and Carnival 1212011 53000 PM Carnival o Festival associated with Catholicism o Occurs immediately before lent 0 Like Mardi Gras New Orleans o Carnival is spelled Carnaval in Portuguese Brazilian Carnival o Carnival in Rio 0 Very showy all about spectacle amp winning 0 Last year in Rio the group Unidos da Tijuca won The theme was it s a secret o Sambadrome Particular to carnival in rio Where you enter to compete Doesn t include entire parade o Trio Electricos The floats Have lights very flashy o Carnival in Salvador 0 More traditional 0 Not as much as a contest as a celebration o Many Groups that participate in carnival o Bloco Afros literally means a block of Africans community Escola De Samba samba school Unidos da Tijuca is an example of a specific samba school Each school has their own specific traditions associated with carnival 0 Each school has a Samba Enredo which is there theme song Comes out before the actual carnival so everyone can sing along 0 O O Favela or Quilombo o Part of Rio of any city in brazil where poorest of people live 0 No zoning regulations 0 Poorly constructed houses 0 No roads not well organized o African Culture is found here most abundant culture wise Leci Brandao vocalist o Sings Perdoa o Which is a pop song about the suffereing after lost love Samba Batucada Batucada battery group o Refers to the percussion group common through Brazil c There are several standard instruments that are played in this type of music 0 Pandeiro Tambourine o Surdo Trashcan sized drums tied to the body In big group there are 50100 players Low pitched Repinique r is pronounced like h Tiny Surdo Much smaller still built same way High pitched Can be played with handstick Usually the leader of the group Caixa x are soft sh sounds Little lower pitch than repinique Difference is that there are snares in it on top Timbal Long cylindrical no head at the bottom Played with hands 0 Quica Friction drum Used with something wet rubber along the stick 0 Tamborim Very small Played with sticks Like a hand held drum 0 Agogo Bells Two cow bells on a stick Played with a stick 0 Ganza O O O A shaker o RecoReco rake 3 springs that are raked with a metal stick 1212011 53000 PM 1212011 53000 PM The Origins of Samba 1262011 54000 PM Samba is a very open ended thing Anything that fuses together European and African What is Samba o Dance and Music Turn of the 20th Century o Upperclass primarily European o New Influx of immigrants primarily European o Recently freed slaves primarily African Immigrant Music and Dance Look at videos from notes o Tarantella Italy Literally means Tarantula 0 Folk dance from Italy 0 folk is lower class type of music what they did for fun o Chula Portugal 0 Portuguese folk dance 0 Tambourine o Fado Portugal 0 Portuguese vocal style 0 A lot more about the vocals instead of instrumentals like the other 2 African Music and Dance o Samba de roda 0 Means in a ring takes place in a circle Black Music of Brazil Often found in rural villages More frequently found in Salvador than Rio Traditional samba de roda comes from Bantu traditions Common instruments Pandiero Atabaque Tall cylindrical drum played with hands Heavier than timbal n Like a barrel a Not meant for marching or tying to you Cavaquinho O O O O O n n a Tiny little guitar a From Early samba o Fusions of various elements of popular music from o Samba Maxixe Fusion of ballroom dance with African Elements Pelo Telefone n by telephone a Recorded in 1917 first one ever recorded a Accompany a maxixe o Samba Cancao Associated with Fado Lyrical vocal melodies accompanied by the guitar Noel Rosa was one of many successful musicians in this genre n Ultimo Desejo meaning last desire 2 Sub Genres n Samba Exaltacao o Glorify brazil o Aquarela do Brasil by Ary Barroso n Samba de morro o Describes the difficulties of life in the favelas o Similar in tone to the blues o Se Keti composed several pieces 0 Acender as Velas 1262011 54000 PM 1262011 54000 PM Music 200 1202011 84700 PM Brazil o Largest country in south America o Colonized by portugese in 1500 o Only Portuguese speaking country in Western Hemisphere o Spelled Brasil in Portuguese Divided into states o Rio De Janerio state and city Like new york Copacabana Beach On pacific ocean Ipanema beach double mnts Cristo Redentor Statue o Newer part of brasil o Bahia Capital Salvador 0 Original capital of brazil in mid 16th century Older part of Brazil El Pelourinho On all saints bay 0 O O O O O 0 People o Indigenous population 0 Europeans o Africans European Colonization of South America o Spanish and Portuguese were the 1St to colonize Brazil o Gained independence in 1825 Slavery o Over 4000000 african slaves brought to Brazil between 1450 amp 1900 o Brought African traditions and culture o People were kidnapped in west and south Africa 0 Yorubawest Africa located in current day Nigeria Oyo empire flourished between 14001900 0 Bantu South africa o Oyo empire Powerful state in Africa before the race for Africa from European countries o Bantu people 0 Modern day Zimbabwe and Mozambique 0 Bantu language includes Zulu Swahili and shona o Slave trade officially ended in 1850 o But continued until 1888 by Lei Aurea golden Law 0 As long as you already had slaves you could keep them Brazilian Immigration c As Slavery became less common Europeans immigrated to brazil in large number to fill need for labor o Over 41 million immigrated between 1877 and 1930 0 1st Italians and then Portuguese o Many Jewish fleeing from 2nd world war Diasporic Influence throughout south America c European Diaspora o Iberian Culture peninsula with spain and Portugal 0 Catholicism 0 European classical and folk music o African Diaspora o Yoruba and Bantu Culture 0 Yoruba religion Worship a pantheon of deities known as Orisha Syncretic Christian and Islam Tradiitons o Yoruba and Bantu drumming dancing and singing 1202011 84700 PM 1202011 84700 PM


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