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by: Mrs. Estell Kuhic


Marketplace > Texas A&M University > Architecture > ARCH 631 > APPLIED ARCH STRUCTURES
Mrs. Estell Kuhic
Texas A&M
GPA 3.72

Anne Nichols

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About this Document

Anne Nichols
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Estell Kuhic on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 631 at Texas A&M University taught by Anne Nichols in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/225802/arch-631-texas-a-m-university in Architecture at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
posted 103107 and grammar corrected 11507 Dr Nichol s Personal Notes for ARCH 631 These are questions based on key concepts or procedures out of the reading and lecture slides for exam 3 with respect to the learning objective Lecture 14 l 9 9399 509080 LA Do you know the mechanism or way that a lateral resisting system transfers the load or limits the displacement Identify amp Model What are the possible deformations caused by lateral loads from any direction Identify What is the difference between lateral resistance for low structures necessary vs tall structures Identify amp Compare What is an inplane force An out0f plane force Identify amp Compare Where are the most effective locations in plan for lateral resistance Does it depend on plan shape or load direction etc Classify amp Identify What problems does a plan irregularity cause Classify amp Identify What problems does a vertical irregularity cause Classify amp Identify Is there such a thing as a horizontal irregularity Identify Is it required that there be diaphragms to distribute lateral loads for shear walls to be effective lateral resisting elements Identify amp Model Do you know the difference between a knee brace an ankle braceha a Kbrace a chevron and a diagonal brace Classify amp Identify Do you know what materials are commonly used for the different lateral resisting systems ldentify Recall What is frame action And do you need it both axis directions of a building Identify amp Decide What are the common choices for lateral resistance in buildings greater than 10 feet Will an elevator core alone adequately resist lateral forces IdentifyRecall How do we model the overturning effect on a tall structure from lateral load Identify amp Model What is tube action Classify amp Identify Can you name the serviceability problems with lateral loads and tall structures Can you identify solutions for these problems ldentify Model amp Apply Can you name all the effects of wind loading pressure with the proper terms And which way the wind may load a surface IdentifyRecall What effect does exposure or location on a structure have on the static wind pressure for design Identify amp Apply Is a 100 year ood a common event Do we design for that or greater IdentifyRecall Can you name all the effects of ood loading pressure with the proper terms And which way the hydraulics may load a surface IdentifyRecall Do you remember the letters for wind load and hydraulic load if you see a load combination ASD 0r LRFD ldentify Recall Do you know the difference between the center of mass and the center of rigidity Identify amp Compare Do you know the problems associated with providing lateral stability of long span structures ldentify Recall posted 103107 and grammar corrected 11507 Lecture 16 1 What are the main differences in dynamic vs static loading using the appropriate vocabulary Identify amp Compare 2 Can you identify the hazard causetype Classify amp Identify 3 Can you identify the primary fundamental considerations for seismic design IdentifyRecall Can you recognize how to attain it or when it hasn t been properly considered Identify amp Decide 4 Can you identify the response of a shape to ground acceleration and can you identify when parts of a structure respond differently and the resulting problems Identify Model amp Apply 5 Do you know the vocabulary for dynamics period frequency etc and can you identify what short period and long period means in terms of building stiffness IdentifyRecall 6 Do you know how springs are used to model dynamic behavior If static models are misleading according to the book why do we use them Modeling 7 Is NEHRP a design code Identify 8 Do you now what an inertial force is Identify 9 Do you know what base shear is and what is involved in determining it Are the individual story weights important to how the shear is distributed per floor Identify amp Model 10 Why is absorbing energy important in seismic design How can it be accomplished IdentifyRecall 11 Are soft stories really soft What is the problem with them and the solutions Identify amp Decide 12 What are passive damping systems Aren t they really active Identify amp Decide 13 Is a continuous structure inherently redundant Identify amp Apply 14 What materialsstructural systems are good for continuity and energy absorption Identify amp Apply 15 For an earthquake what does the Richter magnitude tell you as opposed to the Modified Mercalli intensity level measure Identify amp Compare Lecture 17 1 What is deforming in connection design Identify 2 Do you know what force or moment is transferred by connection type And then what subsequent stress Classify amp Identify 3 Can you see the difference between a single shear connector and a double shear connector Classify amp Identify 4 What causes longitudinal shear in a bending member Do you know what Q is determined from Identify 5 What are the stresses or failure types we have to consider in tension member design Identify Steps 6 Why is shear stress such a concern in wood connections and how do we resist these stresses with the different types of connectors IdentifyRecall 7 Do you know what end shear rupture or block shear rupture is IdentifyRecall Do you know the difference between yielding and rupture as limit states in LRFD steel design Identify amp Compare 9 Do we have to be concerned about yield or only shear with welded connections Identify amp Decide 9 2 posted 103107 and grammar corrected 11507 10 Where is the shear failure plane in a weld and what do we call the short dimension IdentifyRecall 11 Can you identify a common steel connection type from a picture IdentifyRecall 12 Have you nally gured out the difference between Fy and Fu Identify amp Decide 13 Can you recognize in the design formulas for allowed support load and interior load on the anges of a standard wide ange section that they are based on yielding in bearing of the web and not the anges Identify amp Decide 14 Do you know what kind of stress glue normally is used for Identify Lecture 18 1 Do you know the difference between nonengineered timber and engineered timber Identify amp Compare 2 What is dimensional stability Or what are the causesnames for dimensional instability IdentifyRecall 3 Do you know what lightframing is or heavytimber construction Do you know the difference Identify amp Compare 4 Can you identify the difference between a timber shear wall stud wall with panels and a timber oor diaphragm Identify amp Compare 5 What does composite construction mean when related to timber as opposed to sayreinforced concrete Identify amp Compare 6 Do you know what makes timber strengths go down for a wood species Or go up like with respect to load duration Identify amp Decide 7 Are the skins really stressed in stressedskin elements IdentifyRecall 8 Do folded plates of timber need to have the compression edges laterally braced or the tension edges Identify amp Model 9 If lamella is the biological name of the glue that holds plant and animal cell walls together why does it mean a form of construction and not the single layer in a gluelaminated beam Curiosity 10 What is a tabulated stress Why do we apply adjustment factors multipliers for ASD Identify 11 Do we apply load combination factors for de ection calculations Identify Steps 12 Do we have to worry about PA for timber columns Is there an interaction formula IdentifyRecall 13 Can you identify the material problems associated with the construction requirements for moisture insect treatment crawl spaces and fire stops Classify amp Identify 14 Do you recognize what timber systems are common for low spans intermediate spans long spans Classify amp Identify 15 Where is the higher grade lumber typically utilized in a gluelam beam or frame Identify amp Decide 16 Do you remember the specific shear stress formula for a rectangular beam section IdentifyRecall 17 Can you calculate the self weight of a timber beam given density and cross section area Identify amp Apply 18 What is considered too slender for a timber column IdentifyRecall l N E 4 9939 gt1 posted 103107 and grammar corrected 11507 Wood Case Can you distribute a wind load on a wall to the perpendicular shear walls using tributary widths And calculate overturning Identify amp Apply Can you pick a load duration factor off a table or chart based on the most signi cant load type seismic snow live roof load etc Identify amp Decide Can you choose a section based on bending and reevaluate the section required with the actual self weight included in the loading Identify amp Apply Can you calculate shear per unit length of diaphragm dimension to choose a sheathing system Identify amp Apply Can you calculate a chord force in a diaphragm Identify amp Apply Can you calculate shear per unit length of shear wall transmitted by a diaphragm Identify amp Apply Can you use a bolt capacity table knowing if the bolt is in single shear or double shear Identify amp Apply


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