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by: Mrs. Estell Kuhic


Mrs. Estell Kuhic
Texas A&M
GPA 3.72

Anne Nichols

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About this Document

Anne Nichols
Class Notes
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This 31 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Estell Kuhic on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 207 at Texas A&M University taught by Anne Nichols in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/225805/arch-207-texas-a-m-university in Architecture at Texas A&M University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
ELEMENTS OFARCHITECTURAL STRUCTURES FORM BEHAVIOR AND DESIGN ARCH s14 DR ANNE NICHOLS SPRING 2009 e39f veen rigid szweam mm Frames 1 Lecture 11 8V8 HO 5 ramss i 7n w Eemems 0 Arcmzecma snmwes SZUUQabn ARCH 514 mg Frames 2 Lecture 11 u aar1Jk 1 a H t QILif j n15 F rig39ri Rigid Frames 3 Elements of Architectural Structures SZOOQabn Lecture 1 1 ARCH 614 an 7 J 4 M r WINK w uw ML J g A sy f w w lam MHzM 53 rd WarY 11 w u rmme w w x 1 y y w d warm a 19y w guy e Vn acuaupomt gig Wam mum changes awemom lurlsc m1 pom 2 no mamarvl na bending oomwous BEAME ma actlnn agram accua Evan elfecnve pgneg omtsl at 139 m as an no m5 ive Evan v4 J I w P eERaER BEAM L SZOOQSDN Elemems 0f Archwecmra SIrucIures ARCH 574 Lac We 77 ru uv u v L b DEFLELTIO quurc 9 1 3 Mada demon Watmn m quot1 mm of Imam h n cmumn 1 hJIldmgi mp mlhipcmdml Rigid Frames 5 Elements 0 Architectural Structures SZOOQabn Lecfure 11 ARCH 614 Rigid Frames staggered truss rigidity Clear stories 391 Q EE J EJH i wagerquot Rigid Frames 6 Elements of Architectural Structures SZOOQabn Lecture 11 ARCH 614 Rigid Frames connections 39 steel concrete Rigid Frames 7 Elements of Architectural Structures SZDDQabn Lecture 11 ARCH 614 Braced Frames pin connections bracing to prevent lateral movements Plgld Frames 8 Elements UfArchlteCtural Structures SZOOQSDN ecture M ARCH 574 diagonal K chevron shear walls Rigid Frames 9 Elements ofArchilectural Structures SZUUQabn Lecture 11 ARCH 614 No diaphragm actmn ABM with rigid oor iaphragms Shear waH Rigid Frames 70 Elemems 0f Archwecmra Sfrucfures SZOOQSDN Lecmre M ARCH 574 Compression Members designed for strength amp stresses designed for serviceability amp deflectio need to design for My ability to support a speci ed load Without sudden or unacceptable deformations Rigid Frames 11 Elements of Architectural Structures SZOOQabn Lecture 11 ARCH 614 Column Buckling axially loaded columns long amp slender unstable equilibrium buckling sudden and not good mm Frames 12 Elements umrcMeduraSlmdures szweam Lecture 11 ARCHBH 3 when momerf from de ection O 39rnmul w L mgquot Frames 13 Eemems 0 Arcmzecma snmwes SZUUQabn Leanne 11 ARCH 51A r v HNCx Rigid Frames 14 Elements of Archifectural Structures SZUUQabn Lecture 11 ARCH 614 Buckling Load related to de ected shape PA shape of sine wave Euler s Formula smallest governs Z 722E critical L 2 LL UIll d Ellc Rigid Frames 15 Elements of Architectural Structures 82009abn Lecture 11 ARCH 614 Critical Stress short columns ac ual r ical I lt Fa slenderness ratio Ler Ld I radius of gyration r 2 f Peritical zEAIZ zE critical A ALe 2 Ljz I R7977 Frames 76 Eemenis of Architecture Structures Lecture 77 ARCH 674 weak axis 2 7r EA P 2 critical L r SZOOQabn Critical Stresses When a column gets stubby Fy Will limit the load for steel real world has loads With eccentricity Rigid Frames 17 Elements of Architectural Structures SZOOQabn Lecture 11 ARCH 614 Buckled shape of column shown by dashed line Rigid Frames 18 Lecture 1139 y emenfs or Archiz ecmrai Simcfures ARCH 4 in Na bracing ill Bi39llft d ni midpoint I Tlirdepm nt bracing A ilimuli39it uracil Rigid Frames 19 Elements of Architectural Structures SZOOQabn Lecture 11 z xz wiQVL LC J Rigid Frames 20 Elemems 0f Archwecmrs SIrucIures SZOOQSDN Lecmre M ARCH 574 axial bending P A L J max x esign I T n J m ax cr Rigid Frames 21 Elements olArchecmraSzmdwes SQUUQabn Lecture 11 ARCH 51A Stress Limit Conditions ASD interaction formula A 3 1 0 Fa F With biaxial bending fa SLO Fa Fox Foy interaction diaqram Rigid Frames 22 Elements of Architectural Structures SZOOQabn Lecture 11 ARCH 614 Stress Limit Conditions in reality as the column flexes the moment increases PA effect A fb gtltMagm cat10n factor 310 F Fbx a Rigid Frames 23 Elements of Architectural Structures SZOOQabn Lecture 11 ARCH 614 Rigid Frames 24 Elements of Architectural Structures 82009abn Lecture 11 ARCH 67 4 Rigid Frame Analysis need support reactions free body diagram each member end reactions are equal and oggosite on next member turn member like beam draW V amp M Ang Frames 25 Elements oAmmzeama szmcmes SZUUQabn Lecmre ARCH 51A o 0 r76 6 yew u n MBA Rigid Frames 26 Elements of Architectural Structures SZOOQabn Lecture 11 AR 614 Rigid Frame Design columns in frames ends can be exible stiffness affected by beams column EIL 2 E 5U C g E E for the jomt b Ic is the column length of each column lb is the beam length of each beam measured center to center Rigid Frames 27 Elements of Architectural Structures 820095bn Lecture 11 ARCH 614 b Nonsway Frames Sway Frames 91 9 Viva m 7719 39 H uu uLm u v 4 n H rm Waf h p r H u gwi n W 1st u g W13 n r 3 x m 1 Cu LU mme M M x r Lawn v r leL39IJLKCVL39 51ng Frames 29 Lecture 7 7 Tools Multiframe4D frame window define frame members or prede ned frame select points assign supports select members assign section load Window select point or member a 7 add point or distributed loads Rigid Frames 30 Elements ofArcnltectural Structures Lecture 77 ARCH 674 SZOOQaDn Tools Multiframe4D to run analysis choose 0886 menu Analyse Linear 151 order elastic plot choose options results choose options Rigid Frames 37 Szoogabn Leclure 77


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