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by: Mrs. Estell Kuhic


Marketplace > Texas A&M University > Architecture > ARCH 631 > APPLIED ARCH STRUCTURES
Mrs. Estell Kuhic
Texas A&M
GPA 3.72

Anne Nichols

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About this Document

Anne Nichols
Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Estell Kuhic on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 631 at Texas A&M University taught by Anne Nichols in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/225802/arch-631-texas-a-m-university in Architecture at Texas A&M University.




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Date Created: 10/21/15
ARCHITECTURAL STRUCTURES III STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS AND SYSTEMS ARCH 631 DR ANNE NICHOLS FALL 2007 emu fou een LaIera mad Desrg 7 ArchIIeCIura Sfrucmres H F2007abr7 LECIUre M ARCH 537 If r 168 Watt 5 m F W 7 m 162er df MS quotm m i 339 1f u magma araum farm3 ac 39 Ptan39 rgme resistance direction wk 1 m AHth w k mm m pain 177 x 5r 3 w l t lg A N A t shearwau com 99 Frame Typrcat Latent Hesxsxing Mechamsm Lateral Load Desrgrr 2 Archrtectura Structures W F2UU7abrr Lecture 14 ARCH 531 Lateral Load Resistance deformations load transfer amp inpane forces Rigid roof diaphragm quot stiff plane inplane russ c 39 39 Ir Lateral Load Design 3 Architectural Structures lll F2007abn Lecture 14 ARCH 631 Load Direction a 5I m duy dwecmn b Maugham plan e g baamrannrsvab system wway bgt m it 7 111 3 HJH a man wam aymmemca y is man wllh end brscmg pinged ShearvaHs 16 mound periphery cmy m Man wm pmh emahca shear wa arrsn eme p n s ems nm ammg like ugld maphragmsl r M M J x 5 L La eral Load Design Archifecfura Sfmciures Hi F2007abn Lecture quot CH 631 Shear Walls resist lateral load in plane with wall Shear Walls lateral resistance THE ADMINUTE ENGINEER xcss Shear Walls masonry concrete Lazera Load Desgn a Arcmzecma szmcmes m F2007abn Leanne 1A ARCH 531 Shear Walls timber wall studs with sheathing vertical trusses Lateral Luad Desigh 9 Architectural Structures Ht F2007at7r7 M ARCH 537 Revomomv quotmamaquot moves THE awn AND mums SHEAR WALL PROBLEMS IN FRAMING AND cousTRuc oN 50mm pm a mom aw no 5 swim my on ma swan sea soann 10 mummy swam wALLaoARu mmmmx usm mes 5mm sun pom cuwur Fan ammm ounsvs uowown mum m END Posts Shear Walls insulated concrgge W LabiaLoad Des977 77 AmhIectula StructuresH F2007ab7 Lecture 74 ARCH 637 00 lin frames bea sirJilly e diaphragms are improperly designed lure can resull in oor or root pla a Typical diaphragm action the horizontal plane b If acts like a bea in c mg eannquake 1ai induced forces to shear walls a other lateral loadrcarrying mechanisms Archileclure Slruclures iii F2007abn ARCH 531 Lalera Luad Deslgri 72 e 74 r Diap fa LitersLaid new 13 ArcMecmraSmdwes m szman Lecture u ARCH631 Rigid Framing and Bracing a Pmnemrmemm magnuamamg a Tyuicairgivimmssvuclms 39 39 a Series m same Erhmgs amhas m Pmrmd cram mm magmai brsn mg 39 4 Flame mads Us39ng wuss uidly cannech m comm m Hausa Mm maganai niacng Rigid Framing and Bracing Lateral Load Design 15 Architectural Structures iii F2007abn ARCH 631 b Fr me action joints must be rigid A A Archk emura Sir 39cmres Iii 532007 km ARCH r531 Lateral Load Design 17 Architectural Structures III F200 7abn Lecture 14 ARCH 1quot d L 1 VF77 A quotin u 7quot f Lateral Load Design 18 Architectural Structures III F2007abn Lecture 14 ARCH Longspan member eg precast T Since rigid joints in this situation are difficult lateral stability must be achieved by a shear plane wail or diagonal bracing Slmpie Connechon ngid connection not possuble i i Flam masonry shear wall Lateral Load Design 19 Architectural Structures III F2007abn Lecture 14 ARCH Building Height and Resistance lowmedium rise easier to accommodate ex residential shear walls diagonal bracing floor diaphragms panels high rise shear walls amp bracing hinder functions frames useful or with shear walls Lateral Load Design 20 Architectural Structures ll F2007abn Lecture 14 ARCH 631 Multistory Buildings strength design frame action ef cient up to 10 stories steel systems reinforced concrete flat plate amp columns lower lateral capacity edge moments can t be resisted end walls offer shear resistance flat slab oneway twoway higher resistance elevator cores Lateral Load Design 21 Architectural Structures ll F2007abn Lecture 14 ARCH 631 Multistory Buildings overturning rigidity Ovarturning momem Resisting moment c Suspended structure reinforced concrete core C TJbe structure The exterior actumns an clueeh spaced Hcrizowlal spandrel beams are n gidly car 1 l39 Lateral Load Design 22 Architectural Structures III 3 70 quot 5quot 9545 10quot M3 WWW quot 95 ecture 14 ARCH 631 39 quotWquot 3quot VW Drcai only vertical Tnmes A39IIHR Strength Design moments like cantilever beam tube action bigger I elements rigid at exterior resist lateral loads interior can only carry r V gravity loads v stiffen narrow shaped plans with shape umle new 23 mmch swam in we 4 ANCH w vibra ion displacemgni39 J mechmisn39h mass dampers o ruie of Jim5 srarfic Wi d load defleci io ArcMecmraSmdwes m szman LitersLaid new 2 Lecture u ARCH631 upm mininmm Wind speed probm iiify 31quot550 39r nm excae in n prmswe drag making m harmm 39c m u iif E39Gi SiOi Lazera Load Desgn 25 Arcmzecma szmcmes m F2007abn Leanne 1A ARCH 531 mmquot macw a l m quotmmquot m quot4 cm Transverse an m Longiludinal Lateral Load Design 26 Architec tural Structures III F2007abn Lecture 14 CH 631 Flood Design 0 know your risk zone A e 100 year flood no data available h zone AE o 100 year flood detailed analysis zone E o outside 100 year I ood minimal depths uteriLaid Desgn 27 ArchitectureStructures in mm H ARCH 631 WIN Ab 39 J 1 KC Lateral Load Design 28 Architectural Structures ll F2007abn Lecture 14 A CH 631


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