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by: Eleanora Ernser III


Marketplace > Texas A&M University > Architecture > ARCH 331 > ARCHITECTURAL STRUCTURES
Eleanora Ernser III
Texas A&M
GPA 3.82


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eleanora Ernser III on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 331 at Texas A&M University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/225807/arch-331-texas-a-m-university in Architecture at Texas A&M University.




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Date Created: 10/21/15
Concrete in Compression crushing vertical cracking tension diagonal cracking shear of columns amp frames CUncrete Culurnns l FUundatmns Structures FZOOBSDn e 25 ARCH 337 Concrete Columns 2 Foundations Structures FZOOBaDn WW re 25 ARCH 331 Le ctu Columns Reinforcement Slenderness columns require effective length in monolithic with ties or spiral reinforcement respect to stiffness of joint 9 amp k to con ne concrete E not slender When 3 bars minimum kL Tied Spira y reinforced r column column WE nnnn lt22 wermwumtlaa 4 P A05 quot ieeErs mm EAM NV 6 7 n A minimum amount of longitudinal steel 0 WWW 5 bars minimum 4 with ties 5 with spiral wwes Magma Mabelquotrub Fimi mm 7 01mm 1 Drunk CUncrete CUurnns 4 FUundatmns Structures FZOOBSbn Lecture 25 ARCH 337 Concrete Columns 3 Foundations Structures FZOOBSbn Lecture 26 ARCH 337 Effective Length revisited relative rotation 2E TZW b Concrete Columns 5 Foundations Structures F2008abn CH 3 a In Nonxwuy Frames Sway Frames Column Design C 065 for ties C 070 for spirals PO no bending o Ast fyAst Pu lt cP n if a r ties Pn 08PO spiral Pn 085PO r a ll nominal axial capacity presumes steel yields concrete at ultimate stress r vith the resultant of l C 7 and C4 11 the plasw centroid leJquMLA r c 08573144 Aw Concrete Columns 7 Foundations Structures F2008abn CH 3 Column Behavior hem e v 5 s IL c l 1 1 l 3 u j SECAl ll A Figure 355 w Concrete Columns 6 Foundations Structures F2008abn Lecture 26 ARCH 331 Columns with Bending l pa 7 P 5 localed colnmarh eccentric loads can cause moments moments can change shape and induce more deflection g PA P l l h l l l JL Ll or c r m development Ul bemluu m 39Ina lg mm 1 bl bendmg Iransfcrr Concrete Columns 8 Foundations Structures F2008abn Lecture 26 CH 33 Columns with Bending for ultimate strength behavior ultimate strains can t be exceeded concrete 0003 f y steel Him40003 E p l J S resston controlledXi P reduces E J E 48 K an ion 39 I ensaonacora to e 0 003 a With M 0 if to h i n 7 axis i 170005 Mquot bending mnnvren39 Figure 1361 WINCH F115 1 i 6r39nxziquot w J H i 39 1 A On quot55 U at d twig 39w r v 1 H l39 w 39m39mli j 139 5 q H 7 Concrete Columns 9 Foundations Structures F2008abn Lecture 2 ARCH 331 Design Methods Columns with Bending Balanced condition need to consider combined stresses lt9 P M quot quot g 1 B M0 Axial Load All bars in compression IS 2 05y on tenSIon face plot interaction diagram Bending Moment Figure 53 Transition Stages on Interaction Diagram Concrete Columns 10 Foundations Structures F2008abn Lecture 2 ARCH 331 Design Considerations calculation intensive handbook charts computer programs w flumn Concrete Columns 11 Foundations Structures F2008abn Lecture 26 ARCH 331 bending at both ends P A maximum g biaXial bending 4 39 walls a39 fi unit wide columns 39 deep beam shear detailing 39quot 2312 shorter development lengths dowels to footings a Figure 121 Biaxial Interaction Surface Bar Daulopmam Concrete Columns 12 Foundations Structures F2008abn Lecture 26 ARCH 331


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