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by: Miss Kristy Veum


Miss Kristy Veum
Texas A&M
GPA 3.8


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Kristy Veum on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 203 at Texas A&M University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/225833/econ-203-texas-a-m-university in Economcs at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
J WE LCOM E U 9 Main menu WNW 4 Done Links Ahom me Results Contact me Credits fall 3 g 9 o Janine doctor 1 1 g 0851 leclgana 739 9 717 Katakana s 51 Kan station K g 31 Vocabulary i like Genki rich person 2375sz r6 3 93 Dictionary KanaEdiiur face 75 f ti LL l 5 am am season Japanska p GU creditcard 7 If y 9 39 o co39mmumty this year g L soccer y j H shirt fcv y Mal r l v lii l life 730 Register Forum world ij subway 15 73rfo Username gloves lt 6 R b 39 emem er barber39s g iga Login Visitors spring g 6 2243951 Members pants 804 beauty parlor g 1 A V 1 KO M M E ELAE OIE III I Cth flight UVV ship boat 2sz baseball R333 l gt 5 celebrity K1quot 5 53W Ely reservation J 83 lt next semester E 1 f O 5 apple 5 v 1 warm hfa vhl slow late ycb cool 3 Lb cold 0 27gt 7 1 sleepy 7an easy simple 73gtA7 v to take 73 6 to stay amp i 5 to become 73 5 to pay 5i E 5 to decide 3 37gt 6 to practice Zhv L 1amp0 5 3 5 on foot E 5 1 C best 1 J15 Elfv or 75 for months 75 in time after OI E1 III I Cth Eil oIE1 I I Cth Chll David Hangen39s Japanese Page Windaws Inhath Explorer H 7 r 5 x mm m y Pusttumoy x ggurv Mariam damn I Ewen hygiij Page39 Safety39 Tuukv a39aawi a aa m g httpuwww davidha lgven safnxhene vntahuhmemzpmm rue 39 Q 9 X f Fiwms gDawd Hangen sJapanesePuge W W1 WEN WWW WEN DWEKHE U901 93 1 In cut cwasse5 U M Make a c ass Met a grade 1 to earn 393 to chb 0333 to work lt to get tired 075 to quit to have a ght to uuarra to introduce W 573 1I V ihb togetun a diet WI W79 to be ate furan appointment 75 W tnstudyabmad V after an event 1 comingfmm WOW very and than just WW 75L points quotUV 5 t has been a W Mme okav sosn 35M M Score 4445 7 Hark 39 quotdonnaE ng Warkbnavl e I 39 39 Rela re sbmm MAE W I I Cth CH12 David Hangen39s Japanese Page Windows Internet Explorer ahnp r39mev davidhalgransa39mhanvncahu armst 7 y ontvibute M v Pomong x ggaw mm f gi n quotK EHMOH Favorites DavidHangen slapanesePage 7 V E1 V C v Pagev Safetyv Too sv h a m w W MW Wow Mm Emma Ham 9 wamp0lt mlt nombb my mblt b hb w95 W M Wh mw 733 Tbgi 5 mm 0 WM 536 0InterneHontettedMudEIOff 39339 100 V gt i E 39 39quotd mni o 73 H 439 M F DawdHaHgvenKH Hjaphihm m quot E EAE am Cth 9H3El hubb 35 1 bv iu 1 h bh7 m 2 mm h w iu i7 wu f uwacwf o 3 7 VEVEE7DWWA lik bb RON0730


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