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by: Joyce Gutkowski II


Marketplace > Texas A&M University > Psychlogy > PSYC 107 > INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY
Joyce Gutkowski II
Texas A&M
GPA 4.0

Pamela Edens

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About this Document

Pamela Edens
Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joyce Gutkowski II on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 107 at Texas A&M University taught by Pamela Edens in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/225877/psyc-107-texas-a-m-university in Psychlogy at Texas A&M University.




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Date Created: 10/21/15
Chapter 5 Part B Consciousness Expanding the Boundaries of Psychological Inquiry Other Alterations of Consciousness and Unusual Experiences I Hallucinations I Outof body experience OBE sense of consciousness leaving one s body I Neardeath experience NDE OBE reported by people who have nearly died or thought they were going to die Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Other Alterations of Consciousness and Unusual Experiences I D j VU feeling of reliving an experience that is new I Theories Small seizures in right temporal lobe Dual processing theory slightly outof sync arrival of sensory info from separate pathways Prior unconscious processing of the information o The present experience resembles an earlier experience I Meditation variety of practices that train attention and awareness I Wide range of positive effects I Correlation vs causation Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Other Alterations of Consciousness and Unusual Experiences I Hypnosis Stages of hypnosis Misconceptions Produces a trance state in which amazing things happen Hypnotic phenomena are unique Hypnosis is a sleeplike state Hypnotized people are unaware of their surroundings Hypnotized people forget what happened during hypnosis Hypnosis improves memory Hypnosis can induce past life and age regression Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Theories of Hypnosis I Sociocognitive Theory I Dissociation model Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Hypnotic Effects l Hilgard s Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale I Effects of hypnosis Perceptual effects Cognitive effects Hypermnesia vs psuedomemories Behavioral effects Hypnosis in Clinical Practice Smoking Cessation Stop Smoking Forever with Hypnosis Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Apply Your Thinking l Suppose I was hypnotized and the hypnotist suggested I kill my landlord I immediately leave and kill my landlord Am I responsible for my actions Is the hypnotist Why or why not Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Drugs and Consciousness I Psychoactive Drugs Four Types Depressants Stimulants Opiates or narcotics Psychedelic or hallucinogenic drugs Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Drugs and Addiction I Dependence and addiction I Tolerance I Withdrawal I Misconceptions about Addiction I Addictive drugs quickly corrupt I Addictions must be overcome by therapy I Addiction can be applied to lots of repetitive behaviors Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Depressants l Depressants decrease nervous system activity I Alcohol most widely used and abused drug Received Alcohol Placebo Alcohol Told a Alcohol effect Placebo effect 5 7 lI l l b Placebo effect Placebo c Alcohol effect r l J d Baseline Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Influences on BAC 02 018 016 014 012 01 008 006 lood alcohol level B 0 O 4x l 002 O III 012345 Numberofdrlnks 120 lb woman 120 lb man 160 lb woman 160 lb man Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Depressants Alcohol I Tolerance I Delirium tremens DTs I Alcohol hallucinosis Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Depressants SedativeHypnotics I Prescribed for insomnia anxiety I 3 categories I Barbiturates eg Seconal I Nonbarbiturates eg Quaalude I Benzodiazepines eg Valium Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Drugs and Consciousness I Stimulants Increase heart rate respiration blood pressure I Tobacco nicotine activates acetylcholine receptors Induces feelings of stimulation relaxation alertness I Cocaine one of the most powerful reinforcers Euphoria enhanced mentalphysical abilities decrease in hungerpain sense of wellbeing I Amphetamines varied patterns of use Occasional use to postpone fatigue elevate mood Regular use A Prescription abuse B Street users speed freaks speed binges and crashes Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Opiate Narcotic Drugs I Relieve pain induce sleep I Derived from opium poppy l Heroin similar action to morphine but much more powerful Heroin withdrawal syndrome I Morphine I Codeine Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Psychedelic Drugs Hallucinogenics I Produce alterations in perception mood and thought I Marijuana activates cannabinoid receptors I Amotivational syndrome correlation or causation I Gateway drug Rival hypothesis I LSD changes in sensation and perception paranoia panic I Mystical experiences sense of unity with world I Panic paranoia confusion flashbacks Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009 Apply Your Thinking l Crystal meth is a highly addictive stimulant but the same drug is used to treat ADHD Why don t ADHD patients become addicted Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2009


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