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by: Freeda Batz


Freeda Batz
Texas A&M
GPA 3.86

James Gilley

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About this Document

James Gilley
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 44 page Class Notes was uploaded by Freeda Batz on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AGSM 335 at Texas A&M University taught by James Gilley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see /class/225897/agsm-335-texas-a-m-university in Agriculture Education at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
INTRODUCTION To A wquot quot1quot WATER amp SOIL MANAGEMENT httpIgiIleytamuedulagsm335lindex335htm AGSM 335 World Pupulutiun Graw39lh Pun pram nd PrnJcntd 6 World Pop 1750 vanquot Irrigated Area A an O ha Agat ed World Popul ion World Irri 14 B on by 2050 at the 1900 1950 2000 current rate Years United States 1969 1996 N 0A0 0on 32 lt E m 9 lt2 1 G a 9 Applied Depth mm 0 1965 1975 1985 1995 Source ERS 1997 Years ACIeS of Highly Erodible cropland 1997 HEL and NonHEL Cropland by Erosion Category 1982 2001 25a 7 Million Acres Emsiun lt T Erosion gt T HEL IiuNcmrHEL iHEL anmHEL Erosion on Cropland by Year E 39 C d 19822001 rosmn on WP an BlllionsoiTons Tutai 3 1 Tutai 2 E Erosion in Billions ofTans Per Year 2 6 7 250 7 mums 2 0 7 Lou v I i 5 7 150 LN i 0 7 m 0 5 7 Will m m II 1 1M 1003 1982 1987 1992 1997 200 33mm amp Rill Erosion Wind Erosion n Sheet amp Rm Erosion nvvmd Erosion W MWMMMMMW V mmmmmmnmmmnn v HEL Cropiand by Year 7 7 quotwhan my Millions of Acres ms I203 Ml mu mm mm 7 no NU Wamp m u a m m a m I IWY 1003 unluuulg cu uv CW W Maud nmrmammm umvm NunMEL Crnplznd by Vear Milllans 21 Acres Nu m m m Dimlngal ar hvlnwxn m manna mks lmdmgabmr mil has minrams rams The HighplainsOgallala Aquifer Study W so k cmquot W pevcanlaua m mauled um EXPLANATION m w manna Gully m m m m an w i mm smmm lms I 5ln m Unlted States Texas River Basins MAJOR AOUIFERS Olllllll I Alluvhml um solon napn MEAN ANNUAL TEMPERATURE so LAND RESOURCE REGIONS MEANa ANN L RAINFALL Water Conservation Since agriculture consumes over 80 percent of the world s developed water and often irrigation efficiencies may only be 40 percent for gravity irrigation Seckler 1996 The source of new needed water is often anticipated to come from agriculture WHAT ARE BENEFICIAL USES MANY DECISION MAKERS NO ONE ANSWER TIMES ARE A CHANGING A Interstate is 1 quotI U IRRIGATION DISTRICT DRIP IRRIGATION WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE IMPORT WHEN Is IMPROVED FIELD EFFI olEch AND SURFACE WATER BENEFICIAL To WATERSHED IMPROVED WATER QUALITY SEDIMENT AND PHOSPHORUS LOSSES ASRKL5ampGQP SEDIMENT DELIVERY RATIO III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII mm mm 1nnmn SEDIMENT DELIVERY RATIO ra n WATERSHED AREA acres IFROiVI SUPPLEMENTAL HANDOUTSI saw Emtmmmus Sm EDTWA W mmm a mmmmmm magmame m I VBQQWK Mei Haw as Rm lx qmvu uw mmmmm WWW SEDIMENT DELIVERY RATIO ABRKLSQP SEDIMENT DELIVERY RATIO ra n WATERSHED AREA acres W W ma smwmwm sm mgmmmdmwdmmasm m mrmm m mmw mammcmmwmmmm m k mm lllb ARKANSAS 300 1 mum VmHuwwuhnhlnA mum H m LHMMVMH UK 4 4 w m 1 0M 4 m 1 M nu u 1 mu hm m ylt n 1 u uzu u quotEUREhJ nur vndxaudh39 aluuHnu u hwnvh unlqnu WWW MWmm WwM y mum mmw um Mnmnnnp Mm zrmu mlh mm m mum mun lt w m m 4 mm W mumquot mm Amy 1 T L W mm M m W mu mv my My m m w m rm m m raw x n mm mm nmIAmmmul mm 39 1 may x01 u u M m FROM TEXT CHAPTER 7 mu m w nmmuwm F u m A m w 1 m nu mqu 55 1 Wm mu m Wm M uw1 xm sum haul mmmm mgenmmm and mm Am in am mm mm 71 AS 1mm 3 a mm A 339511 mam hug is FROM TEXT CHAPTER 7 m nude m c m d H mu 51 x hlnhluhu m A mm In mum41m Wm W um 1 Hum I u m u m n m 4 H W Mm mm n rm mums mp aqu mmdm mu ummwm mm Wm am 1 m u 4 h mm 1quot llxw Ls 1041 ft 3 035 J7 umnxuuwwlAM mm m ml u u my mu Mka mun u 4 WWW qu1 h M uvlh m 4 FROM TEXT CHAPTER 7 1 INiTIALJ ONDITIONSi A 110 tons acyr Q FARMING 5 t WWWMMW Wmcmmm a WM W mamnvegwmmw s WERWNWEEW a mmwmmmm a mmmmga b mm WWW ampme 8 mmwmmmm 5mm 3 3 am am T quot H mun leuanleltH uu HuHHum mrlmlquotHwymmlmulnwhvm 7 mum H MAW w u WW x w y H y Hum mum WWW mm m aw u M H H w n nu H wuwwm wmu w 7 1 m u n H H r A Wuuhm H H uquot ll39lxuwmu m H m w J m u A mu mum w v m 1 H H x mm m H m mu y a n mm Pymm 1mm WW39 m mun Mummvwn m u h wmmm M um mm m mm W K m m w u W W H W w MN m M 7 M H m quoty m Wu m mm y Wm M W m Mrnm w ww39wvhw H WWWmm W H N H H n 1 w n m m H w mm A u n m w mm H muw H r w m 39mmm 39 HHHMJ H 39H 394unhwhmv rhwAIv 07 Hum um mum 4mm m Hon m M w H H II39 I 1 HM H w m 39 u U M 1 my H mm rm H m tmyvnvu w WWW m y M M m H lunmnnnl m mm mm m mmmpwwmhmn w 7 w m mm a mum mu l n mm w W mm mm mm Mm m m n ualsumm mmmmmmmdvmm Wm mmwwmmawmmg m am Wmmws was WEWMW 20 Mm I Aruuum mm m u p mm 4 W Mun ou 19 39 m A v 4 IHDn I my Ir mu ml n u Mayqu HMw Hm x W my Mumun ym uquot pxugll39l4u H um um I g m x m Me n h ml m w 1 mm M Iquot u 2 In H vr um u11x x y m ur in u xv 1 gt w Mu y n wk Hll39hvvlvrwuunvIJ 1 L x r x mlymn39wnmmu w y m u 7 need we WEEquot Zleu m W m mu m w 3 Hum mm N w w m n W W m mm nlllx i Hi llpl nHm lu l min i immn mu umlum ivnmw mm mm in twin un mum li Ml l I I l H lvmml lilipnwuln n n in nnlmw nan mmlnm Linlmnnnu lama iwinpvllln Ili mm ll l v m m mm Example YOU WORK What is the annual c ractorror a sorghumpeanut rotation in northcentral Texas The field is plowed conventional tillage in the spring and planting of both crops is done in eany A ril The crops remain in SE condition through April and are in Period 1 in 39 2 in June and Period 3 in July through September At maturity both crops provide 96 pe and yield igh productivity Residue is left in the field until plowing in spring Sorghum use corn peanuts use beans Therefore treat as acombeans rotation Corn arterbeans Spring TP conv till GP line 11 Beans arter corn Spring GP RdL conv till HP line 124 Soil degradation r Wmm munmmmm puu WV 1 n 3 r r 2 Very degraded soil Dagradedysoil l Stable soil El wi hautvgaey bn HEL Crapland by Year mum at Acres NonHEL cropland by Year Millions at Acres in r m m 3er V m I I m an m l l w W m M 7 wu m m 7 7 m mu u w u m m m m I m W 7 mum WWW qu mquot mm mmmmm mmmmum cumma m Mmcu1xvmd Cmyhn by m Wlllona 4 Am m In uw m1 ma Dcumvnud Emphnd El NanCulmlaku cmpvana Bhllons olTa 4m cm I Shln amp RHI Emslnn 992 m1 2001 m x Wind Emslun Acres of NonHighly Erodible Cropland 1997 Erosion rale lonslacrefyrkfx I 8 or more E less than 2 4 lo a cropland less 2 lo 4 D Ihan 5 oiaraa Excessive Erosion on Cropland 1997 Sachem Dellvered Io Elven and Streams 1mm She J Blll Emslon on Farm FleM v mwmw m anI uwunnnlwn39 Sedlment Sources and Slnk Sources natural erosion ag lands construction aim roadwa embankment lumhsred areas surface mines sinks pools and reservoirs concave slopes vegetation ood plains PrlnpraI Proces Detachment dislodging of soil particles 9 soil mass by arosive forces raindrop impact water llow wind Transport entrainment and movement of aadimentfrom its or nal location Sedimentation deposition of tranuported aediment permanent or temporary


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