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by: Demarcus Schaden V


Demarcus Schaden V
Texas A&M
GPA 3.65

Gunnar Schade

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About this Document

Gunnar Schade
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Demarcus Schaden V on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ATMO 689 at Texas A&M University taught by Gunnar Schade in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/225946/atmo-689-texas-a-m-university in Atmospheric Sciences (ATM S) at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Atmospheric Aerosols Introduction to Atmospheric Aerosols I 39 7 Ammonia Solvents Direct Release gt l p of Particles l M l l it Reaction Edirecl Formalianr of Particles Pmdums ol Fual Combustion Complexity of the Aerosol Situation Aerosol Composition Aerosol Sources particle number and mass concentration size primary emissions and secondary formation distribution shape structure electric charge natural and anthropogenic chemical composition particle and gas phase air quality control and regulations CompositionDependent Properties chemical reactivity and biological activity hygroscopicity CON and IN activity optical properties I v Atmospheric Interactions amp Transformation Climate a Health Effects physical and chemical energy budget hydrological cycle biosphere gases and radiation respiratory cardiovascular infectious clouds and precipitation alle Uic diseases Figure 3 Interdependence and feedback between atmospheric aerosol composition properties interactions and transformation climate and health effects and sources Poschl AngewChem Int Ed 2005 001th Why do we care about aerosols Indirect effects on climate by modification of clouds Direct effects on light scattering and climate Heterogeneous Chemistry Impacts on Visibility Impacts on human and animal Health Impacts on Remote Sensing Aerosol Chemistry 1 Provide surface sites for heterogeneous reactions Gas vs condensed phase 0 Solid vs Liquid 2 Chemistry gt aging Surface and condensed phase reactions Cloud Nucleation Dilution Deliquescence Relative Humidity gt 3 Phase changes Particulate Waler Content Climate Change IPCC report r u m gunk Variations of the Earth39s surface temperature for sumuummunmm Im an I a quot e 5 3 14 33quot a we swampy lempemm 0 5 mm W manna1 m m a man appmxlmamly mm Dy decade mm n9 r25 m lempe a e C rmm umum masnnvemga a 7 5 Wm mm m mmanu Warm lna astuuvaars 1550 1580 19m 1920 1540 1 550 1 BED 2mm IDA Erma1 mraga SUNEDS XENDEMWE my Museum 02 Dana m Ammanauy lnsyam uy year nus my me Bast 1 non years mm m Eu warmer9a aka lampamm m ma Nurlnun Hamprm NOWHERN HEMISFHERE fume msnuun years have mquot mm mm Depzr res n Ienpeyzlure a Hum MM 2E la 1390 avurngu man nun mm mm mm m n W m m sham a sad up m Chaplar gum 7 7 1 Hqu mm Human In uence Aerosols during ma lndustr al Era n nunimmin mn n m quot u lee a mmw an 5mm 5 m szm amma m Carma made any manure mnmm uwknmuw quotNI Mdmanmuuusu Mg nun p 1 ram m E Mn h 9m 2 nso Mam as g ifenmasnlamaneurmemyarewalmmm EW 3 a m mm mm mm L 3 mm WMMMMmMM W a nlkkdmuhgol quot9 39m g E W m E mmmmwm H M m n g m an my 90 MuummmquotMummmmm E x mm mm cmmm mm WW 3 015 m mqu armammmnsmnmmm ampm m m H mm m mm 51m a a m My m K H W V mp mm m gm 3 m m mnusxmn afsuwhnle lanme 8 mm m mum mg m M 7 mm as M aquot m m H mm m mmmmm a W mmm mm m ammmm 56 m m mu m mmmm bu mm mm m 5 nm nmmmmm nunmm m mamaw mm am 50 mm mg mm mm L r as K 3 Am mm a a Emmmmnms nmmzzhrou g E Gumt guel mum cNgauu Mpg 4 g g is rgura41mplnmmlcnupla was a R a 395 E n g c quotor m Human Influence Aerosols b Sulphur lamal deposited In Greenland Ice I39 200 Sulphur I39ll UH I ah mu mu w 43 jwf wf U D M U Sulphate concentratlnn mg EDa39 per tonne of ice 502 am issions Millions of tonnes sulphur per year 0 0 1 500 1 800 2000 Year Aerosols are maior uncertainty in radiative forcing Te 7 n 1 for the year 2000 relative to 1750 3 A Haiucanmns g 2 7 N70 Aemais 7 5 CH Black 7 E g 2 mfgn i mm E 1 Trupuspnenc quot155 Minerai Aviatiummuced 5 alone mmmg Dust SUTW 1 Eanuaiis Cums g e 0 FE I V m S U e 1 LU 39 m Stratuspnerlc 0mm 1 u a mane carbon m ss Lam E E 7 quot73 quot mm Ae usui 59 7 E a 1 Sulphate loss 5 mm d albedo g ruei 739 only g numing E 2 High Medium Medium Luw Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Law Law Law Law Law LOW LOW Luw Levei Hf Scienti c Understa ndlng mm llhny uka lawn v elmuh change WEE warns n mm s u have warm me gimai ciimale sum use gassed pun cmper 5 Fig 5 5 Earth s Radiative Budqet Fietiecied Sniar Incoming 235 39 Ongoing 107 Radiation2 342 Soiar Longwave 107 W m39 RadiationD Radiation I 342 w w 235 w rnquot Raiiectbd by 0 ends f m Emilied I Atmospne in Y Atmosph r3165 30 Window Gree house G 585 E i 5i E h 40 324 m j 350 Back 5 Habialion 39 39 155 24 75 Surface Absorbed ay Surface Themais Evapo Radiation 324 transpiration Absorbed by Suriac e Houghton The science of climate change


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