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by: Eduardo Lowe


Eduardo Lowe
Texas A&M
GPA 3.78


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eduardo Lowe on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ATMO 459 at Texas A&M University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 66 views. For similar materials see /class/225956/atmo-459-texas-a-m-university in Atmospheric Sciences (ATM S) at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
African Easterly Waves Figure from Chris Landsea A Hurricane Life we cycle ma Nonh Allan Immune Tropical Storm Genesis 51 mm mm my Asvmv WAVE usmn mvr YKDPICA STORM I AEW early research Dunn G E 1940 observed in Carribean westward traveling lower tropospheric seeds for tropical cyclones RielIII H 1945 origins of waves were over North Africa Burpee R W 1972 origin in barotropiclbaroclinic disturbances of African Easterly Jet Burpee R W 1974 wavelength period 1015 N Pacific JuneAug 1967 Wmmsmmx r w n w 1 mm Au Mk me w w um mm Dunn m human lulumunan uqu 2 mm mum111Mquot 11 mewww unrw xrurw mm mm mm mm mm AEW basic facts 1 Statistics Occur AprilMay through SeptemberOctober 60 per year in N Atlantic 60 of tropical storms Cat 12 hurricanes 85 of Cat 34 5 hurricanes most East Paci c hurricanes traced back to AEW s wavelength 20002500 km 18 123a Ion period 35 days Origin disturbance of African Easterly Jet Riehl model Tropical Waves Conceptual Model Plan View Sef Hm I AEW features noted ea y quotlnvened V39 horizontal orientation a 35quot JUNE 25l967 3 7o w 66w 50 w 46w 30W AEW features cont Mesoscale feature of lower atmosphere 0 5 km ow level vorticity signal decreasing with height Fair weather to west of trough Upper level convergence low level divergence Subsidence pattern Active weather to east of trough Lowerl l convergence upper level divergence Deep layer of moisture Convective precipitation Intense waves can draw ITCZ nonh Agee 1969 Tropical Storm Anna Easterly TV July 7 m Example Easterly Wave SHIV 7 I999 African Easterly Jet 3393 Africa Skin Temperature 850mb 700 mb Temperature Latitude vs Month Avg d 01 Zonal wind JJA 600mb 7 Height vs Time June Sap Winds averaged 10 N 20 N 0 10 E Meridional 60 S 60 N Aug Temperature 30W quotf Note low level T gradient 15 N Meridional 035 N Aug T amp U at 5 E Zonal Wind Temperature Circulation Aug 5 E Merid l Zonal Wind 1 Hurricane and Positive vorticity center tracks Thorncroft amp Hodges 2001 J Climate 20 years 197998 ECMWF reanalyses Tracked systems with closed vorticity contours of at least 5 x 10 5 s391 Omitted systems that lasted less than 2 days traveled lt 1000 km u 1 m Human m 41995 m m 5 pa on meECMwFamhscsalsiu am ne 39k mm mo mm Himch Cuxiu vac W Van me we vnsiuan ever 5 is me n hglu luck a we Udell m mm mum mm am am an m EC1VF m and i dun m In W m m um n a Elmnun m n 11ml mu mamt 1 mm mm am am man mm mmm ositive vorticity tracks Thomcm amp Hodges 2001 MayOct 1995 600 mb Fig 2 mm xelallxe mun lurks or Mama ms al 500 and 330 mu 850 mo ositive vorticity tracks Thomcm amp Hodges 2001 MayOct 1994 600 mb n3 3 Pomhexelauwwmuu mm m mych mm am am 350 In 850 mb Climam39ogical 850mb Thorncro amp Hodges 2001 Tracks 197998 Track density shading gt 6 Genesis dens shading gt 5 Growth ratequot Dark growth Light decay density numberyr1O6 km2 Climam39ogical 850mb Thorncro amp Hodges 2001 Tracks 197998 Track density shading gt 6 Genesis dens shading gt 5 Growth ratequot Dark growth Light decay density numberyr1O6 km2 Seasonal Cycle of Track Thomcro amp Hodges 2001 DenSIty 197998 June 850 mb June 600 mb Interannual Variability Th amp H d 2001 AEW activity MayOct m 39 gas June Number so 7 600 mb v NY i i 850 mb 7 5 30 as 90 Pin 1 m2 mnuzm 95 m umn unzme a a mumquot in v a cum and ISD n mun uni x man In my pm Year Interannual Variability AEW amp Hurric Thorncm amp Hodges 2001 ane MayOct va a 7 rr i Fm 15 Time sane showing lhe imelannuai variah 39y of he munbm of AEW 111 box 2 shown n Fig 10 at 850 m1 squams 1 he Mayr c pcuod mgelhm mm the mum of named an humcaucs mauglcs and uncmc hummm m C as m I gonna u monds as de ned by NH


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