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by: Antonette Purdy MD


Marketplace > Texas A&M University > Geology > GEOL 106 > HISTORICAL GEOLOGY
Antonette Purdy MD
Texas A&M
GPA 3.78

Thomas Yancey

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About this Document

Thomas Yancey
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Antonette Purdy MD on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 106 at Texas A&M University taught by Thomas Yancey in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/225976/geol-106-texas-a-m-university in Geology at Texas A&M University.




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Date Created: 10/21/15
Examples of the types of questions to be given on the third examination 1 Know the timing of tectonic causes of and tectonic characteristics of the major tectonic events ofthe Paleozoic 2 KNOW THE GEOLOGIC TIME SCALE Laurentia is the name for the continental craton forming A eastern Asia B North America most appropriate response C northern Europe D northern South America E west Africa The Grenville orogeny is the result of A extensional tectonics B compressional tectonics most appropriate response C hotspot volcanism D meteor impact E volcanism The great continental assembly of the late Proterozoic which disintegrated before the end of the Proterozoic is A Atlantis B Gondwana C Grenvillea D Pangaea E Rodinia most appropriate response The Devonian Acadian orogeny resulted from the A closing of the Iapetus Ocean as Baltica collided with Laurentia most appropriate response B closing of the Iapetus Ocean as a number of island terranes collided with Laurentia C rifting of the continent as Rodinia broke apart D rifting of the oceanic lithosphere that occurred as Gondwana and Laurentia separated E suturing of continental masses to form the supercontinent Pangea Mid Paleozoic tectonic activity and subduction along the western margin of North America started as a consequence of A continental rifting in Laurentia North America B the end of subduction in the Iapetus Ocean basin most appropriate response C the fusion of North America and Siberia D the occurrence of continental glaciation in Gondwana E the Taconic orogenic event The Alleghenian Variscan orogeny generated in North America A foldbelt mountains with granitic intrusions and regional metamorphism most appropriate response B fault block mountain ranges C midocean spreading axes D rift basins lled with volcanics E volcanic mountain chains The first record of late Paleozoic continental glaciation in Gondwana occurs in the area of present day A Africa B Antarctica C Australia D India E South America most appropriate response Cyclothem deposits were produced by A glacially controlled variations in sealevel most appropriate response B gravitationally induced changes in the form of the Earth C tectonic oscillations of continents D tidal uctuations E variations in climate The global lowstand of eustatic sealevel and extensive occurrence of exposure on continental surfaces during the Triassic is A caused by continents being located at the rotational poles of the Earth B caused by subduction of ocean crust C caused by the aggregation of continents into Pangaea supercontinent most appropriate response D due to evaporation of much water from the ocean basins E unrelated to continental positions Extensive occurrence of deserts occurred during the Triassic because of the cooccurrence of A continental positions centered over the Earth s rotational poles and decreased solar radiation B increased evaporation of water from oceans and from land surfaces C major continental glaciation and mass extinctions D scattered continents and very high sealevels E very large continent aggregation and continental location straddling low latitude dry climate zones most appropriate response In general the Cretaceous climate over most regions of the world was A cold and dry B cold and wet C glacial D hot and arid E wa1m and mild most appropriate response Carbon dioxide levels in the Cretaceous atmosphere during a hothouse climate phase were levels A much less than modern CO2 B less than modern C02 C the same as modern CO2 D a little more than modern CO2 E 34 times modern C02 most appropriate response Eustatic global sealevels were high during the Cretaceous because of A continental collision pushing seawater onto continents B growth of continental glaciers C high rate of sea oor spreading activity most appropriate response D meteor impact events E tectonic uplift of all continents Be able to answer questions on these topics What is the succession of supercontinents that formed by continental aggregation over the last 12 billion years As shown in the Wilson cycle what is the association of structural deformation volcanism and sedimentation predicted to occur during continental collision What is the primary evidence that the Precordillera microcontinent was broken from North America What were the two major tectonic events that produced the Appalachian foldbelt mountains of eastern Laurentia N America What is the age of continental collision of Laurasia with Gondwana Why is the Ouachita segment of the collision zone with Gondwana much less deformed than the southern Appalachian segment


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