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by: Lisandro Bartoletti


Lisandro Bartoletti
Texas A&M
GPA 3.67

D. Dunsford

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About this Document

D. Dunsford
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lisandro Bartoletti on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AGCJ 305 at Texas A&M University taught by D. Dunsford in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/225984/agcj-305-texas-a-m-university in Journalism and Mass Communications at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Exam 1 Review Questions ON What is origin of the word magazine What method do advertisers use to compare magazine advertising rates Early magazines used what to make illustrations Until 1852 postage was paid by whom for magazine subscriptions What did Robert Lewis Stevenson write What two magazines did Henry Luce help start What is niche marketing as it relates to magazines What does CPM stand for Who were some of the writers who wrote articles that helped unify the nation When did magazines nally start paying their writers for their work What is muckraking as it refers to magazines What are the key factors for magazines descriptors of a magazine What magazine was known for its beautiful handcol9ored pictures Magazine readers are less educated and have a low income T or F Who determined the postage rates for early magazines Immediately following 911 did all magazines run their regular advertisements Why or Why not 17 2 O 2 Do magazines mirror society or does society mirror magazines List the five main factors of magazine history Who advertises in magazines What did the early magazines look like Which founding father was one of the first magazine publishers 2 N 2 LA 2 4 2 VI 26 27 28 What is the de nition of a magazine What is the halo effect What are the characteristics of a magazine De ne muckraker What is the role of advertising in magazines Give an example of the Halo effect Why were magazines more concentrated in the northern states in the early years of the country 2 O U 4 U 0 LA 00 4 O 4 4 N In Texas the majority of farms are approximately what size range What is tabloidization How do magazines compare to other media on how they cover things How do you calculate CPM What are ancillary products Give an example How do advertisers select magazines what types of things are they looking at Which magazine was considered the Picture Magazine How did Paul Revere contribute to early magazines What was the first magazine ad for in Ben Franklin s magazine What are the three primary types of magazines Were most early American magazines successful After what event did US News have an issue with no advertisements Watergate was the subject of more than 20 covers in what magazine What are pseudo events 4 LA 4 4 4 VI 4 ON 4 l 4 00 4 0 UI u E u 4 UI UI u 9 u gt1 u o 60 Describe how the appearance of magazines has changed overtime What is a direct response company How do magazines serve as a social barometer What is advocacy journalism How many days does the average person keep a magazine 29 days What were the names of the two men who started Time Silent Spring by Rachel Carson was the basis of what government agency How long on average does a person spend reading a single issue of a magazine What are trade and organizational magazines build on Who owns most of the farms in the United States Radio television and the intemet had what effect on magazines What is the difference between a brand and a product List one of each T or F 7 All magazines have advertising Louisa May Alcott edited what magazine What are demographics and psychographics What were magazines compared to mushrooms In order to survive magazines must change with society T or F The early magazines had lots of whate space color pictures and were cheap to print T or F 61 62 63 64 City magazines give a local Writers in the 1830s who were paid for their stories were called What caused some magazines to take up advocacy journalism What was the frist trade publication in the United States 65 What percent of collegeeducated people read magazines 6 ON How did education and literacy in uence early magazines 6 1 Who started the following magazines Time Reader s Digest Life 6 00 What controversial topics did women s magazines cover What was the result 69 Magazines set ideals T or F 7 0 What were the names of the early agricultural publications 71 What do magazines do best 7 N Describe the evolution of the appearance of magazines LA 7 What are the Livestock Publications Council and American Agricultural Editors Association 74 How do readers feel about their magazines 75 What are some examples of specialized inserts editions or regional magazine inserts 7 ON What is agenda setting 7 1 Do baby boomers have an in uence on magazines How 78 What is the average age of farmers in the US O 7 Has the relative number of women who describe themselves as farmers changed Which way 80 What is the bulge in the python J 81 What are woodcuts and what do they have to do with magazines 82 How are magazines community builders 83 Name one early children s magazine 8 4 What is the word origin of magazine 85 T or F 7 Magazines are highly specialized in content 8 ON What in uences how you react to a magazine article 87 D0 magazines exist only as printed pieces


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