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by: Ms. Adrien Kassulke


Ms. Adrien Kassulke
Texas A&M
GPA 3.78


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Adrien Kassulke on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AGCJ 404 at Texas A&M University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/225986/agcj-404-texas-a-m-university in Journalism and Mass Communications at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
AGCJ 404 Communicating Agricultural Information to the Publlc Fact Sheet Assignment Fall Semester 2007 Organic Foods A Natural Alternative What are organic foods Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers and are processed without radiation or additives Animals that are classi ed as organic are raised without antibiotics and growth hormones While conventionally grown foods use chemical fertilizers organic foods use animal manure for fertilizer More and more people are learning about organic foods and are becoming aware of their options at the grocery store Like the saying you are what you eat organic foods are grown without chemicals or pesticides and are 100 natural Being and eating organic is not a fad or a craze but it is a healthy and natural alternative for everyone USDA Look for the United States Department of Agriculture seal on organic food products Source wwwusalagov Where can I buy organic foods As the popularity of organic foods grows more and more grocery stores are offering organic fruits and vegetables plus organic food brands Figure 11 shows the organic food industry has been on a steady rise and will only continue to grow in the future These foods can be found at your local grocery and health food stores so try something organic today How much does eating organic cost Since organic foods are produced on a smaller scale they are usually higher in price compared to commercially grown produce Organic foods aren39t expensive when one considers how important it is to eat healthy natural foods that don39t contain any pesticides or chemicals Growing food industry America s appetite for organic food is so strong that supply can39t keep up with demand Organic food growth 25 percent 0 3998 3999 3900 3901 3902 3903 3904 3905 SOURCE Organic Trade Association AP Figure 1 Organic foods have been growing in popularity since the late 90s Source wwwcommonalreams org Additional information about this Fact Sheet may be obtained from ennifer Coa s someone neotamuedu or xxx xxxxxx What products can I buy that are organic Organic goes beyond just food With the organic industry increasing you can live organic i all aspects oflife You can find these products at your local grocery orhealth foods stores o Fruits and vegetables Frozen d39nners Canned soups Lotions and beauty products Vitamins 00000 a E a i o gte 3 3 o 5 Baby products Meat 0 Cotton 0 Coffee Organic foods and products can be used and enjoyed by the whole family Source wwwclipancom What organic brands should I look for Many brands offer great organic products for you and your family to enjoy at the dinner table and for everyday use Look for these brands when shopping at your grocery or health food store Kashi Amy s Kitchen Annie s Homegrown o Boca Foods 0 Earth s Best ut Acres Celestial Seasonings tea Heather sNatumls cleaning products o Burt s Bees beauty products and soaps Do organic foods taste differently Organic foods don t taste differently than commercially grown foods and don to e e organic food products have the same great taste that you re use to Kids will love the fresh taste of organic foods Feeding your kids healthier altematives will allow them to make better eating decisions in the future Organic foods are rown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and are processed without radiation or additives Source www organic lovetoknow com References Siderer Y Maquet A amp Anklarn E 2005 Need for research to support consumer con dence in the growing organic food market Trends in Food Science amp Technology 16 3327343 Additional information about this Fact Sheet may be obtained from Jennifer C oats someoneneotamuedu or xxx xxxxxx zhao x chambers E Mam z Loughm T M amp Carey E E 2007 Consumer sensory analysxs of organ all and convenuonally grown vegetables Journal afFaad Sctence 722 87791 THE EVOLVING DRGANIC FOOD LIFESTYLE Bemg orgam mm quotmm we W myquot um and WW An hemquot w y m chon rvmg argamc mmsz m mummy Wequot yaw lhe am m We and W rm Perso nmmmmp Emvel mna meme 9 Amman Mmsz rm 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 will my Mm mm WWW WWW m mm mm M Personal choice Mmmme Mmeuapnm vuurs mm Gvcwwg orgmahy mm m We NnuRAqunu rn Mme WWW Mm Mew wnaremm wmmwm Les my mmuwmm ummwm me man Pnnnucvlnn m mmnmmmcmamm Ewevmg orgamc quot5quotquot quotmm Yhe mama hmu inrhdmu m mm mm m m mm mm We 5 nu Federal wers gh WWW mmmmm mmm um um mew now an mm em upwn g you own argamcfaad today a anyone Try grawm wwwmgamcmtteyca andpmcttced by Source hrtp Jennifer Cums sumsune geu mu edu mm mm AGCJ m Cnmmuniczvjng Aginllmral lnfnnnavjnn m 1112 Public Fan Shae Assigmm Fall Semester mm Childhuud obesity Whn s m Blame Chldhaadabemyxsasenam hul39h knits xssue vurnahanxs racmg nhasmm man Campmeshke Ke agg39s anqucam chl 39enages mu andmaxethmmpled c1111 amangma w yeualds Innspansetathzrecenthwmls the mpams are mug acam by ramrymgum What Erin39s mm childhan uhediy junk may wahwhnle guns and mug ml G c rm psyhaagca J Emma m Haw 395 marh ng a fumrinch dlmud may Sauce ma www2 kz aggscam Man cmnpamestugetwmgch dren a an mng as an ma may 115123 bquot 7 gquot mmaaacmmamam m chdd39shfe canmake me am child pameshave fwundthnt suchng cmaans mavu characters and amms mm mm 5 MW Wm39hmuah w and cwexsuf39hen39 mmc39smuctshds 1n the was 4 is mfpmmmmmm m Stu esshthaamuchulewammd m p 11 mm mpmmmng 23 um xs ahuge facmx an chddhaad 332 226M quot mm W quot Parents shwmdhmxnhe mam arm anxmncanwamh TV ax play mm camput Erustfee ngwas alsafwundta canqu m a cma39snsk afabemy Ir a child was mesmedthz nsk duress Wm chl 39m h werefedfamu ahadahghzrnskuf w Fund shauld axsa an ybe usedfm39 n skunmtandnmfmaxewudVhenfaadxs used as 2de at can cmfuse m chddwhenxt xshmgy Suurce mp Holman dxmeysnes cumxmgrullsxzel php7lmkD a7 Hritmzy Dawn Felmmm Fel Qma mud army xxxrxxx Does the environment contribute to a child s obesity risks Yes the environment can contribute to a child s obesity risks Children who live in dangerous neighborhoods poor school districts or have a low family income are more susceptible to obesity Most children s activity is limited if they live in a dangerous neighborhood because of safety issues If parents are concerned about their child s safety they might not let himher play in the streets especially after dark Therefore they may result to inside activities which cripple their energy expenditure A low family income also limits healthy eating and extracurricular involvement Healthy foods are not cheap Consuming fruits an vegetables is more expensive than buying pre packaged meals laden with hydrogenated oils and Trans fats Extracurricular activities cost money and for parents on a tight budget their children usually cannot participate This hinders involvement in school activities Therefore children are missing out on enjoying a fun activity while staying physically active Conclusion Parents have the most impact on a child s eating patterns and View of exercise They should encourage their child to listen to their body and encourage eating fruits and vegetables Parents can also put a stop to childhood obesity by limiting TV and computer time and requiring daily physical exercise The healthier a child is the happier it is Children will continue to be a target of companies The stricter guidelines will help keep their in uence down Socioeconomic and environmental factors also contribute to childhood obesity However it is not an excuse for a child to not be physically active or eat foods in moderation while trying to add in more fruits and vegetables There are many factors that contribute to childhood obesity but in the end it comes back to how involved the parents are and the healthy image they portray References Black MM ampYoungHyman D 2006 Introduction to the special issue pediatric overweight Journal of Pediatric Psychology 321 175 Carter BJ Birnbaum AS Hark L Vickery B Potter C amp Osborne MP 2005 Using media messaging to promote healthful eating and physical activity among urban youth Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 372 98799 Gray VB Byrd SH Cossman JS Chromiak JA Cheek W amp Jackson G 2007 Parental attitudes toward child nutrition and weight have a limited relationship with child s weight status Science Direct 279 5487558 Nestle M 2006 Food marketing and childhood obesitya matter of policy The New England Journal of Medicine 35424 252772529 Vaughn K amp Waldrop J 2007 Parent education key to beating early childhood obesity The Nurse Practitioner 323 36741 Additional information about this Fact Sheet may be obtained from rittney Dawn Feltmann Felt2 neotamuedu or 979 xxxxxx


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