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by: Evert Christiansen


Evert Christiansen
Texas A&M
GPA 3.92

Lidia Smith

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About this Document

Lidia Smith
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Evert Christiansen on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 102 at Texas A&M University taught by Lidia Smith in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/225996/math-102-texas-a-m-university in Mathematics (M) at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
397 P ROB LEMS F0 R The exam will cover se 39tions 4546 and 5156 This material is covered by the online homeworks 47 and quizzc a 8 1 A N V A m V A 5 V A m V A 00 V A LO V 10 Find all holes vertical asymptotes or horizontal asymptotes 3m274x4 xm712 k 4 W 7 4 gtgt Hz 1 4 a M x24z3 mgigz Express the statement as a formula that involves the variables 1412 or str and a constant of proportionality k and determine the value of k from the condition u is directly proportional to v and if v 10 then u 40 b r varies directly as s and inversely as t and if s A2 and t 12 then r 4 The pressure P acting at a point in a liquid is directly proportional to the distance d from the surface of the liquid to the point Express P as a function of d by means of a formula that involves a constant of proportionality k In a certain oil tank the pressure at a depth of 4 feet is 200 Find the value of k Use the theorem on inverse functions to determine whether 1 and g are inverse functions of each other m 8 mamas 5 996 Find the inverse function of x 2x 5 2 1 m where z 7 0 Find the inverse of the function f 1 x 5 A 3x2 is onetoone for x g 0 Find the inverse function The function gz 5 A 3x2 is one toone for z 2 0 Find g l Evaluate logs g b logz 8 c log4 8 d log 0001 e log 27 Change to exponential form log7 E A2 b log6216 3 11 Sketch the graph of fz 2m 7 3 by starting with the graph of the function y 2m and applying transformations Show the horizontal asymptote b Sketch the graph of f log2m 3 by starting with the graph of the function y logz x and applying transformations Show the vertical asymptote 73 c Sketch the graph of fz by starting with the graph of the function y and applying transformations Show the horizontal asymptote 12 a Sketch the graph of f 35m 7 1 Show the horizontal asymptote and value at m 72 b Find the inverse function of f and sketch its graph on the same coordinate system as 1 Show the vertical asymptote and value at m 2 13 Write the expressions as one logarithm logam 7 2logay logz b 4l0g3z 2 7 3l0g3z 7 5 14 Solve for 25 using logarithms with base a 30W4 5 15 Solve the equations log2m 2 logzz 3 b logm 2 7 logz 2log3 16 Solve the equations 52m 54 35 b log54m 4 log5 8 log5 3 c e1 25 m 3 A H x V Simplify the expression 11153 51112 7 eh In 1 18 a Find the balance if 1000 is invested at an annual interest rate of 10 for 2 years compounded monthly b Find the balance after 4 years on 800 invested at an annual rate of 6 compounded continuously I 19 Use the Richter scale formula R log I7 to find the magnitude of an earthquake that has an intensity 10000 times that of 0 N C V The population of a city is 10000 Assuming that the population increases continu39 ously at a rate of 10 per year nd how many years would it take for the population to double its size leave your answer in terms of logarithms


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