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by: Evert Christiansen


Evert Christiansen
Texas A&M
GPA 3.92

Stephen Fulling

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About this Document

Stephen Fulling
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Evert Christiansen on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 151 at Texas A&M University taught by Stephen Fulling in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/226009/math-151-texas-a-m-university in Mathematics (M) at Texas A&M University.




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Date Created: 10/21/15
Math 151 Secs 5077508 mung Fall 2001 Engineering Mathematics I WebCalc This is the WebCalc section of Math 151 taught via the World Wide Web using the software package Scientific Notebook There is no Maple lab session associated with this class There is no required paper textbook but for several reasons you are advised to buy the Calculus Early Vectors Aggie Stewart book used in the regular 151 sections Instead during your MWF classes you will read the WebCalcl text material on a computer screen and work its exercises with pencil and paper This homework will not be collected A teaching assistant will be present to help you during these sessions The TR classes will be run somewhat like traditional recitation sections You will see example problems worked have a chance to ask questions and take a quiz over the current topic You will take the common exams with the other sections of Math 151 and the class will follow the same weekly schedule of topics as the other sections so that you can bene t from the Math 151 Week in Review Course description Math 151 is the first semester of the calculus sequence for engi neering majors Prerequisites High school algebra l and H trigonometry and geometry Math 150 or satisfactory performance on a qualifying exam Credit will not be given for more than one of Math 131 142 151 and 171 Topics Rectangular coordinates vectors functions limits derivatives of functions applications integration Plenary classes quiz days TR 222073210 Heldenfels 111 Sections computer days MWF 1123071220 800 210F Sec 507 MWF 12407l230 SCC l02l3 Sec 508 Instructor S A Fulling If I am not in my of ce you can leave 620H Blocker Bldg a note in my mailbox in the room op 845 2237 posite the math department of ce 6th oor of Blocker or in the plastic pouch fulling mathtamu edu beside my of ce door Temporary of ce hours M 224573245 F 10210711210 and after class in the lecture room on T and R Permanent of ce hours will be announced later Teaching Assistant Christopher Romero He will provide you with his personal information Page 2 Grading system Test 1 150 Thursday Sept 27 Test 2 150 Thursday Oct 25 Test 3 200 Tuesday Nov 27 Final exam 250 Wednesday Dec 12 Quizzes and attendance Total 1000 The curve will be at least as generous as the standard scale ie 90 900 pts will guarantee an A etc The hour tests are departmental common exams in the evening 723079230 pm place to be announced later The final exam is not a common exam it takes place in our plenary classroom HELD 111 not the common exam room and not the computer room at the time period Wed 120073200 assigned to our plenary class not to your MWF computer class The nature of WebCalc and Scienti c Notebook WebCalc is a calculus course taught via the World Wide Web using the software package Scienti c Notebook This software is a combined word processor computer algebra system Maple and Web delivery system browser It is available on any of the public access PC computers on cam pus Mac and Unix versions do not exist It may be purchased at the bookstore for about 99 and 30 day free trial copies are available how to get them will be explained in class Scienti c Notebook will bring up Netscape to read HTML files when necessary but Scienti c Notebook files will not display properly in Netscape or Internet Explorer Important URLs 0 Your main entry to the course is through Scienti c Notebook by opening the location httpcalclabmathtamu edu fullingw151sindexteX 0 Certain course materials will also be posted in HTML or PDF versions at httpcalclabmathtamu edu fullingw151indexhtml 0 General information primarily for instructors but open to students for all sections of Math 151 is at httpcalclabmathtamuedudocsmath151 In particular a schedule that shows which sections of Stewart correspond to each of our topics is http calclab math tamu edudocsmathl51syllabuscurrentschedule html 0 The main index for WebCalcl sections not in the order prescribed by the TAMU syllabus is httpwwwmathtamu edu webcalcmindextex 0 More details on class procedures Each week you will be assigned several WebCalc sections to read in class on MWF and finish elsewhere if necessary Each section has many examples and exercises fully worked out and an extensive problem set with answers You are expected to use pencil and paper to work out these problems as you read Maple is available inside Scienti c Notebook how to access it will be explained in class There are also many notes and hints that will pop up and give extra information in response to mouse clicks When you have questions during the reading you are en couraged to talk quietly with neighboring students and of course to ask the TA Page 3 or instructor for help The TR class sessions give another opportunity to ask questions they will also be used for examples and quizzes Your scores on the quizzes generously curved will substitute for the Maple lab scores in the other sections of Math 152 Class attendance will in uence your grade negatively in the case of excessive absences posi tively in case of low quiz scores a paper with a score of 0 counts more than no paper at all Another way to get a few points is to point out errors in the WebCaIcl materials to Professor Allen using bug report forms that will be provided It is impossible to administer makeups for individual quizzes instead your lowest three or four quiz grades will be dropped and there will be a comprehensive makeup quiz during the last week of the semester Makeups for major exams will be handled in accordance with the university rules for authorized absences and the departmental policies and procedures for making up common exams The policy on calculators during common exams will be announced before each exam At present my policy is to provide the ScanTron forms for the exams that is you don7t have to buy them Students with disabilities should take advantage of the services offered by the Of ce of Services for Students with Disabilities 84571637 Copyright The WebCaIc material is copyrighted by G Donald Allen andor Web Math You may print a single copy for your own use but not multiple copies In accordance with standard TAMU procedure all material handed out including quizzes etc or writ ten on the board or spoken in class or posted on a computer is to be regarded as implicitly copyrighted by the instructor or some other source Neither you nor anyone else may make copies for any commercial purpose or for mass distribution without permission Plagiarism Plagiarism and copyright are separate issues The fact that any material written by someone else appears to be in the public domain is never a defense against a charge of cheating Passing off another person7s ideas or words as one7s own even with that persons permission is plagiarism and is one of the worst academic sins See the Student Rules under the section Scholastic Dishonesty IZ gtWH ENWIgt UJgt beX gt HM ClO The Greek Alphabet emsmmcqemg mityl q ESXQC Page 4 alpha beta gamma delta epsilon zeta eta theta iota kappa lambda mu nu Xl omicron


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