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by: Vivien Bradtke V


Vivien Bradtke V
Texas A&M
GPA 3.6

Sherry Scarborough

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About this Document

Sherry Scarborough
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vivien Bradtke V on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 365 at Texas A&M University taught by Sherry Scarborough in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/226019/math-365-texas-a-m-university in Mathematics (M) at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Scarborough November 2011 Math 365 Review 1 Negate All apples are red or some pears are yellow 2 Find the sum of the rst 21 terms of an arithmetic sequence in which the eighteenth term is 31 117 and the thirtythird term is 331 222 JE 3 Of the four main operations on real numbers which ones are commutative 4 GCD 2332 1590 5 Prove or disprove If ab c d e Z and bc d 0 then is arational number a qlwla 619752742 360182 Scarborough November 2011 Math 365 Review 7 Using the de nition ofless than show 7 3 lt V29 4 4x2yilz8 8 Fully Simplify 5y 2 9 If U a b c d eF b c G d andH c d e find the following a EUG b nE c m d nGuH e How many proper subsets does H have List one nonempty proper subset of H 10 Over the rational numbers factor completely 748 243 11 What is the contrapositive of the statement A whippet is a dog 75x2y233 12 Fully simplify 5 izxrlyozzt Scarborough November 2011 Math 365 Review 13 If all 10 and a3 200 in a geometric sequence nd 614 14 Of the four main operations on real numbers which ones are closed 15 2341 87 nme nme 3 10x 2 4xy 45y l 71024x5y8 Fully s1mp11fy 5 W 18 If a and b are real numbers prove a ab ab b ab ab c ab ab Scarborough November 2011 Math 365 Review 19 Ifr is a real number prove a 0 0r 0 r r c 7 is unde ned 0 20 What are the steps in Polya s Fouristep ProblemSolving Process 21 Give the rst 6 terms in the Fibonacci sequence 22 De ne place value 23 Give a onetoone correspondence between the even natural numbers E and the natural numbers N 24 Be able to model addition subtraction multiplication and division where applicable of the sets we have studied Be able to perform the arithmetic algorithms we studied Scarborough November 2011 Math 365 Review 25 26 U 4 Which sets that we have studied are closed under the four main operations What is the Fundamental Counting Principle Be able to apply it What are the relationships among the operations of addition subtraction multiplication and division 7427804x2 2078 57073254quotl6x8y429 What are the properties of the additive inverse 2 f 7 3g If x 3x 7 7 and gx 6x 9 nd and s1mp11fy if What is its domain g o Give an example of a relation that is transitive but not re exive nor symmetric Give an example of an equivalence relation Give an example of the Division Algorithm and why it is needed Which of the following numbers divide 8415 10 ll Prime factor 3864 How many positive divisors does 386419 have What is the largest prime you would need to check to see if 517 is prime Scarborough November 2011 Math 365 Review 37 What is the lcm3654 38 What is the gcd2450 17 i 39 Find 3 rational numbers between and 3405 and order them from least to greatest 5 d b 40 Prove If i and i are rational numbers then i5 a c b d b d bd 41 Give an example of a ratio of integers that can be represented by a nonterminating decimal 42 456 x327 148 43 If y is proportional to x such that y 10 when x 9 find the constant of proportionality 44 On a map the scale is 2 inches to 100 miles Iftwo cities are actually 65 miles apart how far apart will they be on the map 45 It takes Devon 3 hours longer than Molly to paint a kitchen Ifthey work together it takes hours to complete the job How long does it take Devon to paint the kitchen by himself 46 145 is what percent 47 What percent of 30 is 20 48 Fifty dollars is the original cost of a pair of shoes The shoes are 20 off the original price and with a coupon you can get an additional 8 off What is your total percent discount How much will you pay for the shoes ifthe sales taX is 5 49 Give the largest 3digit number that has exactly 3 positive divisors 50 The sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 93 What is the largest of the three numbers Scarborough November 2011 Math 365 Review 51 Justify each step 27 13 9 a b 2101710 110391310 910391 2101310 2101910391710 3100 7gtlt10 gtlt9gtlt103911gtlt103913gtlt10 1gtlt10391910391 2310110 29101103917310 100 7910 gtlt103911gtlt3gtlt10391gtlt10 19gtlt1039110391 610110 18101103912110 10 6310 10391131039110 191039110391 610110 18101103912110 10 63 10 103913 1039110 91039110391 61011810 2110 6310391310391910392 61011101810 10 2101110 10 6101310 10391310391910392 61011101 10 810 10 210110 110 10 610110391 310 gtlt103913gtlt103919gtlt10392 61011101810 2101110 610 3103913103919gtlt10392 610111012101810 110 610 31039l310391910392 61101210181610 3310391910392 710121011510 610391910392 710121011101510 10 610391910392 71012101110110 510 10 610391910392 710121011101510 61039l910392 721101510 61039l910392 10101510 610391910392 1101010 101510 610391910392 1101101010 101510 610391910392 11020101510 61039l910392 10569


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