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by: Evert Christiansen


Evert Christiansen
Texas A&M
GPA 3.92

Benjamin Aurispa

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About this Document

Benjamin Aurispa
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Evert Christiansen on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 150 at Texas A&M University taught by Benjamin Aurispa in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/226020/math-150-texas-a-m-university in Mathematics (M) at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Math 150 WIR Fall 2007 Benjamin Aurispa Math 150 Exam 2 Review Problem Set Note This exam review does not cover every topic that could be covered on your exam It is more heavily weighted on Sections 45 and 51 54 Please take a look at the previous Week in Reviews for more practice problems on other sections 1 Find the terminal points determined by the following values of t a t 237739 b t 5T 2 Determine the sign of the expression sectcscttanzt in Quadrant IV 3 Evaluate the following a csc NTquot b cot 5 4 Find all other trig values of t if csct 75 and the terminal point off is in Quadrant Ill 5 Express sint in terms of cott if the terminal point off is in Quadrant IV 6 Find the amplitude7 period7 and phase shift7 and sketch a graph of the function fx 73 sin2z 7 7 Find the period and sketch graphs for the following functions 00 Q a f96 W16 96 70 b f 2secx 7 7139 1 Suppose the amount of a radioactive substance in grams after tyears is modeled by the equation mt 256703905t a What is the half life of this substance b At what time It will there be 5 grams remaining Solve the following equations a 1 23H 6 b 10g16 210g16lt 2 10g163 4 1 4 1 10 Evaluate 11314382 log4 log4 11 Find the domain and range of the following functions and describe any asymptotes 12 13 a f95 em 2 b f 7lnz 7 2 1 Find the domain of the function f log972 7 2x 24 Graph the polynomial Pz 2 7 l2x 2 x 7 3 Math 150 WIR Fall 2007 Benjamin Aurispa H CT Graph the rational function x 7 Simplify the expression Find the quotient and remainder for 32727 7z23z7439 Find ALL zeros7 both real and nonreal7 for the following polynomials Then7 factor the poly nomial completely a Pz 3 5x2 712x 7 60 b Pz 4 7 3 7 62 15z 7 9 2 71 i 3239 725239 39 How many positive or negative real zeros are possible for the polynomial Pz 5x5 7 4x4 7 2x3 6x2 7 8x 17 x474375x274 224x76 Math 150 WIR Fall 2003 Benjamin Aurispa Math 150 Week in Review 3 Problem Set 1 Find the equation of the line that a passes through the y intercept of the line 72m 1 3y 9 and is parallel to the line 7m 7 4y 6 10 passes through the z intercept of the line 3x 7 8y 12 and is perpendicular to the line z 3 2 Suppose that the relationship between the cost of utilities and the average temperature in a month is linear If the average temperature in a month is 96 your utilities bill is 100 If the average temperature in a month is 81 your utilities bill is 75 a Find an equation that expresses the cost of your utilites C in terms of the average temperature T in any given month In How much will your utilities bill increase if the average temperature in the current month is 6quot higher than the average temperature last month OJ Find an equation of the perpendicular bisector of the line segment joining the points 71 2 and 4 3 q Determine whether the following equations de ne y as a function of z a 2 y2 16 b xsy 1 4y 12 C 243 7 z 1 U Find the domains of the following functions 7 4m2 7 6m 716 7 m2 1 4m 7 21 39 2 1 Let x Evaluate the following a a f6 0 imz Consider the function 7m 2 if m g 71 m m2 if71ltm 1 3 if 1 lt m lt 4 1 a Graph the function b What are the domain and range of f c On what intervals is 1 increasing decreasing 8 Graph the function x z2 7 4 by plotting points Math 150 MR Fall 2003 Benjamin Aurispa to Graph the function x 4 7 5x3 7 3x2 17x 7 10 using a graphing calculator a What is the range of this function Round decimals to 4 places In On what intervals is 1 increasing decreasing Round decimals to 4 places Find the average rate of change for the following functions on the given interval a fzxm8fromz74toz1 b mx22z74fromx2tom2h c fz fromzatozah Suppose an object is launched into motion After 10 seconds7 the object has traveled 220 feet After 15 seconds7 the object has traveled a total of 450 feet a What was the object s average speed during the rst 10 seconds In What was the object s average speed during the last 5 seconds If the distance in feet an object has traveled after 25 seconds is modeled by the function ft t3 6257 then what is the object s average speed from t a to t a h


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