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by: Evert Christiansen


Evert Christiansen
Texas A&M
GPA 3.92

M. Drost

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About this Document

M. Drost
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Evert Christiansen on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 142 at Texas A&M University taught by M. Drost in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/226027/math-142-texas-a-m-university in Mathematics (M) at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Review for EXAM 1 MATH 142 DrosteFall 2005 l 4 Z r 2 4 6 1 a What is the independent variable E0 9 F 5 533 7 9 to b What is the domain c What is the range d What is f3 ans r 734 7151 Find the domain of 3 and write I H your answer in inequality notation ans 991 S 31 i5 2 2 7 3 Find the domain of 91 and write your answer in interval form ans Domain 9Q7oo7 U 71 U 17 00 Find the average rate of change between the points 8 72 and 754 ans 7 Determine the x and yintercepts for the graph f f 75 7 101 o 1 7 5 7 1 ans 015 750 Given 21 7 312 use the difference quo tient to determine the slope of the secant line where 1 72 and A1 3 ans 5 Given 91 14 Find fo91 and its doma1n ans x1 4 7400 12 Given f m a Find the intercepts 0 0 b Find any horizontal asymptotes none c Find any vertical asymptotes x25 d Graph Rewrite the radical function W in exponential form and state the domain ans 12 74 991 2 21 S 72 H 53 H H H to 14 H 5 H on H 7 Classify the functions below growth or decay as exponential ans decay 91 EVE ans decay h1 6039 ans growth Kyle deposits 2400 into an account that pays interest at a rate of 625 compounded weekly a How long before the account reaches 4000 b How much is in the account after 3 years ans a 818 yrs b 289463 ll deposits 1500 into an account paying 62 compounded continuously a How long before the balance is 2500 b What is the balance after 2 years ans a 76 yrs b 171681 Given 2563902E where x is the time in minutes and fx is the number of bacteria in the culture in thousands Find the number of bacteria in the culture after 2 hrs rounded to the nearest hundred ans 27600 bacteria Rewrite in logarithmic form a 10 24 b 57 1 3 c 612 14 ans log24 1 ans log5 3 1 1 ans ln14 12 Given log 2 73 and log 5 4 evaluate log 203 ans 1 2100 G1ven m a What is the initial population b What is the upper limiting population ans a 100 b 2100 the the Given following data for aver age cost of a new home in thousands of dollars let 1 re resent the p y 1960 1 Year 1 1965 l 1968 l 1975 l 1980 l 1985 l 1990 l 1995 l Cost l 215 1 266 1 401 1 755 l 1102 1456 1762 a Find the best tting model using quadratic cubic or logistic and explain why you think this is the best model b Using this model predict the average cost in 2003 ans a logistic best t of the data and eventually levels of Quad rises too fast Cubic actually becomes neg ans b 213880 18 N O to to N 9 N F to 01 to on to N to 00 An item sells for 9 1f the xed costs are 600 and the total costs are 2000 when 200 items are made and sold nd the cost equation ans C 7x 600 Find the pro t when 400 itmes are made and sold See 18 ans 200 Find the best tting curve between exponential and cubic regression for the following table of data where x number of years since 1980 and y number of cases of menigitius in Houston 82 85 s o 7 ans cubic has the highest 7 2 value and de creases as time increases which is likely if a cure is foun y2 3x 5 does this equation describe a func tion ans no when you solve for y you get two solutions y i therefore it fails a vertical line test Find the difference quotient for 125z710 ans 2zh5 Solve log7logln 1 ans 1 6107 Given log I 8 and log y 12 evaluate log I y ans 28 Solve 5 3275 1 2 log 4 ans zlt1 logg Solve log3 I 7 3 2 ans 1 67 Solve log2 z log2 I 7 7 3 ans 18 1f planted with 100 trees each tree produces 50 per year Due to overcrowding for each addi 2 2 7 29 Find the domain of M 1 ans 991 a 75 30 Given the graphs of and 91 below show the graph of 7 3 2 and 791 1 7 5 5 5 3 3 31 Which of the following are polynomials a 3127g6 b gltzgt M 2 c hz e 3 d Fz 5137F ans d 8 1 6670011 a what is the limiting value 32 Given the logistic model y ans 28 b what is the initial value ans 4 33 How long does it take for an account earning 102 compounded quarterly to double ans 653 years 34 Graph the piecewise de ned function 1172 ifzlt72 fz 5 if72 z 1 z21 zgt2 tional tree planted the yield drops 50 cents How 35 A machine purchased for 1800 has a useful life many trees should be planted to maximize the revenue ans 100 trees 1f the cost to care for the trees fertilizer and water run 15 per year per tree how many trees should be planted to maximize pro t ans 85 trees of 6 years and a scrap value of 500 Assuming a straight line depreciation nd its value at 4 years old ans 93333 36 Solve 253 1257 4 ans 1 74


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