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by: Doyle O'Connell


Doyle O'Connell
Texas A&M
GPA 3.8


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Doyle O'Connell on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IDIS 344 at Texas A&M University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see /class/226061/idis-344-texas-a-m-university in Industrial Distribution at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
The Distribution Game Part II IDIS 344 Texas AampM University Beer Distribution Game Upstream 7 orders Brewery Dlstrlbutor i Wholesale Retaller Manufacturer Customer Duvvristrearnr Shipment Introduction l Reasons for Bullwhip effect Demand signal not synchronized Customer information not been shared 0 Lead Time Rationing and Shortage Gaming 4 Self induced seasonal demand promotions and incentives in Order Batching Not seen in beemame lri reality how does order batching cause bullwhip Order and Shipping Delays Reduced r WhOIesaler Part II Beer Distribution Game Supply chain members 0 Brewery Manufacturer 0 Distributor 0 Wholesaler o Retailer I Goal Meet demand at minimum cost Inventory cost versus Backorder cost Rules Objective Minimize the total costs Every player operates independently Shipment of order cannot exceed customer order backlog All can see customer demand Cost 0 Inventory 050caseperiod o Backlog 200Icaselperiod Beer Distribution Game Beer D39St39f39bUt39Oquot Game Game Initialization Cost Calculation worksheet I Demand 4 cases per periOd for rSt Week Inventory Backlog Orders Placed four weeks 1 12 0 4 I After week 4 demand is random but 2 12 0 4 you are provided with last year s demand pattern 49 0 12 36 I Inventory System I I 50 0 6 24 Place an order at the end of each tIme perlod Each facility begins with 12 cases of inventory Total umts 240 40 Replenishment lead time is 2 periods Total cost 120 M 200 Last year s demand In summary the changes are 14 LaStdemand I 1 week Lead Time Averagedemand sums I All can see customer demand 10 I I Last year s customer demand is 8 A A AV I provided to you 6 V U I Backorder cost is 200 2 I What will the winning team get Weeks Beer distribution game s supply chain Beer Distribution Game Upstream Order I G Information L S Distributor i Wholesaler Retailer Downstream httpchalamvbrinksternetlbeerqame Shipment amp httpldavincitamuedulbeerqamev2 Channel member screen 3 Wholesaler 7 Microsoft lhternet Explorer File Edit View Favorites Tools Help t caatk gtJ m g Search Favnrites v i 13 V H 1 Address 9 39 Go Links Coogle Cv Go quota a 1 v M v s 9 a v it Bookmarksv 2207 blocked 155 Check v 39 AutoLink v QSendtov Q Settin95v Input Screen for Wholesaler Wholesaler INFORMATION FOR THE LASTTEN WEEKS For Weak 19 Week InvBk Incom ship Out ship cost 9 1 0 13 148 Demand from Retailer 9 Beginning Inventory 21 U 18 20 1 3 166 On Backorder El Incoming Shipment 0 22 14 188 Total 39 9 Total available 21 10 1 198 23 I 3 221 i i 4 9 Units Shipped to Retailer this week 9 26 Ending inventory 12 E 20 276 39 24 300 Enter the number of units to be purchased from Distributor i3 21 321 Status of other Supply Chain Channel Members This page will be refreshed every 30 seconds Inventory and Order Status plots For Wholesaler When all the players have completed the order for the current week the player will Demand Plat Order plot automatically receive a link to proceed to next week week 19 lnvBackorder Plot Facmry Has quot9 mama Supply Chain Settings for Wholesaler Holding cost Distributor Order placed Backorder cost 2 Downstream Player Retailer Who39esaler Has quotat DrderEd Upstream Player Distributor I Shipping Delay 2 wks Distributor gt Wholesaler Wholesaler gt Retailer Ram39squot 39 order PlaCEd Information Delay 2 wks Wholesaler gt Distributor Retailer rgt Wholesaler Created by Chalam Wholesaler Mozilla Firefox IZIEEI Elle limt new History ookmarks Tools elp gs g3 iu imirmbrmistr i an m tel mi GOOSE viiClSeardw39Ha 5573 If Q v EVQW Engava Boommbrgtgt Set ngs39 Ll IDIS 344 Google News NewDomment Ll Wholesaler Ll PlotofCusbomerDe Listofallthe Games i V Input Screen for Wholesaler of Game 1 Wholesaler INFORMATION FOR THE LAST TEN WEEKS For Week 43 InvBk Incom Outg Current Demand from Retailer 45 Beginning Inventory 141 On Backorder I Incoming Shipment 0 Total requirements 45 Total available 141 Units Shipped to Retailer this week 45 Ending inventory 96 Enter the number of units to be purchased from Distributor I M 42 141 gt N RMATICN Current Week39s Customer demand 8 Status of other Supply Chain Channel Members of Game 1 This page wiil be refreshed every 15 seconds when all the players have completed the order for the current week the Demand Plat Orderplm player will automatically receive a link to proceed to next week The status will be updated in 6 seconds Inleackorder Plot Plotall My Team39s Rank l Customer Demand Plot Supply Chain Settings for Wholesaler Holding cost 1 Backorder cost 2 Downstream Player Retailer Upstream Player Distributor Shipping Delay 2 wks Distributor gt Wholesaler Wholesaler gt Retailer Created by Chalam Information Delay 2 wks Wholesaler gt Distributor Retailer vgt Wholesaler Inventory and Order Status plots For Wholesaler Week 43 Factory Has not ordered Distributor Has not ordered Wholesaler Has not ordered Retailer Order placed Done


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