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by: Kelli McClure


Kelli McClure
Texas A&M
GPA 3.56

Joshua Heuman

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About this Document

Joshua Heuman
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelli McClure on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 437 at Texas A&M University taught by Joshua Heuman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see /class/226063/comm-437-texas-a-m-university in Communication at Texas A&M University.




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Date Created: 10/21/15
Communication Visualization Final Review Dr Heuman please add your notes Reality and Representation The relationship between the two Idealism From an idealist perspective the world we see around us is not a true reality The ideal reality takes the material reality that we pe trceive The material reality is a distorted reality that we perceive Plato does not have a lot respect for the painter or a painting that represents reality much more concerned with music it shows us a real reality that is inaccessible to our senses Material reality is broken distorted view of reality Bayeux tapestry not a literal truth as in what actually happened but a figurative truth Realism From a realistic perspective what we perceive as reality is important If this world matters or is meaningful this world is important My perceptions do correspond to reality Unproblematic relationship between reality and perspective Renaissance Humanism imagines a world in man s own image Da Vinci Vitruvian Man The world becomes knovvable representable in a rationale way Remember the middle class when talking about relationship between perception and reality Sumptuary Laws laws about what people can wear Modernism Suggests that realism doesn t represent the world as it is but instead one particular way of seeing the world What we take as realism is the outcome of particular inventions and ways we see the world We see the world through filters Postmodernism Shares modernism s suspicion to realism There is no reality to recover apart from the reality of images Robert Rauschenberg Tracer 1 Not trying to capture any truth in the world just this world of images Art shaped by social forces participates in social life In a way calling something art is like calling it a weed Marcel Duchamp Fountain takes a urinal and puts it in an art museum as a prank There is no category of art JL David Napoleon Crossing the Alpsquot has a nice frame around it Successories Creativity o An organization that is committed to creative collaboration will ride the wave of the futurequot Jackson Pollock Number 8 An artist always takes a position in a direction towards other artists moving away from the genius The field of cultural production is organized Norman Rockwell The Connoisseurquot man staring at abstract work like pollock s Sociologic perspective says there is no wrong way to look at artto say there is a right and wrong way to view art is to distinguish among people Photography Photography as social control cityvisua consumption Rue de Parisquot 19th century new lines between normal and deviant middle class opposes itself from working class dangerous class amp rise of new social institutions that police these criminology psychiatriy rise in psychology police science of management cumpolsorary education instills proper behavior dangers of deviance emergence of case quot39 quot p 39 39 a 39 quot g 39 39 quot class wants to maintain position scared straightquot TV shows jerry springerhoney boo boo EX Muybridge Horse in Motionquot photos Lady in Motionquot relation of power sneak into objectivity of photography removed from neutral science NOT objective making judgements on body EX JM Charcot hysterical women from salpetrier asylum keep women in line when no real disease EX Tomas Annan Close No 193 slums plan to rebuild in order to control people in them capture some objective truth dirtydark unrecognizable child not meant to identify meant to be partially justification Motion photography as a production social construction Photography as art form becomes popularized with Kodak stupidity of multitudequot pictorialism emulate painting produces picture by means of photography satisfaction with lighting form feeling creativity EX Edward Steichen Mother and Child sun incorporate painting technique looks impressionist studying play of lighting shadows borrows techniques from paint straight photography EX Ansel Adams Oak Tree Sunrisequot recognize natural beauty reacts against pictorialism values medium of photography EX Napolean Sarony Oscar Wilde no 18 sues man that copies photo and sells court gives photograph copyright validates photography and talent behind arranging expression form image art over technique for instance BampW give timelessness EX Nan Golden photos raw reality depicts inaccessible reality gritty what about when commercial picks up American apparel urban over exposes Tensions copyright on natural elements google earth sex tape artistically recordedquot new cameras shooting multiple shots and take stills what is art what is photography instagram tensions Film as stylistic system and commercial art How is reality portrayed on screen through compositioncinematographyediting Composition view as series of choices production design settingprops feel of the scene lighting deliberatenondeliberate costume amp makeup staging performance how actor portrays Cinemetography setting up camera aspect ratio standard 1851 widescreen 2351 more space different composed image depth of field how much is in focus in foregroundbackground framing subjects distance camera zoom inout what does that say about scene defining on and off screen space eye line camera angle and power implication camera movement lr pan Editing awkward cuts pauses reality is one continuous take film cannot do that match on action eye line matches learn to accept artificiality EX Rebel without a cause characters in shadows dark somber parents from low camera angle which gives power lighting still camera movement gives slower scene staging see through window transparency TV Style and Film style 3 Media analog video low depth not good capturing contrast lighting blurry looks cheap doesn t allow fortexture usually in multi cam setting EX Cosby show always shot from 4th wall limitations static and keep within frame horizontal actions amp saturation lighting film multi cam still with 4th wall EX Friends clearer more colors more movement not as straight forward camera more depth of field digital video between film and analog save money using DV still good quality 2 camera setups multi cam single cam more freedom and control subjective tells what audience should look at EX ER move around with characters feel like you are there dynamic scene quick pace lighting differs from room to room lots going on in background Realism amp Conventional Styles EX Back to God s Country film not cinematically realistic sepia title cards disrupt sound track not integrated subtly fim progresses from primitive transitional classic maybe gets more realistic attempt to capture live drama staginess theatrical over the top dialogue What does background do to our sense of realism Realism outcome of stylistic conventions moving target differs with a Comics and how stories are told How do we depict the storylines how do we edit framing how characters dressedcolors where is it hard to translate differing box sizes darker colors somber thought bubbles film is linear medium vs comic is complex medium New Media Digitization How new media presents cultural data manevich says words the page mostly text cinema the moving image storytelling screen interface we interact howthey blend together DVD menu Comic and Mcloud shows how moves onlinelose distinction more freedom productive constraints New Digital Formatting oriented differently to specific audiences online comic doesn t pick up but motion comic might augmented comics interactive with tablet go at your own pace newspapermagazines go onlinetablet Visual Spaces 2 Views of city place of orderly manufactured production modern urbanism rational well designed vision of cool cities as cultural consumption new view Modern Urbanism Daniel Burnham Chicago very organized blocks sections importance of visual plan tear up old slums reacting to anxiety over poverty optimistic reform conservative vision upscale apartments reforming social life by reforming social space BUT cannot always regulate people and behavior tensions public parks source of tension cannot protect people from crime problems preserves and intensifies inequality separates poorrichblackwhite misfits still exist New urbanist movement to fix these tensions and separation by adding neighborhoods encourage community lndustrialization threatens beauty art elite group has control over image machine threatens authentic art and beauty EX Chronicles of Narnia escape to beautiful world free from mechanical industrialism EX Lord of Rings going back to pre industrial days Response 1 Try to recover beauty with Arts and Crafts Movement by William Morris detailed ornate patterns conservatism movement 2 Art Deco movement organic shapes natural colors attention to detail something that a machine cannot replicate Cultural Consumption amp Cool cities emphasis on consumption over production gaylesbian market draws young rebuilding on industrial ashes tear down big buildings and turn into Lofts economic interest in tourists create attractions among parkmuseumslocal art Attempts for industrialists to compromise with Art Deco movement Functionalism form following function ratherthan reject machine USE machine to benefit consumer tension authority of artist still imposing composition and lines despite creative intentis a factory art cannot be artistically free because certain limits like 39 quot quot toward aestheticism doesn t ALWAYS work EX new corvette not easy to use for consumer lmportance of Expression Between Mass amp Custom Fast FashionMoving Markets Used to be limited options on fashion everyone wore pretty much the same thing limited fashion choices because mass production of clothing for secure revenue rolled cuffs popped collar Early 80s movement to emphasize growth through midmarket expand audience prices drop increase high end brand in everyday life does it lose value New Kinds of Production Modular give worker larger job focus on pant leg more talent required VS assembly line little skill cheap labor notion of artisan and hand craft skill reserved stock and exclusivity increases consumer loyalty and desire to buy product limited edition Emergence of Fast fashion picked up in lifestyle retailor EX LuLu Lemon takes position as opposed to mass market position Retail Space how layout of store set up for consumer experience anthropology Hiring what do workers look like Case Studies for the blurry lines between craft and mass market EX Heroin CD one CD made with red label and other black comes from anxiety over mass market want to individualize give image of personalization object becomes magical EX Nike customizes shoes variety quotstill tension between company GIVING you options to choose from not total freedom emphasis some freedom and hides others EX Disney cell still image sells for thousands one of a kind appearance EX Wooden toy crafted by hand EX Ty beanie baby panda authenticity mint condition with tag preserve magical object quot fetish object System of Normalization and entrepreneurial 1 Normalization measured in numbers statistics self identify establishing norms in categories people internalize and adjust behavior holds us to uniform system EX PE fitness test Police red light cameras Nixon The New Manquot in British metrosexual man World of images and Regulations clearance culture how do people use IP in films or how is IP used in film 1 Trademark Law protect brand from users that might damage brand logo slogan brands cannot protect every negative portrayal parody Disney ride and show people vomiting on film protects against consumer confusion 2 Copyright gives artist exclusive rights to perform reproduce etc their creation as long as it is in plainview don t worry about copyright EX Urinetown trying to copyright stage directions question of originality directors choice little protection given to dance moves Privacy parallel to intellectual property 1 Missappropiration of identityright of publicity illegal to misappropriate for commercial purposes without consent different hierarchy of expression right of publicity protects celebrity against commercial exploiting image 2 lntrusion invasion of privacy to intrude on seclusion where reasonable expectation of privacy exists 3 Public Disclosure of private facts is illegal is highly offensive 4 False Light invasion of privacy lmage making and relation of power Not always Producer over Subject Asymmetrical power relations subject model power over artist in Life class nude model 2 realms and time problems with interests differing and producing SOLUTIONS to smooth interest of subject and interest of producer 1 informed consent not manipulative gives consumer clear knowledge extra credit psych labs higher standard responsibility ex medical releaste forms 2 Big critiques of Gerber with consent 1 when we choose one option we must be aware of ALL options 2 some people are more capable of making competent decisions than others Freak ShoW on AMC Amazing Ali NOT clear answers


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