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by: Kelli McClure
Kelli McClure
Texas A&M
GPA 3.56

Leroy Dorsey

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About this Document

Leroy Dorsey
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelli McClure on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 340 at Texas A&M University taught by Leroy Dorsey in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/226064/comm-340-texas-a-m-university in Communication at Texas A&M University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
12102010 60600 AM women of late 19th early 20th century cult of true woman hood ideal functional take care of the house kids cook quotwomen39s placequot a subservient nature gibson girl ideal image of a woman hourglass shape corsets perfectly coifed hair flowing gown look in her eyes as though she is dreaming not all there Early Disney39s Perfect girl constant film release equals constant influence belle read and she was seen as strange creates an ideal woman does not create powerful female images wait early disney elsher new disney Ursula is the Kracken Is team Disney the answer to women s image as power wielders NO 1 reincarnated Gibson girls Gibson girl Ariel Fowing gown flowing gown on Belle Femnists critique at Disney princesses What you need to examine when looking at text is how patriarchy how men conceive of women that s stereotypical 2 Love embraces patriarchy o movies all end the same 0 ariel willing to give up voice 0 All of them give up who they are to get a man 0 Snow white Cinderella sleeping beauty early Disney princesses 3 too much responsibility o little mermaid o didn t serve her duty just wanted to play 4 Villainesses need love too o she wants love 0 Ursula May be evil but still needs love 5 Too beautiful 0 Ariel o Jasmine o Pocahontas o Resembling Gibson girls Ideal beauty 6 Woman vs Woman o Pit women against each other 0 Snow white vs Witch 0 Ursula vs Ariel o Sending message that you can t trust another woman Team disney s princesses are not different context may be different Still fall in with the patriarchal imagining of the original princesses c Any woman not fitting of the Gibson girl is villainous 118 o Gender o Femininity o Private vs Public Spheres 0 Private Home place where women reside rule Over issues of family home discipline Realm of the woman 0 Public Mans arena Where politics takes place a Explanation why women can t vote a Dirty Gritty o Women too pure to take part in politics 0 Public Woman 17th18th Cen Consequences for entering into public a Whore o Does not mean prostituteslut o Means that this woman is acting unbecoming of a woman by her very presence in the public o Not being modest because shes in the public talking not at home a Witch o Alternative reading to salem witch trials o Being convicted of assaultive speech 0 Talking in public 0 Must be possessed otherwise she d be at home silent 0 Women couldn t control tongue 0 Victorian Images 19th cen True woman a Weak in her beautiful ness n Wants to get marriedhave kidstake care of house a Doesn t care about right to vote leaving house Fallen woman a Was a whore sexually U Got a divorce n Sexually promiscuous n Adulterer n Broke the family circle a Woman on Pedestal only have sex to have children need to have sex seek it elsewhere that s why there is the lost sisterhood prostitution Redundant Woman a Most degrading n Talking about women who wanted to leave their own independent existence u If woman didn t want to get married shes redundant with other women who DO want to get married n Women that couldn t have children were called cowards o Regarded the same as men who ran from the battlefield 0 Ideology supporting True Woman Mainstream religion mid 1800 s a That s what the bible says a Interpreted it as saying that women are dependent on men n Women in service to men n Women should glory in godgiven weakness Societal Stability n Take out religion system already set a Rely on men s strength a no place for women to go work outside the home a to keep things stable true woman must exist o if not society would collapse Science a Biology o By design weaker than men o Menstrual cramps o Femme Fatale 0 Pictures Lillith n Mythological creature n Debate about if she was Adams first wife before Eve n Described as a demon Mata Hari a Spy in WWI The Vamp Theta Vera n Skeleton represents a lover Sampson and Delilah n Makes Sampson spill secret of strength takes it from him Double indemnity n Considered THE femme fetal movie a Set guidelines of what this type of movie does Fatal Attraction Body heat Remake of Double Indemnity Most people would know this in the last 30 years Basic Instinct 0 Fatal Woman definition 0 Villainous woman Uses power of sex to ensnare a man Get a man to do what she wants Lure men into dangerous situations Popularization of it comes in 1950 s 0 Flm Noir Style of film Dark Film 1940 s crime films two types of characters a nihilistic o believes that existence is futilesenselessmeaningless n Existentialist o People that felt they need to take responsibility o Not sure how in a world that doesn t make sense Featured characters that were not good guys yet not complete bad guys a Questioned their existence o Ability to tell right from wrong in an existence they re not sure about Woman is clearly nihilistic Guy is existentialist in Double Indemnity Popularity n Women are just as greedy and evil as men n Just as corrupt as men n Antisocial women n Narcissistic women Represented a container of all the rage and resentment men had for women when they came back from the War a When women refused to go home o They were enjoying their freedom from the home Sexual demeanor that men liked a Also represented the ruthlessness that men had o Women were devious 0 Woman is the ultimate misogynistic fantasy Misogyny hatred of women Women are devious Amoral Sociopathic Don t fit in patriarchal system Can subvert patriarchal system a Too powerful o They re aware of their power o Mythic Duality of Femme Fetale o Agonic Power that men usually hold Threatening Force a Money o Being able to buy something a Physical o Strength that men don t attribute to a true woman o Have to for a femme fetale o Hedonic Represents the womans charm Beauty Femininity Charisma 1110 How women are constructed o Mother Theresa o Margret Thatcher o Hillary Clinton o Michelle Obama 0 Toughness in women has always been a problematic connection Mrs Peel British Spy in 1960 s Nakita o New Tough Woman 0 Open Clearly openly explicitly takes men s roles n Buffy the Vampire Slayer o Chief vampire slayer has always been a man 0 Body Displays a well defined athleticism a Dark Angel 0 Attitude Displays little fear a Don t hesitate a Sarah Connor Chronicles 0 Action Don t act without careful consideration a Alias 0 Authority Projects assurance Unquestionably to discipline o Sports Ad 0 Danica Patrick in bikini vs Manning Brothers in Uniforms 0 Black Widow Professional pool player o Feminizing Strategy as Apologetic 0 Culture has a problem with women being tough Synonymous with lesbians 0 Media apologizes for presenting women in four ways Tactics of sexualization unmaking athletes n Passive Objectification o Women are presented solely as sex objects o They exist simply for men to gaze at 0 Not for sports ability prowess accomplishment o Anna Kournikova 0 Nothing in her picture tells you at all that she is an athlete o Communicates her in a sexually appealing pose for men to gaze at o Logan Tom Volleyball Player 0 Reduced to just a model a Athleticism as Sexualized performance o Know what their sport is but they re still posed as tramps o Athletic ability is sexualized o Allow men to gaze at them a Vigilant Heterosexuality o Talk about female athletes family 0 Relationships Husband Boyfriend Kids a Asexuality as Foil o A foil is someone you hold up as a contrast 0 If you want to appear smart bring out someone who is dumb In comparison you look smarter o Briana Scurry 0 Didn t hear about her because she didn t fit America s standard of beauty o Michelle Akers o Wasn t race that made her Asexual 0 Was Asexual because of her age 0 Received a lot of coverage but was cast as masculine Labeled as


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