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by: Mozell Lind


Mozell Lind
Texas A&M
GPA 3.58

V. Taylor

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About this Document

V. Taylor
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 51 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mozell Lind on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CPSC 181 at Texas A&M University taught by V. Taylor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/226079/cpsc-181-texas-a-m-university in ComputerScienence at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Applications of iC omputer Science atHP HP Resev39arc39hv39Park Npah smith 1 0302008 I Computer Science Textbooks Expensive Useful Books on hand Computer Architecture Analysis of Algorithms Machine Learning KampR s ANSI C 2nd Ed aauznna 2 I General Introduction Software 6 Engineering quotquotquot quot39 The Software Engineering process SDGSoftware Director s Automator FLIMAGE FRU Edit BMC Flash aauznna Compromise in Design The variables are kept in 1 two 8bit registers 39t Variable The register packing is to the right After M N is calculated compute the correct bit packing of the data Write a function void 7 ackimin int m int n That prints the hexadecimal representation of bytes 11 and 12 to STDOUT BSDzEIEIE 4 Compromise in Design Code vowd packjn mt m mt m m bytem bytewz m m lt1 prmtf ERROR M OutofRange ade xmy e 5efmgt63 prmtf ERROR M OutofRange ade xmy m 63 m n lt 0 prmtf ERROR N OutofRange Dde xny n o e se m n gt1023 prmtf ERROR N OutofRange dn m H 1 byte m amp 0x39 n amp 0x200 gtgt 3 n amp 0x100gtgt1 byte n amp OXFF prmtf Byte 11 12 mm Daommbytembyteny aauznna 5 26400 26400 aauznna a I Topics in Computer Science Software Engineering Programming Data Structures Analysis of Algorithms Formal Languages Operating Systems Computer Architecture Artificial Intelligence aauznna 7 Programming ePlG VB Script DHTML Javascript SQL FRU Edit 01 XML Various binary hex editing SDG Tool 01 VB Script Macros XML SQL PLATT ANSCI C XML XSLT X86 Assemb ly DOS16DOS32AMndowsLinux CPE Jazz Perl aauznna 5 SCD Toolkit 39 01 r Bash Scri ting r Wndows Shell Scripting ML Trebuchet IV ANSI C 7 7 IZC Protocol 7 XBGAssembly Hexbinary code XML 7 OctaveM X Automator C DOS Batch Scripting VBScript KS Script Wndows Scripting X86Assembly Applications W invanl new m E m rumage my 221 J le Help 251 grive M v H 9 8 18 AM P VndedePQMFrmene ynege Pad l Browse p M e I7 New Wee Cotag Not Detected Dlrecbnn F 097 Image es unto oppy disk I wear I 7 New Lemume omener r greete image les from oppy disk Mm Venn Bits 39 r 1 MM cm 3 1 3 Show 39 LegSmensenmmemde H gopy Image Binary m Emptnyee nformlion 7 Gwas A r J m We 3 EB I I m 21 m wan vquot Wm we w an v elwrem 9302008 gem Language emEnghe n v General IEULAI Header hater La Nav Earl numeral acne Heel a CD m mum Name Pmducl Name Model Name IMDdel Name Version 1 n Include Diagnu ics Dimm File v l Output Path ctesi I Temperature Sensor Upper imit 05376z3932 7 LowerLimit 389029 7 Mean046356 437 reg44 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 Machine Index 9302003 8000 EJ 2 is E E wtl E E w a a HTEWE a x19 7 E a E a QEELE 3 ca 9302008 i Decision Tree I Data Structures Efficient structures for managing your code The Map class back in the day VC 60 Hashtable implementation for the Automator PLATT ACPI Linked List Undergraduate amp Graduate Mistakes aauznna Analysis of Algorithms Programmatic Efficiency Known solutions Hashtable from above The Framework library for Sizelo lo a m IUVVII CAaIIIpIc OI binpacking but no analysis was performed to determine this Trebuchet IV Calculate optimal M N Given f Compute NW Mb such that for all MM for OSNS 1023 and OSMS31 g there is no f FR7VM lt f FRNaMb for FRNM defined as FRNM 14318 x N 8M 2 aauznna Trebuchet IV Efficiency of MN Problem intquot cacoptimalmn oat f aauznna int mnmanaret oat diff diffa 800000 greater than greatest f range if fgt 73820 printf f out of rangenquot if flt 3471 printf f out of rangenquot forn 0 n lt 1024 n for m 0 m lt 32 m ifdiff fabsf FRmn lt diffa diffa diff ma m na n I Formal Languages Definition of a computer computability Investigation of various models of computing and their solution spaces NPCompleteness Trebuchet IV Command Lan ua e aauznna Trebuchet IV Simple Command 6 Language quotquotquot trebivreg r 10 r 11 r 12 o 533 XXXXXX YYYYYYY Tool vZN 10182006 Copyright 2006 HewlettPackard Development Company LP HP RESTRIV E DU 0 mo U Read 10 XXX Register Data 03 Read 11 XXX Register Data 4E Read 12 XXX Register uata 4p Calculate Optimal M N 20 811 aauznna 1E I PL 100 SCD Toolkit Patch System quotquotquot quot39 XSL Transform language for inserting patches Most patches were file additions not bitchanges I Operating Systems Theory design and implementation of Operating Systems Trebuchet Linux Kernel Driver Asynchronous polling Semaphores aauznna 18 5 Trebuchet IV Linux Kernel Driver u32 get channelsotsu16 sotspop struct pcibus bus u32 device u32 function u32 offset u16 popuTated ifpcbusreadcon wv WW CEv dwwe uevn offset amppopuated 0 printkquotERROR reading AMBPRESENTnquot return 1 setsotssots o I o ulated retu Set channel sot info into total sot variable void setsotsu16 sotspop u16 present int i slotspop ltlt 1 ifpresent amp 1 ltlt i slotspop 1 aauznna Trebuchet IV Asynchronouo wing whie1 bytes CquiRecvhchanne rechuffer recvsize amperror ampwait if 0 lt bytes break iferror CquiSuccess iferror CquiErrChanneIDisconnecteu printfquotnCquiRecv disconnectednquot CquiCIosehchannel break printfquotnCquiRecv failed snquot error aauznna 20 Trebuchet IV Semaphore Code unsigned char CquiCasCode 0x57 push edi 0x53 push ebx 0x8b0x7c0x240x00 mov ediesp0xc 0x8b0x340x240x10 mov eaxesp0x10 0x8b0x500x240x18 mov ebxesp0x18 0x800x4c0x240x1c mov ecxesp0x1c UXIUUxUtchIUxUt IocK cmpxcngzsb qword ptredi x pop edi 0x720x01 jnz sho false 0x03 ret fase 0x40 dec eax 0x03 ret aauznna Computer Architecture Theory Design and Implementation of computer architectures SPLATT DOS Architecture Trebuchet IV Southbridge Architecture Automator Design Pipelined 39 Instructions broken into microinstructions Instruction Run TestA Collate Data MicroInstructions Configure RAID Array 7 Format Array Install Windows 2000 SP 2 Install Test A un TestA Retrieve Test Results Multiple Issue Each System Under Test SUT acted as a separate instance of the pipeline SMPMuIitasking Multiple Automators negotiate tasks based on SUT availability aauznna I Artificial Intelligence quotquotquot quot39 Theory Design and Application of heuristics to intractable problems Theory Design and Implementation of human consciousness and learning HPUX lSVs Learning Installation Errors from Log files in progress Trebuchet IV aauznna I Documentation Code should be documented internally and externally Requirements documents Specifications documents User s Guides API calls Release notes Plan of Record IVIarKeting ex budgeting aauznna 24 I Presentations amp Publications quotquotquot quot39 Competitive business assignments Product development Research and innovation Patents Trade secrets Public white papers amp trade papers aauznna Issues being fa ciecl as omputers beCiome more integrate d With society Reliability As computers becViiie iiiVie iiitegrated reliability c onc erns increase Co1ision Syistem Control of many La spgects We dOn t rejaliize Institutional Safety Digital Electronic Information Acces s Freedom to acceoo 4LVLA Lion VS CeLAQVrQAp Go39ogle an d Chin a Online 1ters Mlt3nitoring software P arents Employers P O thers Copyright and Copy Protection Clomputers make it easier tV copy Qiiare Very 39easy to ignore bottware mu SiC mOV1eS Seaeurity leiss useful bue worked Clo m aintain nancial to produce Privacy and Data Repositories Indexing is becoming easier Can be a benefit 01 a detrime nt to peOplegjzoups Access control acc ess 590de have access to data informiation kelpt Secure is fair game Network traf c dores 39one protect tiie Dneve V irtual Environments HOW much of What is in the v eeLu ev rvnAeL should b e taken as real do not re ect real p39evople But Virtual envirOnments can have refal conselquenzces irtual societies crime r39elationship s OW nerships privracy 39etC P aying for Computing Infrastructure free to use or pay for use Charging for ban dwidth r1gnt Or 39a pr1V1ieger To Send emailsprain To make use ofWhat others put together the infrastructure HaV esIl ave nots O Applying a Computer Science Degree to the IT Market Introduction 1989 Graduate of Texas AampM Department of Computer Science Compucom Practice Director North American Consulting Authored Works gt When is it Time to Upgrade gt Plan for Success or Accept Failure gt A Tale of eCollar Crime in Our Connected World 1 Business Nature to Communicate Employees communicate via email instant message and telephone Websites provide advertisement and critical business information Invoices are transferred electronically to vendors and clients Competitive research is available at the touch of a button Business applications are available anytime and anywhere C CompuCom What is Information Technology IT SECURITY SERVICES l Infrastructure 0 Secu rity Technology transformation quotTi quot DATA CENTER SERVICES 39 Connectivity 7 7 NETWORK MANAGEMENT SERVER MANAGEM ENT APPLICATION SERVICES Applications SERVICE DESK DESKTOP MANAGEM ENT 0 2 H l l D I Z O U U l U I 8 Z n 39 Il ONSITE SUPPORT DISPATCH FIELD SUPPORT It is the basis for supporting business communications 3 Project Methodologies I In a consulting context methodology refers to the tools and methods used Wm l Um by project staff to v 7 undertake the work of an engagement This is the same practice you learn Operate a in developing v 7 programs C 391 in in i My Career February First Job UNIX Administrator for Computer Science Cor oration at Johnson S ace Center NASA Network Migration from RS232 to LAN Worked to Develop first Virus Scanner for NASA Coax and AUI to 10baseT and Switched Ethernet Transferred from CSC to INET WANG Getronics KPN Compucom I I I I I I I I I I 2000 Present L r 1995 1998 2005 1990 My Career cont I Network Projects I Network Worldwide Management gt Halliburton gt Royal Bank of Scotland I Consulting Schweitzer MaudIt I CCIE 4044 American General American Family I ITIL Foundation AGFA Certified I Portfolio Marketing City of Houston Microsoft Ford Baker Hughes 6 VVVVVVVV C CompuCom About Compucom Business Overview Overview 7 i ii I Premier provider of IT Solutions gt IT Services gt Procurement Services I 20 straight years of operating profit I 2007 Revenue run rate of 20B Peo p le a n d Processes I More than 11000 associates I Operations excellence gt Six Sigma ITIL for service delivery b ISO 90012000 distribution centers b ISO 20000 certification 0 corngmu umt Stgg Financial Characterls 80 of IT Services revenue is recurring 90 contract renewal rate Strong contract backlog Minimal CapEx and working capital requirements result in positive free cash flow Geog ra p h ic Presence Dallas Houston Boston NOC amp HD Toronto Remote Service Mgmt amp HD Calgary Sun HD amp CISCO Mexico City HD amp Application Dev Pune India HD NOC DB User Adm ITO Market Positioning I Tier I Tier II C CompuCom quot39 an HP company EXPERIENCE RESULTS quot7quot p 39 Biff ll 39a n Hi quotiquot CF 1 What Clients amp Analysts Say About Us Financial Services Client surpassing our planned cost reductions while providing positive impact upon the business community tilit li nt delivered year over year cost savings of over 50 setting all time high quality records Everest Group The acquisition of Getronics is a material step forward for CompuCom in both scale and capability a viable alternative Forrester Research CompuCom has the cost structure delivery capabilities and management team to win and successfully deliver Tom Pohlmann VP Information Technology Research 10 D CS Preparation Leads to IT Success Success depends upon previous preparation and without such preparation there is sure to be failurequot Confucius What s a car Before everything else getting ready is the secret to successquot Henry Ford Car Inventor Success is where preparation and opportunity meetquot Bobby Unser Race Car Driver To mitigate risk re uires re aration and with re aration 39i 11 C CompuCom Thank You Emmitt Wells emmittwellscompucomcom mp utinig Fall Early Mathematics amp Computation Babylonians and Egyptians gt 3000 yrs ago numerical methods for eneratin tables of s uare roots multiplicatiO n trig agric39ulture Greeks gt 3000 yrs ago Incliarls starteVd placreholzders and a number system similar tor modern Sprezad tQ East Arabs and Pe dsians 4 800 s A Famous Arab Mathematician A Xbllv Tafar DIOIlailll Iled 11311 3111521 Aililillx xvarizrlli ggg 51 ggg 3 g gggfvg wbmm9 inadm wmg 35W m madami g l i T ug a ic l i zl 1 E m T39 mf za m Ll bk m m z 9 9 geg m V M1 v s A Lr 7 7 i l 72216 mm jabs gm g 713359 Led l bfj f Akiggibgmm givezag mg 1533 W l zzm immw T39T TI39TT 71 1 151 1391 71 Ah gwa WWQW


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