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by: Mr. Alexis Padberg


Mr. Alexis Padberg
Texas A&M
GPA 3.8

Teresa Leyk

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About this Document

Teresa Leyk
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Alexis Padberg on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSCE 221 at Texas A&M University taught by Teresa Leyk in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 111 views. For similar materials see /class/226098/csce-221-texas-a-m-university in Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
V 39 k quotW WiEJe WWMFquotquot77 wquot quot 53me gAveiage lBeSi iWOrsi Space Stabilin fRemarks inibe Ta iolmj39quot Hiquot 397 7 quot7601727 M CBHsiam39 Stable llxiiiays39iiseiriodin d bubble sort quot quot7 quot7 quot l l l l ESlable Even a perfectly sorted mpm requires scanning ihe cnm e army a gem 2 ohm loom Constanl l pom om 50mm lConsianl ismbie ilnrli 39 39 J eveiquoty39 i m 16nuogini l0nnogn 10nlvgn geonsiam digtarble gay 39 39 illei4piiispossible i a w v ever Vw 7w m l lMeme Sort Onlogn l0nlogni Onlogn Depends Stable Iggy r 0 mm h i a 39 l o i 5 l 7 l I l l Lquot g T V quot7 f 7 A7 V39 VVVW TW iiv 7397 397 1 quot 3 Randomly picking a pivot value or shuf ing the array prior to sorting can help avoid l i 9 a A 7 emu loo logn 001 logo 0n 2 10mm Vim lworsi case Scenarios such as a perfectly soned array I M l W r r sn il 3 N n log n m 3n log n in i when using a selfbalancing binary Search tree l i I l s i 39 quot i l n n z constable i l i l Bmary lree son rnw W Time sea wer fags one Priority Queue Unsorted array Sorted array Binar heap insertion 01 insertion 0n insertion Olog n Remove min 0n Remove min 01 Remove min 0log n initialize initialize Onlog n peeking 01 0 Heapsort if the priority queue is implemented with a heap Selection sort if the priority queue is implemented with an unordered array Insertion sort if the priority queue is implemented with an ordered array Dijkstra39s original algorithm does not use a minpriority gueue and runs in O VIZ The common implementation based on a min priority queue implemented by a Fibonacci heap and running in O El V log V is due to Fredman 8L Tar an 1984 This is asymptotically the fastest known single source shortestpath algorithm for arbitrary directed graphs with unbounded nonnegative weights Fibonacci heap and ad39acency list 0E V log V Using a more sophisticated Fibonacci heap this can be brought down to OE Vlog V which is asymptotically faster when the graph is dense enough that E is Q AVLtree of height h has at least Fh3 1 where f is Fibonacci sequence FO 0 F1i 1 and Fii Fi 1 Fi2 for i 2 2 minimum right rotation single BinaryNude Y Xrgtlett X X gtleft Ygtright Vegtright X return Y x 39 39 v x Daubleright XgtIeft singleLeftX gte return singleRightX Single mm mm quot A l c 24 trees search path never exceeds c logz n 1 A a 393 c a c e n1 elt4quoth egt2quot x Smuiemn mum V a x quot quot quot quot Z redblack 0n worst case Height OIog2 n black height number of black A v x c Y x 39 nodes on ath A I rotationO1 insertion0logn E C A E v A I E w n 0 rules inserted node is always red Root is always black If there are two red nodes in a row after insertion check the parent39s sibling Easel when the parent ofinserted node is red and the parent s sibling is also red granpas is black Recolor parent and parents sibling black and grandparent redi Check for new redred violatiun At great granpas case23 when parent of inserted node is red and parent sibling is black In case 2 inserted node is right child in case 3 it is left one For caseZ move x to left child case3 Parent and grandpa swap colors and the segment rotates right in respect to grandparent Leftimage is case2gtint03 right image is both case10logn case23 01 total ofinsert is Ologn AVL ndputerase0logn singlereconstructionO1 Height Oogn 24 InsertiandelationOognHeightOlogn Redblack insertion0ognHeightOlugn Properties l l ei 1 l n 22 1 Q Notation l 739 n number of nodes I hnlZ 2 number of external nodes l 952quot 1 number ofinternal nodes I h Zlogz e h height I hzlagzln11


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