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by: Jaylan Rath


Jaylan Rath
Texas A&M
GPA 3.77

Roger Smith

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About this Document

Roger Smith
Class Notes
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This 31 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaylan Rath on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CVEN 624 at Texas A&M University taught by Roger Smith in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/226107/cven-624-texas-a-m-university in Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
CVEN 624 Topic 10 page 1 CVEN 624 QUANTIFYING BENEFITS OF TREATMENTS PRIVATE SECTOR l Maximize Net Pro t PUBLIC SECTOR l Maximize Social Bene t How Do You Determine Bene ts detennined I If impropeI 39 calculated 39 in lead to improper Re In allocation of n CVEN 624 Topic 10 page 2 User Benefits from V l Imp 39ing facility dec1 7 Reductio l Maintenance and rehabilitatio improve faci ity 7 to use facility reduced Categ ori 1 Benefits l Vehicle operating cost reductio l Travel time reductions l Reduced accident expo ed US er COIII Vehicle Operating Cu l Mo often us ed f quot ation l 1ampR anal l Include 7 Fuel colttlt 7 Oil etc 7 Maintenance T e 7 Depreciation CVEN 624 Topic 10 page 3 Factors Affecting t11ese Costs the Most l Speed limits I Grade l Ra of cu n39ature l Sen iceability rouglm I Only Servi eability affected by 1101malMampR Travel Time I Effect of c dition often 0v lowed by Accident and User Comfort de ned I Some agencie 1a 39 quot eci c accident infcnilationu d rMampRwor g 39 CVEN 624 Topic 10 page 4 Concerns l cnditicns of US roads veI those on whichrelaticmhil developed I F 1 l 39 e to change in roads 1 e c not in decent ccnd 011 l Accuracy of cost e timat lPre en39aticnc t needfcrnew en 39 IS Benefit Sun cgat Effe ctivene e a suu cgate that can be rea 1ably well calculated Condition ements in condition indicate a benefit to IOgte using t 1e 39 CVEN 624 Topic 10 page 5 Deferred 1Iaintenance l h1cret e in deferred maintenance indicate increa in needed future work and fum l Reductim 13911 deferred mainteu lce indicate reductions in future needed wor and fum CVEN 624 Topic 10 page 6 UTILIT 39 l The value in use of a product o en39ice 7 Re ects an estimate of importance by an 7 Canbe developed for diverse 1n huts and sen es 7 Allow a comparison of quotapples and oranges 7 Can be mathematically manipulated REIVLAlNING LIFE Remaining life based on PCI Remaining Life l Remaining life b39 ed 1 condition l Longer remaining life indicates greater39 bene t CVEN 624 Topic 10 page 7 Remaining Life viumm Trmrman h Trmrmem h nimum Ampmle Cnndi nu Area Under Performance Cun39e ea under cun39e indicates e ed beneht Area Under Cun39eEffectiveness EFFECTIVENESS CVEN 624 Topic 10 page 8 ighting Often Still Required Weighted CostEffectiveness Ratio EFFECTIVENESS Other Measures I Safety l Reducedmaintenance c ts l Reducedtmt liabl 1ty l Reduced d quot11 onto adjacent bush l Presen39ation of Divestment CVEN 624 Topic 10 page 9 Quantificati 10f bene t 1 maintenance and reha 7 O en dif cult a nature 7 May have to use indirect measures 7 Will in uence other an CVEN 624 Topic 5 page 1 Facility ndition Assessment NetworkLevel Components l Detelminati 1 of Needed l Feedback Infrastructure Management CVEN 624 Topic 5 page 2 NetworkLevel Components l hlventmy l Detennination of Needed ork amp thds of Candidate Proj ec l Identi catlo l Detennination of Impacts of Funding Altemati l Feedback C ndition As Descn39bes the vtate ofreadinew for htdividnal segments or 1etw0139k Used to 7 de ne cun ent cent on 7 determine rate of deterioration ect future conditi on detennine maintenance and rehabilitation needs 7detenninethec torepzm egmenta IMS Software amp P cedures l tften require 7 Speci c set of condition data to collect 7 ln u nce the collection methodology CVEN 624 Topic 5 page 3 dltion Information Drives Decisions l 39 a must be accurate l Bad condi data leads to bad deci CONDITION lIEASURES l Maintenance Needs l Functional Adequacy I Safety l Structurah Engineering Adequacy V 1y th Type Of In tIIIctLu e System 7 Hidden versus open Indicators V39S Measures l Exce 39e maintenance may indicate a problem 39 e 7 De ne the oblem 7 Idem nptom of a problem 17 962d 9 ogdoi 1739 NEIAO on uas qo 3mm gadgd mou dumd madsm 01 noggp A Happrq BIB 11011 I NOIl ElIHlSICI HELL 111911 uoposdsul J0 s9 Iumxg 91 ms I A39mmb 3mg l A391LI 31H HImonns l Imp 309an l S1119 IIIQAIICI 1 quotBjopawp J0 man u upuoo BJaAo 1311111113136 01 PQIOQCISUI 1113111313 110133 I 1331103 ss ppg nm sugqu ngndi Engines 3 use d uogpand no 03 wpuno aman th 1 ampauuamg aman Iadns u Euppal HadQ A39HLzumd l ss ppg 9 962d 9 ogdoi 1739 NEIAO CVEN 624 Topic 5 page 6 To Proper De ne Damage I Must deteImine 7 type what kimh 61in how bath 7 quantity how much Se erities nt but not can mg a High 0139 Heavy maintenmice 1 1eeded immediate y Medium 0139 Moderate 11eeds attentiL 1 L will be a 1 gments needing 111211 CVEN 624 Topic 5 page 7 Standard De nitions Collecting Condition Data l One of the most co 1y pal 7 1M implementation 7 Keeping IMS operating l Manual l Aut nated l Seml utomated l Remote Sensing Collection lVIethod logies 7 Preu 1n 7 R aolution l Select procedur to meet needs and Inatch 135 euro OVEN 624 r Topwc 5 7 page 8 CVEN 624 Topic 5 page 9 CVEN 624 Topic 5 page 10 Trained obsei Rec 0rd dam Implications of Failure to Collect CVEN 624 Topic 5 page 11 llect only the Data You Need When Y u Need It Data Collection amp Management Levels l Network Level l ProjectSelection Level Al die level 3 on nee it Stage Data Collection I Some amount of a damage indicator triggers another data collection effort 7 Water IL in a eld nigger line inspections t nigger video ipection of 2 eld of the Secnons that need it CVEN 624 Topic 5 page 12 Detennining How to Collect l Methcc s affect t Collection Agenc l Hm 39 to Collect 7 C it 7 U rge how o en will the proc 7 Required Expenise To operate To maintain Manual Inspections Function f acy and Prec39 39 7 Training 011 ecto 7 larity of hurlage rilenti cation mam s 7 Quality control practiced OVEN 524 7 Tupm 7 page 13 mm w melplm ugwi xwilp m um um lF wgmv m x n 1 muw1m m mm Sampling Recording 1Iethods l Affected by sun39ey method Interpreting Data l Individual measut l hidividual index 5 l Combination indexes CVEN 624 Topic 5 page 14 CVEN 624 Topic 5 page 15 ential infonnation Must be collected accurately enough to sup nt dec1 39on at management level Quality control at different management levels Technology is changing CVEN 624 Topic393 page 1 INSTITUTIONAL ISSUES IN IN FRA STRUC TURE IVIAN AGEIVIEN T HVIPLEIVIENTATION AND USE IIVIS Available amp IVIandated in Some Agencies y Have 1Iost 39 Not Implemented 39 A Structured IMS De nition of Implementation I What does implemented mean CVEN 624 Topic393 page 2 Implementation Requires m to be used l S stem outputs tovaffec39t deci 0113 Mandates Don t Alwa l Mandates require app ance Ofl l User 111115t realyu 3r implementation to occur Back to Earlier Questi Have Most Agen s Nut Implemented c r Structured IMS CVEN 624 Topic393 page 3 Barriers Known to Impede Implementation Institutional Issue Groups l People l Organizational l DevelopmenUImplementation People Issues and Barriers l Turf Protection l Fear f E posure 11 t Developed Here It Can t Be Good nice to Change CVEN 624 Topic 3 page 4 Organizationall es andBa 1ers l Agency Size l Organizati 1al Structure l Management Environment l Planning Ho zons Pait llanagement amp Deci Practices l FixedFacilitie Proce l Constraint 1 Selecting Proec anizational les and Barrier iilable R ources lCompetitionf Funt esourc gencyStabilit er mnelTuIn 39 11 Show iglL Development Selection 1 amp Ban ie l Matched to Agency 7 Needs Q 7 Res n39ces l omplexity l Black Box IMS l Quality amp la f Data CVEN 624 Topic 3 page 5 Overcoming Institutional Issues l Diffusion of lnno ition Conce l Technology Transfer l Examples of Changes thatNever Occun ed iType n39t39 keyboard 7 Metn39c em lIust Gain Support erllanagenienUFunding Authorm V l Financ o Implement I Staff Organizational l Conduct Organizational Anal Management Proce need 1pponed39 ance nplementation 7 What bene nld affect a eptance39 CVEN 624 Topic 3 page 6 em De gn Development Selection amp Implementation ompatibility l omplexity l Relative Advantage l huplementation Plan People l omniunication 7 Fonnal 7 Infonnal J 1e tgt to Sta El 61 l Empha ze Dec Training I For All Involved 7Maketl39 pn39on39 I 7 Target those m tr 1enyou get them traineCL they I Must Plan F01 tinuous Training Si CVEN 624 Topic 3 page 7 Sofn 39are Bugs amp Upgrades T ainjng Other I ers 7 User meetings Understand current and potential barriers Plan ystem to minimize barrier dev ment Plan implementation to reduce barriers Plan on having to go 39 Take the time needed for effective irrrplementation T an train train and then retrain


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