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by: Jaylan Rath


Jaylan Rath
Texas A&M
GPA 3.77

Lee Lowery

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About this Document

Lee Lowery
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaylan Rath on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CVEN 322 at Texas A&M University taught by Lee Lowery in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/226112/cven-322-texas-a-m-university in Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Time Dependent Production Models W 5 7Qf O Page 1 of Time Dependent Production Models The engineer of a concrete products plant is scheduling production of a certain size concrete pipe over the next 5 months No pipe is on hand at the beginning of the rst month The engineer wants to meet the projected demand over the 5 month period at minimum cost Constraints are imposed on the monthly regular rate processing time and the amount of raw materials available each month as shown in the table below Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Pipe Required Number of 20 foot stands 20 30 40 20 40 3 0 Cost of labor during regular time hr 15 15 15 18 18 18 Cost of labor during overtime hr 17 17 17 20 20 20 Labor available persons 30 30 40 40 20 20 Material available stands 40 50 L 5 0 10 3 0 20 It takesj hours to produce one stand of pipe and 20 to store one stand of pipe for one month Q a Assume that no materials can be carried over from month to month W b Assume that materials can be carried over from month to month at no cos Mg rmaa w w I R t C E is W game if get3 1 x amma mrtaampa T k3 I 39 J5 ngve i is p quot f39W 395 i 39 quot 39 g g rs 9 o be I f an i i GETS MW me ga Byi Kerr 173 r a new t 39 45 httplowerytamueducven322ClassesClassl2TimeDependentProductionhtm 722008 CVEN 322 CLASS NU 3g 39 MBER m DATE PAGE a A wig 2 viquot 5 53 w V wAiwwxx 7 gquot A i gig 0 Aquot 78 1 quot h quot405 quoty 9 Mm MHWWWWM W r M Mm A w 37R fig a aw 75 f A 2 q 95 6 a 6amp8 Page 1 of l Lg 0 Our manufacturing plants A B and C have the capacities listed below 400 600 and 800 in January 400 600 and 1000 in February and 400 600 and 600 in March Our sales outlets have a constant demand as shown Determine how to ship the computers as inexpensively as possible for each of the three months ie set up three solutions Do not fail to ship just because you cannot supply the demand I still want what I have shipped as inexpensively as possible Also do not fail to ship just because you have excess capacity tori 400 January gt00 800 Supply 400 February 600 1000 400 March 600 600 ConstantDemand 700 httplowerytamueducven322ClassesUnbalancedSupplyhtm 722008 For the job assignment table determine who should be assigned to each job Page 1 of 2 For the job assignment table determine who should be assigned to each job Bill Joe Sam 1 l 2 1 10 3 20 8 5 22 7 7 Min Z lOBS 14BD 2OBI 22BM 39 12JS10JD8JI7JM 288 3SD 581 7SM 6138 8ED 10EI 7EM 5 ST BSJSSSES1 FW gajQW Q BDJDSDED1 BIJISIEI1 BMJMSMEM1 age as g2 BS BD B1 BM 1 Finw reg JSJDJIJM1 SSSDSISM1 ESEDEIEM1 For the job assignment table determine who should be assigned to each job Joe Sam 12 2 10 3 8 5 MinZ 10BS 14BD20BI 12JS 10JD 8J1 ZSS 3SD SSI 6ES 8ED 10EI ST BsJsssEs 11W BDJDSDED BIJISIEI1 BSBDBIlt1 Y ibc is 3 JSJDJIlt1 a ss SD SI lt 1 I a in wwg 263919 kg 6 X z ESEDEIlt1 Am39 quot t For the job assignment table determine who should be assigned to each job httplowerytamueducven322ClassesUnbalancedAssignmentshtm 722008 Page 2 0f 2 252 For the job assignment table determine who should be assigned to each job Bill Joe Sam 12 10 8 7 lOBS 14BD 20BI 22BM MinZ IZJS 10JD 8J1 7JM zss 3SDSSI7SM V ST Bs JS 3 lt1 5ng g BD JD SD lt 1 fl flm gfy k BIJISIlt1 BMJMJMlt1 may ngW Lg 5 w x BS BD BI BM 1 M m e M wwww u V M glee BBQ f A JS JD JI JM 1 63 X a aw SDSISM1 Egg x g E Q t u if g or eggs w r n httplowerytamueducven322C1assesUnbalancedAssignmentshtm 722008 As the New York City engineer you need the following number of busses on the road at Page 1 of 1 3 Print out the following page and bring it to class with you As the city engineer you need to optimize the cost to have the following number of busses on the road at the following shift times and must pay the listed hourly rates Once drivers come to their shifts they work a continuous8 hour period and then leave Their pay is based on when their shift starts For example because the midnight shift is extremely tiring and dangerous we have to pay a driver accepting that shift a daily salary of 16hour 8 hours to get them to work Their pay rate does not change 4 am Number of Hou Times Busses W y g Needed age A a 56 W542 WaivwzziaQIZ am 4 am 350 7C6 Wk fit 4 am 8 am 15 8am 12pm 940 12 MW if 33lfa8tm iii 12 pm4pm 820 r 9 R Q 1 g 4pm 8pm 1280 10 5 8pm 12 am 980 12 Because of irgurance reasons we can have no more iners on the payroll from 12 AM to 4 AM and because of union rules no shift can bring in ewerthan 50 drivers Determine how many drivers to hire and at what hours shifts you should have them come to work as well as how much it will cost to operate the bus system each day YWWL80EQ QV 2a8gti 3T RBgt ww73 tar C y g Q gr Q m rg 9 r 35 if gt g i g a a gt 35 FA435 Agt5 ESgt215 96 gtE5o m MW http lowerytamu edu cven322 Classes Class 1 7 BusAssignmentStudentVersionhtm 722008 For the following openpit mine determine which volumes to excavate for the maximum Page 1 of 1 4 8 An openpit mine shown below has blocks of ore which can be mined The excavation proceeds in distinct blocks from the surface downward Because of the angle of slip of the materials block G cannot be mined unless both blocks A and B are rst removed Similar relations hold for the rest of the blocks ie block 0 cannot be mined unless blocks K and L are first mined etc Bore holes have been drilled to determine the ore content resulting in the follo i 39u 1 table for the mining of each block Determine 8 which volumes to excavate Pure ore sells f after re ning Sketch not to scale g 1 16quot 4 z 33 Excavation Volume and Cost to Income From Ore Pro t 1000 cy Processing Ore Lgxcavate cost cy 005 EA 100 1 0 100 0 100 B 90 11 0 quot90 0 90 C 130 2 5 260 3252 65 D 70 2 8 140 280 140 39 E 80 1 8 80 320 240 F 90 2 12 180 540 360 g G 120 3 15 360 12006 540 H 150 4 20 600 1500 90 j I 180 4 2 720 180 540 J 170 5 5 850 425 425 j K 180 4 4 720 360 360 I L 140 6 26 840 1820 980 i M 160 5 35 800 2800 200 N 170 6 7 1020 595 425 o 120 8 40 960 2400 1440 g P 140 8 52 1120 3640 2520 g Q 150 12 40 1800 3000 1200 httplowerytamueducven322ClassesOpenPitMinehtm 722008 The nine communities shown below A through I have decided to band together and start Page 1 of l 4 S The nine communities shown below A through I have decided to band together and start an ambulance service Between each of the 9 communities you will see a number in a quarter circle which denotes the time required for an ambulance to go from one community to another Thus it takes 3 minutes for an ambulance to get from community A to B or B to A The communities wish to site the minimum number of ambulances necessary so that no community will have to wait more than 10 minutes for service Thus they would like to buy only one ambulance and put it at community C but that would not work since several of the communities would be farther away than 10 minutes travel time They might also put an ambulance at every community but that would be too expensive Set up the LP solution for the minimum number of ambulances they must purchase and where to locate them 6 VWwwiawgzz w 15349 ag M 9 r a 5 W a QH 1 5 m cilia Wag EMQLQ H gt mm Ag fW I w W J At tQ 98 3 EM 5 t5 7 W a a T a gag Ga MW gt httplowerytamueducven322ClassesAmbulancesProblemhtm 722008 Siting of hamburger shops Page 1 of 1 g I am opening a series of MacDondald s hamburger Shoppes and wish to place them so they are readily available to the public I hired a company to measure the times it takes for people to get from major points throughout the city to other points and they gave me the time map below Thus from the map I see that it would take a customer 5 minutes to get from H to I Regardless of costs I must have a shoppe no farther away from any customer tha inutes travel time T0 the shoppe I don t care how long it takes them to get home To build a shoppe at some of the locations will be more expensive than others because of land costs Costs in thousands to build are A B C I 200 D F H 500 G 800 E 1200 Set up the LP solution to determine where to build the Shoppes of 01 111 o J 3 a e ugh 3349 25 it 800 6 HZOQ 39 4quot z 2 r Zeosr i ti 1 I MM E 34 73w QEj y quotquot1 Q Li 3 2 iMgxga 34quot M lt56 m httplowerytamueducven322ClassesHamburgerShoppeshtm 722008


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